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Stories by Connie Kotkin

"My Life as an X-Man: The True Story of an X-Woman"
An X-Woman leaves the team and signs a book deal.


Note: I was tired and sick when I wrote this. That is all I am going to say. Enjoy.

At Xaiver's School.

"Is it on yet?"

"Not yet, it is coming on next."

"I can't believe this is happening!"

"Be quiet, it is starting."

Everybody in the room quieted down and watched the television screen.

A young blond woman stands in Time Square. "Tonight we are going to look at the book that has changed the worlds view of mutants. The book is called, "My Life As An X-Man: The true story of an X-Woman." This book is number one in 50 different nations and has been the number one spot here in America for 5 months. It is still going strong. That is the subject of this show."

"In this hour long show we will talk to people across the nation to get their views on the book, talk to friends of the author of the book, and, we are very pleased to say this, the author herself will make her first public appearance on the show since her marriage. Her husband, a high profile mutant himself, will also be on the show. So I hope you all will stay tuned to our program."

"She is going to be on the show?"

"But I thought she was on her honeymoon?"

"She obliviously came back, Bobby."

"And she didn't tell us, I am mad."

"Quiet, it is on again."

"We will start off with the book, "My Life As An X-Man: The true story of an X-Woman." This is the story of a young mutant's time with the outlaw band of mutants, the X-Men. It covers many battles, deaths, heartaches, and fun. She holds nothing back, baring all and letting the secrets all come to light. Let's see what people on the street think of it."

"I love the book, I have read it at least 50 times. My favorite part is the whole Inferno clone thing. I think Mr.Sinister is da bomb! I want to meet him one day."

"He wants to meet Mr. Sinister. How could he say that? I knew no good would come of her writing this book."

"Calm down Scott, it is just one person. I am sure he just wants to see if he is real. There is nothing to worry about."

"Are you, per chance, angered that he does not want to meet with you?"

"I bet not one of the people they talk to will want to meet Scott."

"The Best part of the Book is when she was talking about the whole Fall of the Mutants. I thought that was so cool how they all died but then they came back, but then everyone thought they were dead, even their families, but they weren't because they were living down under. It was very phat."

"I liked the part where the Shadow King had taken over Muir Island and everyone was going crazy. They all started fighting each other. X-Man against X-Man. That was the best!"

"See Scott, there is nothing to worry about."

"That is what you think Jean, they just started asking people who their favorite X-Man is."

"Oh dear."

"After the author, I really liked Magik. She kicked butt with her big sword and her powers. Always jumping through time. I was crying when they got to the part where she died of the Legacy Virus. But I don't think that was Magik, she is still alive."

"Psylocke, she is such a babe in her little outfit. I don't see what she is doing with that dork Angel. She needs a real man, not some feathered freak. If you ever want a real man Psylocke, give me a call, I will be your slave for life."

"Feathered freak! Real Man? If I wasn't such a nice guy I would hurt him for that."

"He is cute though, I wonder where he lives?"


"I love Longshot. He is so cute. For my 10 birthday I want to go to the Mojoverse to meet him, but my mom says I can't."

"Shadowcat all the way. I want to be like her. Everyday I try to do things that I think she would do. She is my role model, I hope I can meet her one day."

"Emma Frost. She is the best. I hope she and Iceman get together, I think they would make a cute couple. If they don't Bobby can always call me"

"I love the Summers. Scott, Alex, Christopher, Jean, Rachel, Nathan, Nate, Madylene and even though she is not technically a Summers, Lorna too. They are so cool. Their family has to be the most dysfunctional one I have ever seen with Scott marring a clone of Jean, and Alex sleeping with her, and then she sleeping with her son from a alternate universe. It's sick and twisted! But I find it fascinating, I think I might be a Summers too."

"My family is not sick and twisted."

"Honey, I hate to say this but it is true. I can't believe I married into this madness. I must have lost my mind."

"That's what I've always thought Jeannie darlin'."

