january 20, 2002

new fan-fiction:
• "Any Kinda Breath" (Ch. 3 - conclusion) by Kaylee (Mooksverse)
• "Diluere" (Ch. 1-8) by Lise
• "Frozen Pop" (Ch. 8-9) by Shade
• "Home Truths" by RogueStar (slash)
• "The Karma Downs" (Ch. 1-13) by Cherry Ice
• "Maerere" by Lise
• "Rubber Ducky" by J.B. McDonald and Paradoqz (humor)
• "Six Seeds" (Prologue) by Mice ("Everyone Says I Love You" series)
• "Snapshot" (Ch. 10-11 - conclusion) by RogueStar and Alexis
• "A Test of Power" (Ch. 9-10) by DR

april 15, 2002

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2002 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards -- especially those archived here. ;)
• Best Original Character: Annie Peckenpaugh, from 'Everyone Says I Love You' by Mice
• Best Mature/Adult Fanfic: 'Shadow over Westchester' by ValKerrie
• Best Serious Crossover: 'Shadow over Westchester' by ValKerrie
• Best Series: 'Growing Up a Superhero' by J.B. McDonald
• Fanfic Hall of Fame: 'First, Do No Harm' by Poi Lass
• Writer Hall of Fame: queenB, Minisinoo, Dyce
• Best New Writer: Minisinoo
• Writer of the Year: Minisinoo

new fan-fiction:
"Better Watch Out" by J.B. McDonald (serious/Ultimate X-Men)
"Brief Meetings, Odd Jobs and Money Deals" by Scorpio (drama/"Criminal Minds" series)
"Broody Afternoon" by Scorpio
"Coming Home" by Scorpio (drama/"Tragic Kingdom" series)
"Contemplative Morning" by Scorpio (slash/sequel to "Broody Afternoon")
"Copper Pajamas" by Mice ("Everyone Says I Love You" series)
"Dollar Signs, Deceptions and Business Deals" by Scorpio (drama/"Criminal Minds" series)
"Doubts and Worries" by Scorpio (drama/"Tragic Kingdom" series)
"Frozen Pop" (Ch. 7) by Shade
"Fur" by Shade (movieverse/sequel to "Bobby and the Beast")
"Hanging Lights" by Minisinoo (humor/Ultimate X-Men)
"A Hero's Website" by Scorpio (TCP/experimental format)
"Intervention, or What the Hell was up with Iceman #3, Anyway?" by ValKerrie
"A New Path Through Familiar Woods" (Ch. 1-2) by Scorpio (drama/"Tragic Kingdom" series)
"A Night Out" by Julia Raven Lee
"A Test of Power" (Ch. 8) by DR
"Security Systems, Flirtations and Betting Pools" by Scorpio (drama/"Criminal Minds" series)
"Sex Appeal" by Scorpio (slash)
"Snapshot" (Ch. 1-9) by RogueStar and Alexis
"Stairwell" by Halcohol
"The Super-Uncanny Adventures of Bobby Drake and his Amazing X-Girlfriends" (Ch. 8) by ValKerrie (humor)
"White" (Ch. 13) by Min

new bio info:
"Ninja Iceman: The Myth. The Legend. The Badly Dressed Action Figure." by ValKerrie

december 4 , 2001

news update:
The first two issues of the new Iceman limited series are out now, featuring the return of Her Evilness, Opal -- and she announces Bobby is the father of her child?!

new fan-fiction:
"Ah Don't Feel Sexy" by Elizabeth Wilde (movieverse)
"Bitter Reunion" by MsMeow (drama)
"Event" by Te (movieverse)
"Homecoming" by Jane St. Clair and Te (slash/adult)
"Mind and Body: Iceman" by Coke (humor)
"Opalicious" by PX (filk/humor)
"Solitary Confinement" by Shera Crawler 007 (slash/"Wave Goodbye to Sanity" series)
"When in Rome" (Ch. 6-7) by Mice ("Everyone Says I Love You" series)

new fan art:
PX (1) / Jesse Sleik (1) / Will Mangin (1) / Michelle Nunez (2) / Sandy LeBeau (1)

july 14, 2001

news update:
As you may have heard, Bobby's getting his own Marvel mini-series, with the potential for an ongoing series if response is good enough to the mini. Marvel's "Your Man at Marvel" columnist has posted a good bit of preview artwork for the series here. Check it out! The 4-issue LS, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and drawn by Karl Kerschel, with covers by Steve Uy, begins Oct. 3.

new fan-fiction:
"Bobby's Overdue Library Book" by Rivka (humor)
"Frozen Pop" (Ch. 6" by Shade (humor)
"The Hours After" by J.B. McDonald
"A Night at the Opera" by Mice (birthday fic/"Everyone Says I Love You" series)
"The Reaction" by Jesse Sleik
"Something Sometime Soon" (Ch. 1) by Mice ("Everyone Says I Love You" series)
"A Test of Power" (Ch. 7) by DR (serious)
"Where Hope Is Coldest" by Cosmic (serious/Mooksverse tie-in)
"Yummy Yellow White Surprise" by Fionnabhair (filk)

new artwork:
I've posted the preview cover for the Iceman LS in the gallery section.

april 16, 2001

new fan-fiction:
"Frozen Pop" (Ch. 4-5) by Shade (humor)
"The Super-Uncanny Adventures of Bobby
and His Amazing X-Girlfriends
" (Ch. 7) by ValKerrie (humor)
"X-Men 1970: Bobby and Hank say
'Farewell, New York' and Other Things
" by Dark Mark (serious)

march 30, 2001

new fan-fiction:
"After Hours" by WGSarah (romance/birthday-fic)
"Bands of Gold: May 1981" (Ch. 3) by Mice (serious/"Everyone Says I Love You" series)
"Beyond the Sea" by Catherine Smith (serious/Mooksverse tie-in)
"Beyond the Streetlights" by River (serious/future)
"Blues" by Jane St Clair (movieverse slash/adult content)
"Break Through" by Kassia (serious)
"Cold Day in Vegas" by Addie Logan (serious/romance)
"Golly! A Date!" by Jen (humor/romance)
"If Only" by Kaly (serious/movieverse)
"If You Laugh" by Quincunx (poem)
"Lamentation" by Kaly (serious)
"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" by Andrea (romance)
"The Super-Uncanny Adventures of Bobby
and His Amazing X-Girlfriends
" (Ch. 6) by ValKerrie (Humor)
"When in Rome" (Ch. 5) by Mice (serious/"Everyone Says I Love You" series)

New Bio Info:
"Why Bobby Isn't Gay (but why people think he could be)" by ValKerrie

plus, new fan art by Jesse Sleik...

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