(Because we're not mutant superheroes all the time, you know!)

If Drake's ever anywhere near the pool, I'm not setting foot in the water.
Which reminds me...I've still got to kill him for what he did to me last time...

We always manage to have our fun...Even though Bastion took the pool, he couldn't take the pond, so we still have a place to dress up in outfits skimpier than our uniforms in an attempt to hide our own body image insecurities by flaunting our assets. (By the way, someone must have retouched these pictures--we don't really look this good in person.)

Living with these people, you'd think I'd learn...I was having a bad day and decided to go for a swim. Bobby was at the pool, too. I decided to talk to him while I swam. My mistake for even going near the pool. I warned him..and he still iced down the water. That boy never learns...Maybe I never do, either.

Jubilee got my revenge for me later on, nailing Drake from behind with her squirt gun. The kid has pretty good aim. Must be Wolvie's influence. But even though she won this time, she can't rest on her laurels--Bobby's still the practical joke king. (Okay, Drake--I made your plug. Now where's my $10?)

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