X-Men #46:
They're Baaack...!

Li'l Storm: Psst, look!
Li'l Iceman: At what?
Li'l Storm: Them!
Li'l Iceman:Which them?
Li'l Storm: The X-Them! Those two are X-Men!
Li'l Iceman:Duh! I knew that.
Li'l Storm: Did not!
Li'l Iceman:Did too!
Li'l Storm: Did not!
Li'l Iceman:Too!
Li'l Storm: Not!


Li'l Rogue: Uh-oh. We're in trou-Uh-Uh-ouble!
Li'l Cyclops: Shhh, Rogue.
there ith a very
reathonable exthplanation for all of thith!
Li'l Archangel: Ummmm...Hi!
Li'l Gambit: Maybe if we just tell dem who we is?
Li'l Bishop: Yeah!
We're the
So there!

Goon: Freakin' muties--We should have guessed!
Woman: I don't know, Augie...I think they're kinda cute!
Heck, they're certainly a lot smaller than they look on television.

Li'l Cyclops: Pleath, thir--violenthe ith not neththethary!
Goon: What did you say?!
Li'l Cyclops: I thaid violenthe ith uncalled for! Unleth it'th a matter of thelf-prethervation!


Li'l Bishop: Yeah--Ours!
Li'l Cyclops: Thankth for the back-up, B!
Li'l Bishop: Always, C!

Goon2: Whaddya say--we plug 'em?
Goon3: Ya gotta ask? Yeah, we plug'em.
Li'l Rogue: Why? Are we leakin', suh?


Li'l Storm: & Li'l Iceman:Oooo! Look what you did!
Li'l Storm: Me?! By the godling--I'm innocent!
Li'l Iceman:No way!
Li'l Storm: Way!
Li'l Iceman:'Sides, Storm don't speak in contractions!
Li'l Storm: This Storm does!
Li'l Iceman:Can't!
Li'l Storm: Can too!
Li'l Iceman:Can't!
Li'l Storm: Can!


Li'l Rogue: Wow.
Li'l Bishop: Wow2.
Li'l Cyclops: You guys do good work.

Bishop: In a manner of speaking, perhaps.

Gambit: What de man is saying is dat we ain't in de habit of slugging it out wit' working class joes wit'out knowing de whys and wherefores.

Li'l Rogue: Oh, that's easy--sweet'ems!
Li'l Gambit: Hey!

Li'l Cyclops: See, we're from this pocket dimension named the Mojoverse after "the artist formerly known as Mojo."

Gambit: I know he's former. I was dere when he died. What's dat dot to do wit' anyt'ing?

Li'l Rogue: New regime, new policy.

Li'l Cyclops: We utheta be our world'th biggetht entertainerth.
Now we're about to get the axth.

Li'l Gambit: Please help us.

To be continued in X-Men 47!

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