Hi. My name is Mice. Not because I’m into rodents, but because it stands for two of my favorite X-Characters. The M is for M. The ice is for Iceman. I’ve been fascinated wtih Bobby Drake for most of my life, it started with “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends”. When I got on the internet and began to write fan fiction so long ago, I proclaimed myself the Messiah of Drake. Now, I come to show why I deserve that title. This biography of odds and ends is everything I know of Robert Drake.
--Neva "Mice" Huddleston, Keeper of the Flame and Self-Proclaimed Messiah of Drake

A Patch of Love: A Bobby Drake Biography
by Neva "Mice" Huddleston

Chapter 1: A Popsicle is Born

Robert Drake was born to Willaim Robert Drake and Madeline Beatrice Bass. William, affectionately called "Willie" by Madeline, who in turn is constantly called "Maddy", is Irish-Catholic and Maddy is Jewish. Robert's middle name has been speculated to be William because of his father's name, or it might even be George (see below), but it has never been mentioned in anything I have read.

William and Maddy were engaged in 1942. This makes Bobby's age very much speculation. I know we cannot always go by what Marvel says, but that date was stated in 1984! And I refuse, repeat, refuse to believe that Bobby is older than 29, let alone over forty!! However, if we look at evidence from the early days, we can surely find something that can allude to Bobby's correct age. Hank McCoy was the oldest out of the original five and has recently turned 30. Bobby was the youngest joining Xaviers at the tender age of 16. Scott Summers was around 18 when he signed on the X-Men bandwagon, so that would put Bobby's age at 26. If anyone else has a better hypothesis, lay it on me.

The main center of debate about Mr. Drake is not his sexuality, rather his eye color. Though Marvel has officially stated that Bobby's eye color is brown, one of these occurrences was in the short lived book, Professor X and the X-Men. They had short biographies in the back of each one. However, I have never taken anything that particular book has said at face value. It also states that Bobby was 15 upon joining Xaviers, which is false. The evidence that is tougher to argue with, though, is The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe H-J. It also states brown. But in the early days of the X-Men (the sixties), Bobby is consistently shown with blue eyes. That, and it would just go with the whole Iceman image. So, in a nutshell, this is the physical stats on Bobby:

Height: 5'8      Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 145lb. Hair Color: Brown

Yes, it may come as a surprise to some, but Bobby is a shrimp.

Bobby Drake was an only child, but did have other relatives besides his mother and father. His cousins are Mary and Joel, and that's where the Drake Family Tree seems to end, except for William's deceased kid brother, George, who Bobby takes after in the looks department. Bobby has never met him because he died before his parents even got married. George died in WWII on a Japanese suicide mission, which could suggest why William wasn't exactly warm to Opal Tanaka, Bobby's old flame.

Bobby's home town is Long Island, more specifically, Port Jefferson. To some who may know me and seen me ramble on about Port Washington ... well, I forget where I got that from, because before me I have two definite sources that say Jefferson. And until I can find my proof, it is canon.

Chapter 2: An X-Man is Born

Bobby first came in contact with the X-Men while he was on a date with Judy Harmon, a classmate. The went to go see "West Side Story". And just as the young Robert was getting ready to profess his feelings to his lady love, a bully by the name of Rocky Beasley (no relation to Mrs. Beasley from "A Family Affair" from what I can tell) and friends (Bullwinkle et al) pounced on him and whisked the lovely, squealing Miss Judy away. Being the chivalrous boy he was, Bobby came to her rescue by using his mutant powers. And after Moose and Squirrel got away, what thanks did Judy in the Sky give Bobby? "You're ... TOO DANGEROUS!!" and ran away like a sissy girl. Note: This would never happen to Magneto.

Bobby ran home to his mom and dad (Maddy is shown to be overly plump as opposed to the twiggy thing she was in the Iceman mini-series and to the lovely blonde we see nowadays), who warn him about how much people are going to understand that Bobby was doing the right thing. That's right, Billy-Bob, turn off Hee-Haw and get out yer shotgun, it's LYNCH MOB TIME! Complete with noose!! Bobby got his frozen buns in prison and Cyclops busted him out. As with everybody who meets Scott the first time, Bobby tried to kick his ass, but come on, solar powered eyes to generating small bits of frost? The Snowman got melted.

I have to mention here that the funniest part of this story, to me at least, is the guy in the lynch mob that is wearing a baseball cap that says, "E". Sheesh, not a Yankees fan??

Okay, the lynch mob sees Cyclops and begins to chase him, too. Insert Benny Hill chase music. They get those two mutie scum bastards and tie em up and get them ready to hang when their memories are suddenly wiped. Who did it? By the gleam of the shiny head, it was Xavier. He invites Bobby to the school, he accepts, they schmooze, he waxes his head, and all is good and that is how Bobby Drake came to be the 2nd. X-Men.

Until Lobdell screwed all of that up with a Jean Grey story about she was the first X-Man.

