Everyone Says I Love You
by Mice

(Bands of Gold: May 1981) - Hollis Bass and William Drake begin an affair that splits the whole family.
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(The Wyoming Pie) - Snowed-in at a Wyoming truck stop at Christmas, Bobby and Hank meet Annie Peckenpaugh, a mutant with a surprisingly ordinary origin story.

(God ... er, Dog) - Reunions with long-lost relatives proves both funny and sad for Bobby when, accompanied by Jubilee, he goes to California for his cousin Cliff's funeral.
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(When in Rome) - Bobby deals with his newfound understanding of his family's problems, while Hank tries to make his new friend Annie Peckenpaugh feel more comfortable at the mansion.
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(A Night at the Opera) - Matters take a turn for the sightly soap opera-ish when Warren, Hank, Bobby and Annie, along with Jubilee and Harpo, head off for a night at the opera. Ties in to "When in Rome."

(Something Sometime Soon) - A tale of the extended Drake/Bass/Lubbock clan, in which Jacob Bass reunites with Hollis Lubbock's family, Nan finds another cause, and Holland reaches her wits' end.
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(Copper Pajamas) - William Drake finally resolves to tell Maddie about his affair with Hollis, while Bobby's nightmares about his father's liason become frighteningly intense.

(Six Seeds) - After her death, Madeline Drake's diary reveals the sad truth of her and William's courtship. Meanwhile, Annie takes a turn for the worse.
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