Check out the
CFAN Holiday Fanfic Project
The Danger Plapyen's holiday feature:
"Longshot & Dakota: Every Time That It Blinks" by Beverly McIntire

Meet the Stars
An introduction to some
o' them cute X-Babies.

Baby Talk
The X-Babies appearances
-- and some of their best lines!
(Updated 02/14/99)

Fan-Fiction starring
those loveable tykes!
(Updated 02/14/99)

Their mysterious origin revealed!
(Updated 10/27/98)

Press Kit
Photos galore of the cute kidlets.

The X-Babies are back!
(as if they ever left...?)

X-Babies Reborn
by Ruben Diaz/J.J. Kirby/Caleb Salstrom

Wolvie, Creepy Crawler, Psychilde, Sugah, Shower, Colossusus, Shadowkitty and Prof have escaped Mojoworld, but to save one of their own, the mini mutants must return to their bizarre birthplace! But when Mojo finds out that they have returned, he sends in his latest stars: Captain Amerikid, Iron Ace, Big Boy, Wisp, Hawkey and Thunderson ... The Mitey 'Vengers!

Look for X-Babies Rebornin comic shops now.

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