"As you can see people now have different views of the X-Men. They have become extremely popular worldwide. And of course, the most popular of them all, the author herself, the newly married, Rogue and her husband Joseph."

Rogue walks out and sits down on the couch, Joseph sits next to her and holds her hand. "Tell us Rogue, why did you write this book?"

"I was tired of being an X-Man, there was too much angst. I wanted to live my life and I needed money. I also thought that hiding away was not a good thing."

"What did the other X-Men think of your book?"

"They were shocked, mad, amused, and confused about it."

"Don't forget darling that some of them wanted your head." Joseph added.

"That wasn't really the X-Men, it was mostly Mr.Sinister and a couple of others." Rogue replied.

"You two seem very happy in your marriage."

"Yes, my wife and I are very happy." Joseph responds as her hugs Rogue.

"I can say that after all of your hardships we are all happy for you. Now we have some questions for you from some of your fans. This is from Cindy in New York."

"Rogue did you and Magneto have sex when you were in the Savage Land? My friend and I have a bet, I say you did, that it was very obvious but she says you guys didn't or else why would you have gotten together with that Cajun. Who's right?"

"Yeah I want to know too. That was one thing she would never tell me."

"I'm tellin' ya they did it."

"Wolverine why do you think that?"

"Easily Storm, if I was stuck in the Savage Land with Magneto, I would do it with him too."


"Well it's true Scott, any one in her right mind would too."

"Here, Here"


"I think you should answer that question dear."

"It is really none of their business Rogue."

"I guess that is as much of an answer as you are likely to get. Here is our next question, it is from Bob in St. Louis."

"What is your real name? Who are your real parents?"

"I knew this question was going to come up. I didn't want to tell anyone but I guess some secrets are meant to be told. My name is Rebecca. If you want to know, I didn't have real parents, I was an experiment of Sinister." Joseph grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "And everyone knows what that means, I am a Summers too."

"I can't believe it, another Summers!"

"May the Goddess watch over her."

"This family is way to strange for me."

"I am related to Rogue, I can't believe it."

"So you can see why I wouldn't want to say anything about it. I mean Scott is my father and Jean my mother and they are only a couple of years older than me. They may be my parents genetically, but Raven and Irene will always be my real parents."

"Well that is a surprise, that would explain the hair and eyes, and some of the references in the book. Are you telepathic too?"

"I am more of an empath."

"Are you a time traveler too? How can Scott and Jean be your parents?"

"Well from what we have gathered, Sinister was playing with different mutant gene's one day. He had gotten a sample from the young Scott and Jean. He combined them to see what would happen and Rebecca was born."

"When I was about 5 I ran away from Sinister and was found by my mother. The rest is history."

"How long have you known this?"

"For a long time, why do you think I had the accent, and hooked up with Gambit? I did not want people to know about me so I did things that a Summers would never do. The only clue was all the angst I did, but living with the X-Men, who could blame me?"

"Rogue is my daughter, I can't take this. I am going to loose my mind."

"Take a deep breath Scott. It will be ok."

"That means that Rogue is your first born child. I would never have believed it."

"It makes sense though, her name has remained a mystery longer than any of the rest of us and she does have the same hair and eye color as Jean and the white stripe like Nate. I can't believe I never saw it sooner."

"Hey Scott, that means that you are related to Magneto. And wait, if he is married to your daughter and has to kids, and one of them has a kid, that means you are a great-grandfather-in-law. I can't wait to see the family reunions."

"Thanks a lot, Bobby, you just made my husband faint."

"I wish we had more time to talk, but our time is up. Thank you Rebecca and Joseph for coming on the show. I wish you all the luck in the world. Any last words?"

"Yes, I just wanted to let people know that I am writing a second book called "The Summers: My Family Legacy." It will be coming out next year."

"We are also working on a film adaptation of her first book."

"I know I can speak for everyone when I say we are looking forward to both. Thank you both for being on the show."


The End.


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