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In the Future

Stories by Fairlight

"The Uninvited"
Rogue and Gambit have an unexpected visitor at their daughter's fifth birthday party.


Disclaimer: All characters here are Marvel's. No profit is made on the production of this fan-fiction. The story is fictitious as far as it goes.

Being in the celebration had shook me.

But I felt a need to come to this event. I had received no invitation, but I know that, who would want to give an invitation to someone you don't trust at all.

Only she understands me. But I read fear in her eyes. Fear of me, of my capabilities.

The doors of the hotel opened automatically but practically had fused out as I entered. I pulled out the invitation from my pants pocket that I had just taken from one of her fellow X-Men.

Garden Ballroom, third floor.

I decided not to use the elevator, for I feared a sudden breakdown might take place. I myself do not know the limits of my powers. But which I am learning to control.

So taking up the stairs is the secondary idea, I passed up humans which turned to smile. Those pathetic kind is my purpose, my mission to eradicate.

Somehow I know someone is telling me to stop my 'dreadful' fantasies. Someone like Xavier.

I found immediately a doorway covered by balloons and a sign that says 'Welcome to Caitlin's Fifth Birthday'. Somehow what grand. I see different mascots inside.

"Good Morning sir" A short woman greeted me as I enter, I nodded back, feeling lucky they will not have to take strict measures on the visitors.

Immediately, I can hear the shrieks and excited cries of children, all of which are in costumes. Of course adults are a majority. I felt my heart race in search of her. And then, I found her just only a short distance away from me, holding a child's hand. She seemed to be entertaining the other guests. I realized she had not changed -- she was still beautiful, her reddish brown hair tied in a bun and her fiery green eyes sparkling. I smiled as I saw her, but she did not see me.

The child she was holding hands with was obviously her daughter. Her lass had inherited a majority from her, maybe only a few from her father. She was wearing what I guessed was a princess costume.

Her father. Yes, I remembered him once again. Still, I am baffled in why she chose him to live her life with forever. He must be lucky, very lucky.

He is a traitor to my kind, his life full of lies, hatred, coldness and cloaked in the dark. He came from a clan of thieves, so that made me conclude in where he got all the money for such a celebration for his daughter. I have to admit however, that his adoptive family is one of the wealthiest in his place.

I wished not to stay longer. My wish was only to see her, but now I felt a need that I should stay longer.

"Rogue." I saw her husband appear from nowhere. I read excitement in his face. "How about we start de party now?"

"Sure, sugah." I saw her smile to him in response, then at Caitlin.

"Now y'enjoy yaself, darlin'. Be careful, okay?"

Caitlin nodded in excitement with a wide smile.

He took the child's hand and grinned at her. "Hello dere m'princess', how are you doin' so far?"

"This is the bestest birthday I have!" The child gladly proclaimed.

The child's father smiled in satisfaction. "Come on, let's be startin' t'party"

He accompanied the child to the other kids, and then went to Kurt's place, who was the entertainer of the party.

He had signalled something to him and then I saw him nod and approach the platform to announce the start of the party by introducing the games. I  didn't wish to see the children playing, so I looked to her again.

She must have been very proud of this moment, in having a family she always had desired. I had wondered how she had conceived a child, which her powers had made it impossible. It must be Xavier, I told myself. Since his return, the tension happening about her powers seems to have decreased.

I waited for more minutes to pass, and she still did not notice me. She was occupied in entertaining the guests and spending time with her family.

Her husband must love children since he didn't stop spending with them or showing some of his so-called card tricks. Especially to his daughter.

I did not take my eyes off Xavier also, who seemed to be having a good time seeing his "children." In a few moments I thought he would discover me in the room. I know he felt a presence with his mental abilities, but he had apparently ignored it. Good enough for me.

Rogue took a moment to talk to Xavier, and her husband still had his hands full with the children, which left me to watch their daughter looking at presents. I felt an urge, so I decided to talk to the girl. Luckily, no one had cared to see me approach her place.

"Hello, Caitlin," I began as I crouched for her to face me well.

"Hello," she said meekly.

"You must be having a good time," I continued.

"Yes," her face brightened. "I made a lot of friends, I won at a lot of games. Look at one of my prizes." The child showed me a fancy ring she was wearing. It was good she felt good in my presence. She must have been convinced that her safety was assured.

I smiled. "That is good, my child."

Her wandering emerald green eyes looked at mine. "Who are you?" Her question did not shock me at all. For I knew it was coming.

"Oh, I was invited by your mother. I am a very good friend of hers." The girl nodded and turned away, still picking up and guessing the contents of her gifts.

"I have a gift by the way, my child." She looked at me again excitedly.

I pulled something from my coat pocket. "I'm sorry I did not have the time to wrap it for you." She looked at me eagerly, ignoring my words.

"Here." I revealed a gold necklace in my hand.

"Wow ... " She gasped as I opened the lock to place it around her neck.

"Is it real?" she asked me innocently.

"Of course, dear Caitlin, it is." I felt a bitter feeling. "I was to give it to my daughter named ... Anya on her birthday ... but she passed away."

"Where?" the girl asked. I laughed softly.

"I must take my leave now. Just send my regards to your mother." I felt at least contented for coming at the party. I stood up and patted her head and walked to the exit doorway, just steps away.

As I left, I heard her mother approach Caitlin's place.

"Ooooh, that's a lovely necklace you got, mah sweet." Rogue crouched down and caressed her daughter's hair.

"Yes, a man gave it to me." She looked at it excitedly. "I'm going to show it to my friends!"

Rogue ignored her remarks. "Who?" Rogue asked suspiciously.

"I don't know." Caitlin turned around, but couldn't find me.

Rogue looked worried. "What does he look like?"

"He seems very kind, he had white hair, about daddy's size and Uncle Charles's age. He told me he is to give this necklace to his daughter named Anya -- like Anya in Anastasia!" she giggled, then turned serious. "His daughter Anya ... that passed away. What does that mean, momma?"

Rogue's face looks startled and uneasy. I felt she might have discovered it was me. Before she could find me, I was outside the room. She stood up, and I saw her husband jog over to her. She told him what had happened.

But then, as he was searching for me, I had left the hotel.


~ End ~


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