Fleer Ultra card set:

Dazzler: "Upsie daisie!"
Li'l Iceman: "Whee! Do it again, Dazzler!"
Li'l Archangel: "ME next!"
Li'l Storm: "No, ME!"
Li'l Archangel: "You can already fly!"
Li'l Storm: "Well, so can you!"


 Li'l Archangel: "Peekaboo!" (covering eye of fighter/actress playing Deathbird)
Actress: "I can’t see!"
Li'l Rogue: "Yah got that right, sugah! Now here’s where I put your lights outfor good!" (covering actress’s other eye)


Fighting a fighter/actor playing Shiva:
Li'l Iceman: "Holy Shiva!"
Li'l Cyclops: "Icebaby!"
Li'l Iceman: "Hey, it’s code-approvable!"


Li'l Archangel: "That was GREAT, Mr. Wolvie!"
Li'l Storm: "Yeah! Can we do it again?"
Longshot: "Kids, stop pestering the nice man! It's time he went back to his OWN dimension!"
Li'l Gambit: "Aw resevoir, mon ami!"
Li'l Bishop: "Later"
Li'l Iceman: "Be sure t’write. And next time don’t ferget t’bring us somethin’!"

Stay tuned for a sequel...

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