Stars & Garters


Beast-related factoids and jokes
Stars & Garters - A possible origin of Beast's catchphrase, as submitted by Alexia Falcon.
Hank-Worthy Jokes - A (right now, small) collection of high-brow humor that Hank might find funny.
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - Self-explanatory. Posted by Susan Crites to the Blue Believers mailing list.
Twinkie Failure Testing - A report making the rounds in Internet joke lists regarding the cream-filled desserts' results in various endurance tests.

Beastly buddies:
Blue Believers - The fan club mailing list devoted to the worship of the X-books' bluest, fuzziest characters, namely Beast and Nightcrawler.

X-Men fandom:
The Danger Playpen
- One of my own sites, The Danger Playpen stars those most mischievous of mutant mischiefmakers -- the X-Babies!
Down-Home Charm - Another of my own sites, Down-Home Charm aims to be one of the most comprehensive collections of information and media related to Rogue -- including a massive fan-fiction collection and a scrapbook.
(un)frozen - Devoted to Hank's best friend Bobby "Iceman" Drake, this site includes a substantial fan-fiction collection (many selections relating to Beast), biographical information, and a discussion board.
Under the Knife - Run by queenB, this site is dedicated to Doctor Cecilia Reyes, the X-Men's most reluctant member. Includes fan-fiction, related links and (soon) fan artwork.
X-Page Hotlist - One of the oldest X-Men link compendiums around, and still going strong. If you're looking for sites about specific characters, teams or whathaveyou, this is a great place to start.

- Maintained by Kielle, this is the hotspot for X-Men fan-fiction. It's not an archive itself, but rather, like the Uncanny X-Page, a compilation of links and resources dealing with fan-fic.
Outside the Lines - The homepage for the (mostly X-centric) comic book fan-fiction mailing list. It contains a number of resources related to fan-fic writing, as well as numerous links and other features.
- A completely automated author- and reader-controlled fan-fiction site containing fics from all kinds of fandoms, including an extensive collection of X-Men fics.
Shifting Sands - One of the biggest general X-Men fanfic sites out there.
The Elaysian Fields - Home to fan-fiction by Maggiecat (author of "Alpha") and fan artwork by Glockgal.
queenB's Hive - Home to fan-fiction by queenB (author of the "Point Blank" series)

General comic book resources:
Wahoo! - It's like Yahoo, but wonderfully comics-specific.
The X-Axis - A weekly review column written by the ever-cynical Paul O'Brien about each week's crop of X-Men comics. Usually posted every Saturday.

Intellectual and scientific giants:
- The search engine to seek out if you're looking for specific words and phrases on the Web.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
- The online equivalent of the famous book. It doesn't include more modern quotes, but it's a great source for quotations from famous literary and historical figures of yore.
The Centers for Disease Control - A good globally-minded doctor needs to keep in touch with the latest reports from this government agency.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
- An educational journal with daily news and reports relating to education research and issues.
Google Groups - One of the best places to access newsgroups and archives for Usenet, the Net's eclectic collection of discussion groups.
Keirsey Temperament and Character Test - An online quiz, based on the psychological test of the same name, which takes users' responses to various hypothetical situations and then provides a personality analysis.
National Public Radio - For the person who can't get enough of the news, NPR is the place to go for discussion and dissemination of the day's issues.
Project Gutenberg - An online crusade to create and archive electronic versions of the world's most famous and influential texts.

Misc. sites:
Cartoon Over-Analyzations
- Extraordinarily verbose analyses of popular current and past cartoons, dealing with everything from specific characters to plot lines to similarities to other shows or events.
- Play the online version of Jeopardy, the popular TV game show. Those looking for a challenge might want to test themselves with College Jeopardy, which is a bit more difficult than the "ordinary" variety of Jeopardy.
Monty Python's Flying Circus in Australia - The site for any true Monty Python fans, this is a true gem, including an extensive library of sound clips, transcribed sketches and movie scripts. The true gem? The full script to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, complete with sound clips for just about the entire movie.
Star Wars - The official Lucas-run Star Wars site, with news and information about the original "holy trilogy," not to mention exclusive interviews, trailers and other resources relating to the prequels.