Stars & Garters


"All Creatures Great and Small" by Amanda Sichter
The X-Men find out that flying monkeys -- and cows, and mice, and cats -- really do exist when the mansion is invaded by mutant animals. Sillyfic.

"Alpha" by Maggiecat
Beast restlessly tries to get to sleep.

"Babes in Smallville" by Christine Fisher (in progress)
In an amalgamated world, Clark Kent (Superman) and Henry McCoy (the Beast) grow up as brothers in a little town called Smallville.

"Babysat" by ValKerrie Smith
When Hank starts losing his intelligence and Bobby struggles with control of his powers during the early days of X-Factor, the two sit out a battle with the team and babysit Artie and Leech.

The Ballad of Trish and Henry by Tilman "Menshevik" Stieve
After yet another extended stay at the Muir Island research centre, the Beast is reunited with his spouse. (sexual content)

"Blues" by Jane St Clair
Bobby and Hank, grieving over the violent death of Candy Southern, discover something new about each other. Slash. (sexual content)

Bobby and Hank Say, "Farewell, New York", and Other Things by Dark Mark
A wedding occurs, and the Beast and Iceman have a last blast at the Coffee A Go Go in Greenwich Village, and then some... Part of a larger series.

"Bobby and the Beast" by Shade
Movieverse. Unable to sleep one night, Bobby wanders down to the kitchen and sees Dr. Grey escort a hulking stranger into the mansion.

"Bobby's Casserole" by Zanne
Bobby cooks up his great-grandmother's special recipe, but he can't get any of the other X-Men to eat it. Sillyfic. Excerpt from a larger fic.

"Bobby vs. Pat Sajak" by Mice
Bobby fights to get on his favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune, during celebrity week. Hank is his unwilling accomplice. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.

"A Certain Face" by Dyce
Two parts Hank, one part Shakespeare. Poetry.

"Confounded Computer!" by Shade
An ode to Hank's computer.

"A Day at the Races" by Amanda Sichter
Bobby and Hank try their luck at the racetrack, betting on horses.

"A Day in the Life" by Raietta
Spend a day inside the mind of Hank McCoy.

"Dialogue" by Poi Lass
When Hank is rendered comatose with no chance of awakening, Bobby must come to terms with letting go of his best friend.

"Dispensing the Shopping" by Dyce
After a shopping trip for the team, Scott distributes the resulting packages. Sillyfic.

"The Early X-Men in Studio 54" by Maria Cline
After a long day's training, the original five X-Men head into the city to check out the town's most happening nightclub -- except the bouncer won't let Scott through the door. Sillyfic.

"Event" by Te
Bobby Drake introduces himself to Dr. Hank McCoy. Movieverse.

"First, Do No Harm" by Poi Lass
After a horrible mistake, Beast abruptly leaves the X-Men, and Bobby tries to coax him to come back home. Told through a series of e-mails and online chat sessions. Utterly heart-wrenching. (Mature language.)

"For Remembrance" by queenB
After Scotts's death, Hank and Warren say their goodbyes and try to come to terms with their grief.

"From the Dais with the Closed Coffin" by Cynjen
Hank delivers a very painful eulogy.

"The Good of the Many" by Dyce
While Hank helps Cecilia overcome her withdrawal from the drug Rave, he tries to hide his own addictions.

"Gunslinger Dreams" by D. Calme
Back in the Old West, Sheriff Drake has a hunch that he knows who killed the town's Dr. Xavier. Since he can't prove it, he lets the justice of the streets work things out. Notable appearance by the Sheriff's friend Hank, a man of very few words.

"Heard No More" by Heatherly
Hank McCoy pays tribute to another Dr. McCoy.

"Hiccups" by Stacy Ricco
When Bobby gets the hiccups, Jean, Rogue and Hank offer an assortment of home remedies. Sillyfic.

"A Homely Touch" by Dyce
It's true love for Hank and the other X-Men when Sally moves in and begins to take care of them all.

