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Learn the mysterious origin of the X-Babies!

The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe
Read their bio. 'Nuff said.

Mania Magazine's X-Men Issue Guide
Reviews and detailed summaries of X-Men issues 1-54, written by Randy Lander.
For X-Babies info, check out the sections for X-Men #46-47.

Other sources of related information:

The Wildways
A site devoted to the enigmatic Spiral,
run by the Scribe herself, Kielle.

The Mojoverse Sourcebook
Information on most of the major stars and supporting characters of the Mojoverse.

Shieldz' X-Pages
No, it's not about the X-Babies, per se, but there are some
original drawings of "super deformed" X-Men
all over the site that are just so darn cute!

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