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Stories by Faith Barnett

"Growing Up"
Rogue and Gambit face up to their problems and begin to accept each other -- and themselves.

written with RogueStar
Just after the Trial of UXM 350, the various X-Men try to get on with their lives. (Unfinished.)


Faith is president of the Gambit Guild, a Gambit-centric discussion list.

Growing Up

Rogue and Gambit face up to their problems and begin to accept each other--and themselves.

(Warning: Some violence, harsh language,
and sexual innuendo, including references to rape and child abuse.)

Chaper One: Despair

Chapter Two: Regret

Chapter Three: Guilt

Chapter Four: Fear

Chapter Five: Shame

Chapter Six: Love

Chapter Seven: Bliss


Disclaimer: The important stuff first, right? Don't want anyone getting their shorts in a twist. Well, no more than they already must be. Ahem, repeat after me:
The X-Men characters portrayed in this story are the sole property of Marvel Comics Group Inc, and are used without their express written consent for entertainment purposes only. (The others, Madam D'Sier, Father Benjamin, Andre, Starbright, anyone I missed, belong to me.)
Which, in other words, means: This was a cathartic release. I finally had to write this story down before I became more tetched in the head than I am now and started making my puppies wear X-Men costumes (spandex on dogs is so 80's) while waiting on Marvel to ever again get around to character development or ending any major story line in my lifetime. It also means I am making no money what-so-ever from this (a darn shame by the way), so suing me would only be a laugh riot not to mention a complete waste of time.
Continuity: This story diverges from continuity around Uncanny #341. The group never has to leave for the Shi'ar Empire and No Exit will never happen.

Fan Art: Bliss has some fan-artwork related to this story archived at RC's Fan-Fict Art Guild.


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