"Homecoming" by Jane St. Clair and Te
Bobby Drake returns to the X-Men and is surprised by Beast's sudden "metamorphosis." After New X-Men #114. Slash. (Sexual content.)

"I Do Not Love Thee, Mr. Twinkie" by Dyce
An ode to unhealthy snack foods.

"If I Know Me" by Dyce
Poem. Bobby tries to suppress his feelings of jealousy at seeing Hank and Trish together. Slash.

"Lamentation" by Kaly
When Hank dies in a laboratory accident, Bobby blames himself for the tragedy.

"Leadership" by J.B. McDonald
After years of being the target of many a prank, Scott gets his own version of revenge. Sillyfic.

"The Lecture" by Dyce
Hank puts on his sternest face to lecture Robert about the dangers of ill-timed pranks.

"Longest Night" by Ascian
When Hank and Cecilia are kidnapped from a medical conference, it is up to Gambit and Marrow to rescue them.

"Love Is Just Another 4-Letter Word" by ValValKerrie
The male X-Men try to work up the courage to woo Jean on Valentine's Day. A tale of the early X-Men.

"Magic Breakfast" by Dyce
Hank marvels at some of the "strange" happenings that occur at everyday X-Men breakfasts.

"Making the Call" by Dyce
Hank calls Cecilia to tell her something important.

"Midnight Twinkie Run" by J.B. McDonald
Bobby and Hank revisit their old custom of making Twinkie runs at midnight, also continuing the tradition of hot-wiring the X-leader's car to get to the store. Sillyfic.

"Miss April's Stars and Garters" by J.B. McDonald
During an all-night cram session for class, Hank discovers something Bobby's stashed away. Part of a larger series.

"The Morning Paper" by RogueStar
Hank and Bobby miss seeing their favorite comic strip in the Sunday paper. A tribute to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.

"Movies" by Reccea
The five original X-Men debate all things 'Star Wars' and Mel Brooks.

"Naomi" by Mel
A self-insertion series in which a university science student becomes a lab assistant for Dr. Hank McCoy. Begins with "Desperate Times, Ramen Noodles."

"Neon Hearts" by Susan Crites (unfinished)
Hank meets a woman named Cassie by pure chance in the city, and the encounter turns into the best relationship of their lives. (Some mature themes, explicitness.)

"The No Story" by Dyce
Hank and Cecilia try their hardest to ignore their attraction to each other.

"Not a Creature Was Stirring" by Dyce
Christmastime has come, and the X-Babies, under the direction of baby Hank, have come up with a plan to keep the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies from stealing their presents this year.

"The Oath" by Dyce
Hank agonizes over his role in Bobby's death. (Companion piece to "First, Do No Harm," by Poi Lass)

"Personal Delivery" by Celiouan
A student delivers a parcel to a certain outstanding scientist in Westchester, N.Y. Self-insertion.

"Point Blank" by queenB (unfinished)
After arriving at the Mansion, Cecilia Reyes begins to accept her new life with the X-Men -- and starts to fall for both Hank and Bobby.

"The Power-Whup Girls" by Phil Hartman
Professor Xavier sends his specially-engineered daughters Blossus, Betsyup and Bubb out to battle the evil Hanko-Jojo and his Twinkifyer Ray.

"The Price of Coffee" by Latex
Beast, Iceman, Rogue and Mystique battle the Sentinels at Starbucks.

"Pygmalion's Silence" by Shade (unfinished)
When Bobby closes himself off to the outside world, Hank tries determinedly to bring his friend back into the world of the "living."

"Rumble in Kitchen Stadium" by ValValKerrie
Bobby and Hank recreate the cult-favorite cooking show Iron Chef within the Mansion, with Gambit and Phoenix facing off to see who's the better cook. Sillyfic.

