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By Sunset

I go away for a week and the world goes to hell.

"First, Tabitha practically burned the whole kitchen trying to exterminate a rat she swore, on Teresa’s grave, that she saw.

"Then those blasted X-Meat, er, I mean, X-Men, decided that cleaning up the kitchen and the whole house was a small task, so they brought the X-Babies and placed them under Jimmy’s care.

"And well, the X-Babies, being their baby, or bratty selves, won’t stop crying so Jimmy and Berto set up a miniature football stadium in the living room, nearly destroying all the cushions and lampshades, not to mention the rug and the windows, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

"Then Baby Iceman got hit straight on his poor nose bridge. Those damned kids didn’t know what to do, so they contacted Beast. When Beast came in, Baby Iced-cubes, I mean, Iceman, made a huge fuss and made a scene, shooting ice and snow all-over the house. Sam tried to help but because of his heroic, not to mention, pathetic deed, he got whacked at the face with a round snow ball and the poor kid still got a cold.

"So I decided to get the rest of the X-Force to take the babies out while Sam goes to bed, and me and Hank attempt to calm Baby Iceman. So the kids chose the worst possible place to bring the babies. To Toys ‘R Us.

"When the Babies saw the variety of toys, they started grabbing them, much to the kids’ dismay. Then something happened."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Sabertooth appeared and started trashing the whole store, not to mention the people in it. The kids got the babies and people to safety, and beat Sabertooth to pieces, but unfortunately for them, FOH followed. The kids flew home, dragging those blasted, crying babies with them.

"The mob followed X-Force and a fight, which was televised, broke out in Central Park. Shatterstar and Berto faced the mob while Teresa called for help. The crowd dispensed soon and the fight was over, the X-Force returned home but the park was as good as dead.

"After a good lecture from Forge, I ordered the kids to fix up the damage they caused and dropped the X-Babies to their own world. Then Wolverine comes in saying they needed me for their new mission since they lacked man-power and I was the only one who met the definition of ‘man-power’. I left the X-Force to Sam and told him to take care of the house.

"After a good fight with Apocalypse, I returned home, beaten up, only to find the house going mad. The kids had created a food fight in the dining room and left the showers running, flooding the whole bathroom. I tried my best to be patient but they all ended with a busted eardrum and a mop. The house looked more of a house after they were done and I felt more relax.

"Then Tabby complained of not feeling well appeared red and after a day, the whole team was red, with spots to match. Tabitha got German measles from Baby Gambit and since no one from X-Force had contacted them, they were all quarantined. And frankly, so was I, so we went to New York and had Jean and Ororo babying us in the X-Mansion for a couple of days.

"And while we were getting fed with chicken soup and milk, Madelyne and Shawn decided to make another hell in Manhattan, causing a very large destruction to the whole place in New York. Luckily, not everyone was hurt but the mutant race was to be blamed again.

"Creed took this opportunity to launch a ‘slaughter the mutants’ campaign and the Brotherhood did the same. Blood was shed and the X-Men tried to help out, being the busy-bodies that they are, and half the team was injured. Since I hate being in bed without doing anything, the team and I cleaned the wounds of the X-Men and before the week was over, Scott kicked us out of the mansion, cursing whoever created German measles."

Nate looked at me, his eyes narrowing. "Say Dom…did you ever have those damned measles before? You have spots on your face."

I gave an odd look to Nate and searched for a mirror.

"You look really red, Neena. Maybe the measles are the reason why you have a fever."

"Oh god." I said, looking at the red spots on my face.

"Oh well. We still have some left-over chicken soup."

I cursed Nate and he laughed evilly and left the room. Reaching for my pillow, I smiled. He couldn’t live in a week without me.

~ The End ~

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