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Moving in with Mystique and Destiny may have been the best thing I ever did -- or the worst.

I met Mystique when I was a little kid, long before my mutant powers showed up. I was on the road, having run away from home.

I don't really like to talk about my life before then, and I don't plan to now. I'll just say that with Momma and Irene, I found a home where I honestly felt loved and cared for. Odd as it may sound, we were a real family.

Then my powers kicked in.

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I was playing by the river with Cody, one of the neighbor boys I'd made friends with. He kissed me, and...I guess the rest is history, huh? Kissed my chances of a normal life goodbye, that's for sure. childf.jpg (14588 bytes) childg.jpg (12842 bytes)

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