"The Shadow Inside" by Amanda Sichter
Possessed by the Shadow King and trapped inside his own mind, Hank struggles to maintain his sanity and call for help.

"The Shi'ar Coffee Story" by Alicia McKenzie
Cable mistakes one of Beast's experiments for coffee, with ... memorable results. Sillyfic.

"Shoot Me" by Mercutio
When Bobby needs help, he seeks out his best friend in his own way. But can the prankster find a way to ask his friend for what he really needs?

"Waiting" by Dyce
Driving at night on a secluded road, Bobby considers doing something rash, then decides against it. (An unofficial prequel to "Shoot Me")

"A Friend, Sleeping" by Dyce
As he carries a sleeping Bobby upstairs, Hank ponders how someone so seemingly mirthful could be so lonely and sad. (An unofficial sequel to "Shoot Me.")

"A Small Addiction" by Poi Lass
Hank receives an unusual gift -- a small, vibrating mouse -- and ponders who might have sent it to him. Sillyfic.

"Some Assembly Required" by Lee Tybird
When Hank's toddler son tries to follow in his father's footsteps by playing scientist in the lab, Hank enlists Bobby's help. Part of a larger series.

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" by Tilman Stieve
Hank McCoy's wedding is the occasion for meetings of members from the various mutant teams. Part of a larger series. (Some mature themes, sexual references.)

"Start Spreading the News" by Poi Lass
Bobby and Gambit decide to "come out" to the rest of the team, with...less than enthusiastic responses. Hank offers Gambit a particularly memorable death threat. Sillyfic. Slash. (Some mature themes, language)

"Such Sweet Sorrow" by Dyce
Hank helps Bobby cope with the loss of a close friend. Sillyfic.

"Tale of the Last Twinkie" by Maelstrom
Bobby steals the last Twinkie in Hank's stash -- and must pay the price for it.

"Never Mess with a Furry Blue Genius" by Maelstrom
When Bobby replaces Hank's missing Twinkies with low-fat ones, Hank plans revenge. Sequel to "Tale of the Last Twinkie"

"The TD2001" by The Debster
Beast finds the ultimate way to store and protect his Twinkies. Sillyfic.

"Tear Sheets" by Ebonbird
Jean, now pursuing a modeling career, pays a visit to Hank at Columbia Med. Takes place before Giant-Size X-Men #1.

"A Test of Power" by DR (in progress)
Mutants across the globe are drawn into a massive power struggle between Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister.

"Tripping into the Light Fantastic" by Fossicker Jones
Hank reveals how he first coined his now-famous catchphrase.

"Twenty First Century Guy" by Poi Lass
Hank helps Bobby prepare for his first date with a man. Slash.

"When in Rome" by Mice (in progress)
Bobby deals with his newfound understanding of his family's problems, while Hank tries to make his new friend Annie Peckenpaugh feel more comfortable at the mansion. (Sequel to ", Dog.")

"When Tomorrow Comes" by Paradoqz
On the verge of confirming a cure for the Legacy Virus, Hank sits down at Moira's grave with a bottle of champagne.

"Written from Purgatory: Autobiography of a Mutant" by Poi Lass (unfinished)
A young mutant writes a book about her experience of meeting the X-Men. Not a Beast story, per se, but there's a reference to him here that's absolutely priceless.

"The Wyoming Pie" by Mice
Snowed-in at a Wyoming truck stop at Christmas, Bobby and Hank meet a mutant with a surprisingly ordinary origin story.

"X-Men #75" by Ascian
Beast apologizes to Cecilia for allowing her to get caught up in the N'Garai attack in X-Men #75 -- as well as for the skimpy costume.

"Yummy Yellow White Surprise" by Fionnabhair
An ode to Bobby and Hank's favorite snack food. Filk.

"Zero Degree Celsius" by Link
Bobby spends a long afternoon beside the pool trying to fine-tune his powers, only to be interrupted by a dispute between Hank and Cecilia. Written in preparation for a GRE test.