Chapter 3: My So-Called Powers

Marvel Handbook Says: Iceman posses the mutant ability to lower his eternal and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness from his body. Like any normal human, the nerve centers for regulating the iceman's body temperature are found in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus to allow his body temperature to be lowered by an unknown internal mechanism. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around his body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated. A related mutation has also rendered his bodily tissues unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. This Iceman can consciously, immediately lower his body temperature from its normal 98.6 degrees F to that of -105.7 degrees F within the span of a few tenths of a second.

Mice Says: Bobby can spew out some really cold stuff and lower his body heat, making him a lucky duck when the air conditioning blows out. He can go out in Antarctica in a pair of happy face boxers and not get the sniffles.

Marvel Handbook Says: As his body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with him is similarly lowered. Just as condensed moisture forms frost, this moisture forms an icy covering which encompasses his entire body. It also obscures his facial features. When the Iceman first began to completely lower his body temperature, this covering took on a more snowlike appearance. But, as he learned to increase the severity of his cold, this covering assumed the consistency of crystalline ice that it has today. This ice constantly cracks with any movement of his body, and immediately reforms. (Unless his temperature is critically regulated, the Iceman cannot move without making a creaking sound.) Through practice, the Iceman has learned to control the intensity of his cold, and he can selectively lower the temperature of isolated parts of his body.

Mice Says: Be careful when you wear a t-shirt around this guy! Things could get a little nippley!! He also makes a lot of sound when he walks. Note that this is constantly ignored in the books today, otherwise people would be shouting every three seconds, "Don't move a muscle, Drake!!" Bobby was also a dead ringer for Frosty the Snow Man before he got smooth to the groove, a move which made him look a lot like the Silver Surfer.

Marvel Handbook Says: The Iceman can use his mutant ability to freeze any local air moisture into super-hard ice. This ice can be formed into any object of his choosing. The only limitations are his own imagination, his skills as a sculptor (he usually employs his hands to form shapes out of ice), and the ambient air temperature which determines how long his ice sculpture will stay icy. In the past, he has formed ice-ladders, ice-slides, ice-shields, and ice-bats.

Mice Says: Bobby freezes the air to make stuff. Like snowballs and slush puppies and slurpies. Mmmmm.

Marvel Handbook Says: The Iceman is able to form a rising column of ice beneath his feet able to lift him off the ground. The tensile strength of the column is determined by its thickness, and its steadiness by how well it has been braced. A well-raced and regular column, 6" in diameter at its base, is able to support his weight without toppling for about 85" in a 20mph wind. By forming long ice-ramps connected either to his ice-column or an existing structure like a building or a bridge, the Iceman is able to travel above the ground by sliding down the ramp that he creates only a few feet in front of him. Unless he creates periodic supports, the ramp will crack beneath him, unable to support their combined weight.

Mice Says: Compensating for something, Bobby? Wink wink, nudge nudge?

Marvel Handbook Says: The Iceman has an almost unlimited supply of moisture at all times since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for him to make practical use of, although the process takes somewhat longer. However, the mental effort needed to employ his mutant power can eventually fatigue him and render his freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional.

Mice Says: If Bobby were to actually try for his potential, it would exhaust him.

Marvel Handbook Says: Like any trained athlete, the Iceman's ability to perform is directly related to his daily physical health and current mental state. Under normal conditions, he can usually form ice for a period of three hours.

Mice Says: KINKY!!

Marvel Handbook Says: Besides his mutant abilities to lower his body temperature and form ice from the moisture in the air, the Iceman is fairly athletic, although he only possesses average strength for someone of his stature.

Mice Says: Marvel doesn't think much of Bobby's prowess, do they? Now, if Maddy's last name was Summers, well, he'd just be a Herculean, gun-toting, time-traveling, omnipotent force o’nature, now wouldn't he??!

To sum it all up: Bobby freezes stuff and does it all in his underwear.

Chapter 4: Icekateer Rocall!

Believe it or not, Bobby Drake has gotten around in the Marvel Universe! Here's a list of all of the teams he's been on:

The Champions
The New Defenders
X-Men (Gold Team)

And, Bobby has also been in those books. However, Iceman was also featured in the animated series, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends with Spider-Man, Firestar, Aunt May, and Miss Lion. His voice was provided by the simply amazing Frank Welker, who has also lent his voice to such characters as Bronx from Gargoyles, Abu in Aladdin, Runt from the Animaniacs, Santa's Little Helper on The Simpsons, was special effects voice for seaQuest, was Azrael on the Smurfs, and was multiple voices on Q*Bert, Pac-Man, and Inspector Gadget. Though, his most famous role was probably that of Freddie Jones on that pop culture classic, Scooby-Doo.

Videos of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends can be bought in many stores, or even rented at local video stores. I have a fair collection of them myself and there is even a one-shot comic from the series!

Chapter 5: So, Bobby, What Did You Do When You Left the X-Men?

I would go into this. I really would, but there's really nothing to get into. Quite honestly, aside from the whole Loki thing (which I haven't read yet), most of Bobby's character development happened only recently!

Chapter 6: Bobby in Love

Judy Harmon: This was the girl who was with Bobby the night he joined the X-Men. She broke up with him because he saved her life. Okay, she broke up with him because she couldn't get past the mutant power thing. Five bucks and a pizza says that she married some guy with an atrocious back hair problem and keeps thinking, "I could have gotten past the ice thing..."

