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note: to clear up some terminology, "sillyfics" are stories that are written more for their humor value than drama. "alternate reality" stories are tales which are set in times that don't correspond to canon, whether they include a character that never existed or they deal with a completely different timeline altogether. "x-movieverse" stories are set in the "universe" of the recent 'X-Men' movie. "slash" is a story category which deals with same-sex relations. most of the slash stories archived here are not sexually explicit, but if homosexual pairings bother you, it may be best not to read those stories.

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(dumb american games) -
Bobby and Remy break up, but reveal through the dumb games they play that they really still care for each other. Slash. (sexual themes)
(the iceman cometh) - After some serious soul-searching, Bobby realizes that he is gay. Slash. (in progress. some language, mature themes)
(not mine) - Bobby has a one-night stand with Pete Wisdom, and they bond over their common experience with Remy. Slash. (sexual themes, content)
(rumpled) - Jubilee tells a disbelieving Paige about her encounter with Bobby and Remy in the hallway. (Mooksverse)

(the joys of a random booby-trap) -
Cable and Domino resolve some of their relationship differences while trapped in the Danger Room. Bobby makes a notable appearance.

(snapshot) - Written with RogueStar. When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues. (in progress)

(consider) - Bobby's father, William Drake, is forced to confront his own prejudice.
(norman rockwell) - Bobby compares his family life and the holidays to the "ideals" set forth in Rockwell's paintings.
(self seeking) - During their cross-country road trip, Bobby tries to help Rogue with her problems as he tries to avoid confronting his own.
(through a mirror clear) - As she deals with the aftermath of the events in Antarctica, Rogue must also deal with her apparent descent into insanity. Bobby plays an important supporting role.

(roses are red, violets are blue)
- On the day before Valentine's Day, Bobby searches for the perfect flower arrangement for his special someone.


Bolin, Kate
(road trippin')
- Bobby accompanies Rogue on a post-graduation road trip to Alaska to find Logan. (Movieverse)


(and many more)
- Bobby tries to cheer Warren up on his birthday, and the two men learn something new about each other. Slash.

(crying on the inside)
- Bobby hides his inner pain under a dense jovial mask. Angst.

(the karma downs) -
As Sam is about to discover, being a member of the spandex squad isnít exactly the best of times. Sometimes, life is just life. Sometimes, itís something more.

Cline, Maria
(the early x-men in studio 54) - The original five X-Men head into the city to check out the town's most happening nightclub -- except the bouncer won't let Scott through the door.

(mind and body: iceman) -
Bobby amuses himself between pranks on his teammates. Sillyfic. Part of a larger series.

(where hope is coldest)
- Remy's death fresh in his mind, Bobby tries to escape his pain and memories. Slash. Ties into Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" series.

Cotton, Ana Lyssie
(the g-string of bobby drake) -
Bobby and some of the other guys rehearse for a strip show -- and debate whether to go "the full monty." Sillyfic. Subreality.
(talking in circles) - In which Remy finds a teammate's body, and Bobby runs into his long-lost cousin. Challenge fic.

Cowart, DuAnn
(moment) -
Domino senses a kindred spirit in Bobby and decides to share a little advice.

Crawler 007, Shera
(wave goodbye to sanity) -
Bobby agonizes over calling up a man to ask for a date. Slash.
(still waving goodbye) - How Bobby's date went after he finally made the call. (sequel to "Wave Goodbye to Sanity")
(solitary confinement) - Bobby's new lover thinks about their relationship. Slash. (sequel to "Still Waving Goodbye")
(and time marches on) -
Bobby awakens in someone elses bed, and tries to push away the implications of the previous night. Slash. (sequel to "Solitary Confinement")


D. Calme
(gunslinger dreams) -
Back in the Old West, Sheriff Drake has a hunch that he knows who killed the town's Dr. Xavier. Since he can't prove it, he lets the justice of the streets work things out.

Dark Mark
(Bobby and Hank say, "farewell, New York", and other things)
A wedding occurs, and the Beast and Iceman have a last blast at the Coffee A Go Go in Greenwich Village, and then some... Part of the X-Men 1970 series.
(the iceman goeth) - After being recruited by Cyclops and Professor Xavier for the X-Men, Bobby spends a long night pondering the opportunity -- and learning a bit about his new teammate Scott.

(a little faith) -
Bobby reaches out to a grieving Cable after Cyclops' death.

