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Stories by Phillippa DaCosta

"A Shiver in the Shadows"
When stalked by a shadow, Rogue wonders whether she's still in control of her life and soon discovers things aren't quite what they seem. The shadow, becomes more than a chance meeting, but a fight for survival against a brutal killer.

"Two Sides of a Different Coin"
A chance meeting? Or perhaps something more sinister. A shared glance Rogue may wish she hadn't challenged.


*okay, this pretty much takes place at any time and any where, it's short, but fun. Let me know what you think. Thanx*

Two Sides of a Different Coin

"Who knows what true loneliness is --
not the conventional word but the naked terror?
To the lonely themselves it wears a mask."
~ Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

"Pray that your loneliness may spur you
into finding something to live for,
great enough to die for."
~ Dag Hammarskjld (1905-1961)

He stumbled through the darkness, some would say trying to escape that which lay in wait inside his head, others would say it was the body he'd left behind. Which ever it was he needed to get away, needed it more than anything. More than life itself. Whatever that meant to him.

The pain, it was incredible, stretching through his every vein, his every thought, invading his soul, what remained of his soul.

He stumbled on blindly, a drunk man, a madman, a killer, a lover. He reached out towards the darkness, towards whatever it was that lay in wait for him inside the dark of the alley. It could take him, it could have him completely, steal him away from what he called reality, from what was verging on a nightmare reality.

The trash can clattered behind him, a startling slap in the face, snapping him back from the pale reverie. He staggered and fell against the wall. Shivering. So much pain. Why torture him so, centuries of pain, why let it go on?

"Why, you don't look so good... Hun..."

He snapped up his head, company not what he wanted right now. The woman stepped out of the shadows as if they'd been her maker. Her creator. He hadn't sensed her nor seen her.

Something made him look closer. As she stood across the alley from him, her hand planted on her hip, a few locks of her hair falling over her right eye... He saw something, but what? Something in those eyes, a familiarity, a realisation. He saw loneliness.

"Sugah, you needin' a hand there?"

"No, stay away." He whispered, clutching at his heart as though he might still believe that it beat somewhere inside there.

She smiled, "Don't say ah didn't offer."

He swallowed, his throat dry, but his mind was clearing, his thoughts calming. He let his eyes roam her body rather than bid her farewell never to be seen again. Athletic, slim and strong, but he sensed no arrogance in her, it was survival. She was survival. It was in the way she stood, the way she moved, the way she spoke. She was watching him as closely as he her, she was reading him just as he was studying her. They were both predators, both striving for survival every night and both battling and endless game.

He narrowed his eyes, "Who are you?"

"You don't need to know." She nodded slightly, shifting her stare, defusing her powerful gaze. "Who mah't you be?"

He straightened up. "You don't know?"

She laughed softly. "What does it matter, we's just passin' in the street..." She glanced down the alley out into the street beyond. That wasn't strictly true. There were both in an alley, they were both hiding and running. And time wad running short, "Can't stop and chat, hun, gotta train tah catch."

He narrowed his eyes further making sure she stayed where she stood. He'd seen her before, he was sure of it. The auburn hair, the flash of white... No, perhaps not.

"You lookin' at me like ah-"

He approached her quickly, backing her up a little. Their gazes locked. She stood her ground and had he known who she was he wouldn't have dared get so close. "I wasn't here... Tonight. You didn't see me." He advised with a lick of his lips.

She studied him closer. Dressed in black it should have been he that hid in the shadows, or perhaps he always did. She saw nothing in his eyes but darkness. He had the features of an angel, a gift from Heaven, or Hell. His hair black, his skin deathly pale. She lifted her gloved hand without thinking and gently touched his face with her finger tips, caressing the skin ever so softly.

He closed his hand around hers and lowered it back at her side. "I don't know who you are, but you shouldn't be here, these streets, they're dangerous at night."

"Ah can look after mahself, sugah, don't you worry 'bout meh."

She laughed and the life in her eyes startled him, the dancing inside her gaze striking amazement within him. He watched though, as her smile fell away as easily as it had arrived, only in it's place he saw the true loneliness. Her green eyes studied him further. He gripped her hand and lifted it almost as if he were about to plant a kiss over her fingers, instead he turned her hand over. Gloves. Why so beautiful yet covered from head to toe.

She snatched her hand away, "Ah believe that's mine."

He smiled and backed up giving her space once again.

"You think ah couldn't have left if ah'd wanted to?" She teased as she stepped further out of the shadows towards the street.

"I think you can do whatever you want." He admired her walking away.

"Hun," She turned, those eyes pinning him down once again, "Next time, pick another alley tah fall into, cos this one, she's mine."

He saluted, "There won't be a next time ... Rogue."

She frowned and was about to ask how he knew her name when he was simply gone. Dissolved into the shadows from where she'd arrived. A smile danced across her lips, a little crooked one that said too much while remaining silent. She blinked and turning her back on where he'd stood she walked towards the street, the city bustle and life devouring her hungrily, the shadows she left behind rippling silently.


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