Polaris/Lorna Dane: These two were an item for a while (!), that is, until Havoc came along and swept Lorna off her green toe-nailed feet.

Darkstar: She appeared in The Champions, but nothing was ever really made about it.

Cloud: Bobby was introduced to this girl in The New Defenders, except Cloud wasn't always a girl and had a relationship once with Moondragon, the bald Sinead O'Connor chick that everybody on the team hated. Hoo, boy, bet Bobby was in therapy for a long while with this one!!

Marge/Mirage: When Bobby went home for his father's retirement party, he met and fell in love with the girl next door. Oops, turns out she's an alien! The Daughter of Oblivion. And in an Oedipus twist of fate, she dumped Bobby for her father.

Tabitha/Boom-Boom/Boomer/Meltdown/Meltboom: No, nothing happened between these two, besides an intense crush on Tab's part.

Lev: She was a fiery beauty from another universe and he had amnesia and couldn't figure out that she was with the bad guys. This was in X-Factor.

Infectia: Josephine was only interested in Bobby for a kiss that would render him feral. What was the point in this? I really don't remember, but it was an excellent story line showcasing Bobby's famous hormones.

Opal Tanaka: I never liked her. Never. She was the daughter of some mafia big-wig in Japan or something. I honestly don't remember, nor do I ever want to find out. She dumped Bobby and that's all I can recall. I'm telling you, I hated Opal!

Chapter 6: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Rogue: I have always suspected that he had a thing for her, especially after their road trip. He even criticized Gambit to her face. Ooh, Rogue was not happy about that one.

Jubilee: And I have always suspected that Jubes has had a crush on Bobby. The way she always gives him a special mention and attention, but that could be my brain doing over time ...

Emma Frost: ::whistles::

Cecilia Reyes: I heard a few things, but didn't really read the issues.

Chapter 7: Funky Cold Medina

Recently, Bobby's characterization has been dealt with through his relationship with his father. Honestly, I cannot complain because I personally enjoyed it, though it had a few retcons in it. Bobby stated that he has always tried to accept everybody for who they are, but if you pick up X-Men Rarities, which I loved, and read the "New" X-Men story, you'll see Bobby ragging on Banshee, Piotr, and Nightcrawler, and seriously insulting Warpath and even goes as far as to tell him that he doesn't belong.

But moving right along to the story ... at least as how I see it. The first paragraph is canon, and then I take liberties, but it makes a lot of sense:

Willaim Drake had a brother named George. George was his little brother and was the pride and joy of his family; everybody loved him. George was the apple in his father's eye. William, however, was not. His father told him he'd never amount to anything. George went into the Navy, and accepted a mission in Japan in WWII, in which his plane was shot down and he died.

Bobby's and William's problems stem from that. When Bobby first began to devolop his powers, William felt that his son would be a target for hatred, and from that hatred, could possibly die at a young age like his brother. Bobby didn't understand that for the longest time, and mistook his father's fear for hatred. William is no more a bigot than I am Elizabeth Hurley. (Note: I am not Elizabeth Hurley.) His "bigotry" stems from his fear of losing his family. He wants Bobby to be normal so nothing would provoke an early death like his brother. From William's fear begat Bobby's insecurity. His father always pushed him to be normal, but the problem with that was that Bobby wasn't normal. And Bobby, wanting to please his father, kept trying to be that normal ideal. When the whole stack of normal cards came tumbling down, Bobby desperately tried to rebuild it, but it kept falling down. Pretty soon, Bobby got fed up with trying all the time and gave it up, but once something has been ingrained in your brain since childhood, it's hard to give it up. This has affected Bobby's powers by trying to be as normal as he can while in his underwear freezing stuff. And although Bobby is a pretty imaginative person, it's hard to get that side of him out because it wasn't considered normal.

Chapter 8: So Why Do You Like Him So Much, Mice?

When I first got a good look ad Bobby Drake and his character, I realized how much of me was in there. That's my soul in there. Ever the comedian, trying to make light of every situation before it gets too heavy, never really successful in the romance department, never seeming to achieve my highest potential ... Bobby Drake is the everyman of the X-Men. His father isn't a space pirate, he was never a cosmic entity, he didn't come from a mega-billionare family, he was never worshipped as a goddess (at least I hope not!), he never had his brain transplanted into an Asian assasin, he wasn't an orphan, and he doesn't have a huge cloud of mystery surrounding him. Face it, he is the most normal X-Guy. And this is what turns me on. In the fine line between normal and abnormal, he's the fine line. Bobby's struggling not to go either way. And in that struggle, he's a rich tapestry of stories.

That, and I think he's downright adorable!!

Neva Huddleston has been writing fan fiction for roughly three years, and has been trying to write "the ultimate Bobby Drake story" for just as long. She is best known for never finishing The Age of the Animaniacs, an installment in her Mice Tails series which is often mispelled. Neva has an extensive collection of comic books that have any mention of Bobby Drake and her favorite issues are X-Men # 38, and Uncanny X-Men #319 and #340.

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