well, here it is, another one of my fics ... well, i kinda cheated on this one, since it is actually something cut out of my first fic i don't think this is as good as army, but here it is anyway. (of course, what sequels are ever as good as the original ... ok, Terminator 2 is better than the first one ... and Empire is better than A New Hope, but Star Wars doesn't count cuz it's a trilogy ... Wayne's World 2 had it's moments ... but i digress)
oh, and i'm not an expert on Warren's behavior ... i doubt i got him right, but that doesn't really matter, because this is supposed to be a funny story ... SUPPOSED to, but not guaranteed ("sounds like someone has a case of the 'spostas")

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are property of Marvel Comics. I donít own anything; Iím only borrowing, without permission. And I certainly ainít gettiní paid. So, donít sue me.
Continuity: Same as "Army of the Night"
Classification: an attempt at humour and a continuation/ postscript/ reaction (heh heh) to "Army of the Night"
Rating: Same as "Army if the Night"
Author's note: When I originally wrote "Army of the Night," the story ended with Jean and Scott's reaction to Bobby's 'creativity.' But I took it out, because I felt it took away from what I was going for (i liked having the story end with Bobby, the way it does...and I still think it's best that way). After a few people asked me "what did Jean and Scott do when they got home?" I decided to fix up that reaction I had cut out, and make it a separate piece, so as to not mess with the 'perfection' that is "Army of the night." I don't think it's as good as its originator, but here it is anyway for those who wonder.

The Reaction
by Jesse Sleik

Jean and Scott walked into the kitchen.

"That movie was horrible," Jean moaned.

"Thatís the last time I take the Professorís advice on movies." Scott agreed.

They both chuckled, but their laughter stopped abruptly as they caught sight of a stunned Hank backing his way into the kitchen, food littering a path behind him towards the living room.

"Hank?" Jean asked.

"Huh? Oh, hi Jean." Hank mumbled as he flopped down at the kitchen table, the remnants of his food tumbling onto the table. "I hope you two were not planning on using the living room anytime soon."

"Why?" they both asked, dreading the expected answer.

"Bobby." Hank simply stated. He picked forlornly at his meager assortment of food, gingerly pealing apart a cheese string.

"Not again." Jean sighed.

"He needs constant supervision." Scott moaned.

The two sat down at the table with Hank. He began eating his pizza.

Warren took this moment to enter the room, swinging a plastic bag. "Hey, guys! You wonít believe the night I just had! Man, you should have seen this woman I met, she was gorgeous, though not quite as stunning as you, Jean . . ."

Jean rolled her eyes. Hank finished off the pizza, and started on his chips.

"...Anyway, she was just nuts about me, of course. But Iím afraid some of her friends were a bit jealous, and it looked as if a fight would break out! And I thought to myself ĎWarren, you handsome angel you, you had better get out of here before a riot breaks out.í Wouldnít want any of those lovely ladies getting hurt on my account, I am a super hero after all. . ."

Jean rolled her eyes again, and so did Scott, though no one could tell. Hank crunched loudly on his chips.

"...So, I decided the most heroic thing I could do was to come home and bless my teammates with my presence. And I rented a movie, wanna watch? Iíve got popcorn and, uh, guys, are you listening? Guys?"

"Canít," the three said, "Bobby."

"For crying out loud!" Warren huffed, "Not again!"

Warren slumped down at the table with his teammates in a snit. The four lapsed into silence, broken only by the sound of Hankís crunching. After a few moments, Warren spotted something appetizing among Hankís assortment of food, and made a grab for it. A small riot ensued, ending with Warrenís defeat. Hank protectively brought his remaining food closer to himself, warily eyeing his friends as he continued eating.

After several more moments of this, Jean was the first to break the silence. "You know, it wouldnít be so bad," she said philosophically, "if only he would clean up after himself. The rug is always so soggy."

They all sighed.


(for real this time ^_^)

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