Neon Hearts
Author's Notes
The Ticket
Talking to strangers
Inching up to the brink
Falling in slow motion
At Silver's
Specters of the Past
The Morning After
Public appearances
First impressions
Dangerous dreams
Picking winners
Hank's bad day
Happy landings
Meeting the folks
Beware of the cat
Plans and possibilities
Taking chances
Room service and...
The road less traveled by
Shadows in the starlight
Grand Lake
Life in the breakdown lane
Family matters
Homeward bound
Simple gifts
Girl talk
Comforts of home
Open secrets
Good intentions
Every stop is a place to start
Whispers out of the past
Judgement calls
Crosscurrents & riptides
Past tensions, future trials
High spirits at Muir Island
Growing things
The best defense

This story is in progress.

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Neon Hearts: Author's Notes

Okay, I admit it -- this has turned into a Really Long Story. The purpose of these notes is to give potential new readers an idea of whether or not they might like this story, without having to commit a whole lot of downloading/reading time up front. (Efforts have been made to be non-explicit, to avoid ruining the story for those who hate spoilers.) I'll try to send it out often enough to be helpful, but not so often as to be annoying! Deal?

Part 1 -- The Ticket
They meet.... (This would be Hank McCoy and a romance novelist named Cassie, in New York on business.)

Part 2 -- Talking to Strangers
...and get acquainted.

Part 3 -- Inching Up to the Brink
Hank asks Cassie out for dinner and  dancing, and reads a puzzling fragment from her latest book.

Part 4 -- Falling In Slow Motion
More conversation, on a slightly more personal level. What do Hank and Steven Wright have in common?

Part 5 -- At Silver's
Their evening of fun is cut short because of an attempted assault by a mutant-phobic punk.

Part 6 -- Specters of the Past (explicit)
The blossoming relationship is threatened by Cassie's fear of physical intimacy.

Part 7 -- The Morning After (explicit)
Unwilling to end their time together any sooner than he has to, Hank invites Cassie home for lunch. Speculation from his teammates begins.

Part 8 -- Public Appearances
Hank shows Cassie his image inducer, and they discuss the pros and cons of his wearing it.

Part 9 -- First Impressions
The professor's reaction to Hank's new friend is somewhat less than enthusiastic.

Part 10 -- Dangerous Dreams
The X-men deal with an anti-mutant riot in the Danger Room, and Cassie has to deal with what this tells her about Hank's life.

Part 11 -- Picking Winners
Attending an awards ceremony with Cassie, Hank finds more evidence that the Friends of Humanity are still a minority.

Part 12 -- Hank's Bad Day
One of Those Days for poor Hank. It includes kitchen fires, uncooperative machinery, and a highly personal chat with Professor Xavier.

Part 13 -- Happy Landings
Cassie gets to see the image inducer in action. Hank gets to see the infamous Denver International Airport.

Part 14 -- Meeting the Folks
Dinner with Cassie's parents at Casa Bonita, a Unique Dining Experience in more ways than one.

Part 15 -- Beware of the Cat
Hank meets Cassie's pet -- 'nuff said!

Part 16 -- Plans and Possibilities
Hank learns more details about Cassie's past, which leads to tentative discussions of their future.

Part 17 -- Taking Chances
A near tragedy causes Cassie to reassess her concerns about getting serious.

Part 18 -- Room Service and Other Comforts
Postponing their camping trip for a day, Hank and Cassie try to relax at a nice motel.

Part 19 -- The Road Less Traveled By
Hank muses on his muddled feelings, after a call back to the mansion.

Part 20 -- Shadows in the Starlight
A little communing with Nature puts things in perspective.

Part 21 -- Grand Lake
You can't go home from vacation without presents! But the fun is cut short by unpleasant news when Cassie calls home.

Part 22 -- Life in the Breakdown Lane
Hank and Cassie are stuck with a flat and no jack, until a carload of strange folk stop to help.

Part 23 -- Family Matters
Hank meets Cassie's grandmother, cousin and oldest friend, and sees a new side of his Western gal.

Part 24 -- Homeward Bound
One last, strange shopping event, which segues into Rogue and Bobby meeting the returning couple at the airport. Bobby receives a traditional squelching.

Part 25 -- Simple Gifts
Finding a present to suit someone's personality is often tough. When it's the whole X-team....

Part 26 -- Girl Talk
In which Hank is compared with Fabio, and general female bonding occurs.

Part 27 -- Comforts of Home
Hank settles back into his lab routine. Bishop gets clued in on the facts about PMS.

Part 28 -- Initiation
To try to settle some of his doubts, Xavier has an after-dinner chat with Hank and Cassie.

Part 29 -- Open Secrets
Rogue takes Cassie for a little aerial spin, and Bobby and Sam help Cassie get her feet on the ground.

Part 30 -- Good Intentions
Bobby tells Storm and Jean his guess about why Cassie's so shy around strangers.

Part 31 -- Confrontations
Hank, Cassie and several of the X-men go to Silver's for fun, but instead encounter difficulties.

Part 32 -- Every Stop is a Place to Start
Cassie decides she needs to try harder to fit in. Hank tries to help with a new Danger Room workout. Gambit confronts Rogue about her hostile attitude.

Part 33 -- Whispers Out of the Past
An unexpected visitor named Joseph shows up, creating quite a stir.

Part 34 -- Judgement Calls
Bishop doesn't trust Cassie. Cassie's worried she's embarrassing Hank. Joseph worries everyone.

Part 35 -- Crosscurrents and Riptides
Hank argues with Xavier about Cassie. Hank calls his folks and Cassie hears from her agent.

Part 36 -- Past Tensions, Future Trials
All from Joseph's POV, ending in his learning the truth about his amnesia.

Part 37 -- High Spirits at Muir Island
Hank takes Cassie along when he's asked to help repair the damage Nate did, only to find a mystery in progress. Could it really be a poltergeist?

Part 38 -- Growing Things
The Gen X students come for check-ups, and Xavier has a brilliant idea about a useful job for Cassie.

Part 39 -- The Best Defense
An innocent visit to the Danger Room turns into a nightmare for Cassie.

Part 40 -- Prelude
Uh-oh! X-Force is dropping by for a visit! Three teams at once strains even the X-mansion's resources