X-Men Annual #10:

The X-Babies (actually, de-aged X-Men) in Central Park:

Who drives?!
I will!
No, me!

Kitty had an accident!

Which way?
You're so smart, you figure it out.

Are we there yet?!

Told you it'd work!
Did not!
Did so!

You turn the steering wheel,
I'll press on the pedals.
Watch out for the trees!

Kitty--not again!

We're there!
Stop the car!
Open--gack--a window!

No, the other pedal, pickle-brain!

Baby Magneto:
I think I'll kill you all. The world will thank me for it.

Baby Wolverine:
You're just jealous, Silvertop, 'cause Ororo likes me best.

Baby Magneto:
That'll be the day, pipsqueak.

Baby Psylocke:
Stop yelling! It hurts my head!

Baby Storm:
Okay, Magneto, since you still possess your powers--and Wolverine, your claws--you pair take the lead, to deal with any trouble.

Baby Wolverine:
Awriiight! I'll slice 'em, dice 'em, chop 'em an' drop 'em.
I'll carve my initials on their scummy hides!!

Baby Colossus:
Wolverine gets all the fun!

Baby Storm:
The devil with you all! I have better things to do
than look after a bunch of selfish babies!

We didn't mean--!
You did--It's all your fault!
Sez you!
We're sorry!
Storm, don't leave us!
Please come back!
We'll be good!
We promise!

Baby Longshot:
Uh...Can't we just follow her?

Baby Wolverine:
Great idea, Longshot! Let's go!

The X-Babies next appear in X-Men Annual #12

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