Ultimately, I want this section to be a fairly comprehensive/definitive resource for bio/misc. information on young Robert Drake. For now, the following items are currently available for your perusal. (And I'd eagerly accept help from anyone willing to write a FAQ or a biography section for me. <big-eyed, imploring look>)

A Patch of Love: A Bobby Drake Biography
Neva "Mice" Huddleston offers a run-down of Bobby's life and powers, with special emphasis on interpreting the Marvel Handbook, Bobby's early life and family, and why she likes the Iceman so much.

UXM 290-Onslaught: Turning Point
A look at the evolution of Bobby's attitude toward himself and his powers after his encounter with Colossus' brother Mikhail.

Ninja Iceman
The Myth. The Legend. The Badly Dressed Action Figure. An explanation of sorts behind one of Toy Biz's more ... inspired moments, by Kerrie Smith.
- In her pursuit of the truth behind the mystery of who fathered Opal's baby, Kerrie interviewed Ninja Iceman for answers.
- Plus, the folks at x-entertainment.com got an exclusive interview with Ninja Iceman!

Is Bobby gay?
A response by Alestar regarding suspiscions of Bobby's sexuality.

Why Bobby Can't Be Gay (but why other people think he could be)
ValKerrie explains how some of the "Bobby is gay" talk got started, but why it's not true.

Iceman Top Tens
Two rather silly lists by Shade giving reasons why it's good (or not good) to be Bobby Drake

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