(a test of power) -
Mutants around the world are drawn into a power struggle between Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister. (in progress)

(bobby's rebellion) -
A short poem describing a young Bobby's attempt at freedom during the early days of the X-Men.
(dispensing the shopping) - After a shopping trip for the team, Scott distributes the resulting packages. Sillyfic.
(a friend, sleeping) - As he carries a sleeping Bobby upstairs, Hank ponders how someone so seemingly mirthful could be so lonely and sad. (A companion piece to "Shoot Me," by Mercutio.)
(gone, but not forgotten) - Shortly after learning of Bastion's kidnapping of Jubilee, Bobby calls Emma up to see how things are. Part of a larger series.
(a homely touch) - It's true love for Hank and the other X-Men when Sally moves in and begins to take care of them all.
(the road not travelled) - When he and Bobby visit a Greek cafe, Hank marvels that this is the first time he's gone someplace in full furry glory and hasn't been stared at. (An alter-universe companion to "A Homely Touch")
(a long and winding road) - After months of weekly visits to her family's restaurant, Hank agonizes over whether he should ask Sally out. (Sequel to "The Road Not Travelled")
(if i know me) - A poem wherein Bobby tries to suppress his feelings of jealousy at seeing Hank and Trish together. Slash.
(the lecture) - Hank puts on his sternest face to deliver a lecture about the dangers of ill-timed pranks.
(the oath) - Hank expresses his sorrow and grief over Bobby's death. Poetry. (A sequel of sorts to "First, Do No Harm" by Poi Lass.)
(such sweet sorrow) - Bobby upgrades from his old computer to a newer, more powerful machine. He doesn't take the change very well. Sillyfic.
(waiting) - Driving at night on a secluded road, Bobby considers doing something rash, then decides against it. (A companion piece to "Shoot Me," by Mercutio.)


(love sponge) -
Bobby and Ororo get a lot closer after Scott's death. (sexual themes)

- Bobby and Remy's newfound love (and lust) for each other suddenly comes out in the open when their teammates catch them in an awkward position. Slash. (sexual content)
(through open doors) - All hell breaks loose when Rogue learns of Bobby and Remy's new relationship. Slash. (sequel to "Beginnings") (mature themes)
(heroes and circumstances) - An X-Man gets stuck in the DC universe, and maybe finds a friend in Green Lantern. Slash.
(bobby's world) - Bobby is somehow transported to the DC Universe and meets the JLA.
(the artist's eye) - Bobby, now a member of the JLA, adjusts to life in his new world, but misses his friends.
(green frogs and ice maidens) - Kyle and Bobby form a tentative friendship.


(yummy yellow white surprise)
- An ode to Bobby and Hank's favorite snack food. Filk.


Grey Bard
(getting a life)
- Bobby and the rest of the X-Men welcome a new addition to their household. (in progress)
(inspection #371) - Bobby undergoes an extensive interview. 
(little changes) - The X-Men debate possible names for their new housemate.

Gruver, Kerri
(chocolate cakes and piggy banks) -
Bobby has evil thoughts as he helps Logan and Gambit's daughters bake their fathers a cake -- and must pay for his mischief. In the future. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.
(decisions, decisions) - The X-Men argue over choosing a post-dinner game to play. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.
(encounter in the park) - A mild-mannered Southern California woman meets Hank and Bobby at Magic Mountain. Self-insertion.
(a gesture of love) - Charlotte finds herself the latest target of Bobby's pranks when she decides to sunbathe in the nude. Part of a larger series.
(freeze frame) - Bobby gets a taste of his own medicine after his prank on Charlotte. Part of a larger series. (Sequel to "A Gesture of Love")
(the last piece) - Bobby and Charlotte fight over the last piece of pie in the refrigerator, and Bobby tries to ignore her comments about his teammates' sex lives. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.
(night before the last night) - The night before Charlotte and Logan's wedding, the girls take Charlotte out to a strip joint and the guys play poker. Part of a larger series.
(mature themes, situations)
(so what did you hear?) - Sam accidentally overhears an ... interesting ... conversation between Bobby and Charlotte, and later including some of the other X-Men. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.
(why stay home on a saturday night?) - When the guys won't go with their girls for a posh gala event, the women take matters into their own hands -- and find their own dates.
(wrong place, worse time) - Bobby and Charlotte's outing with the GenX kids turns into a run-in with the FOH. Part of a larger series.


- With his powers just beginning to manifest themselves, a young Bobby Drake isolates himself from his family and peers out of fear.

Hamrick, Paul
(a penny for your thought) -
An older Iceman visits the graves of his friends and reminisces on their lives -- and the way they died.
(regrets) - When Bobby is gravely injured, he can't help but wonder if a better grasp of his powers could have saved him.
(shopping for the girls) - Bobby and Gambit do the week's grocery shopping for the team, a responsibility that includes the  purchase of certain feminine items. Sillyfic.
(time of your life) - Bobby visits a former girlfriend, and they talk about why their relationship could never have worked out.

(blizzards in hell)
- Bobby and Remy reaffirm their love and their committment to each other in the face of criticism from homophobes. Slash. Mooksverse.
(some kinda questions)
- Jubilee asks Bobby some personal questions about Remy. Slash. Mooksverse.

Huddleston, Neva ("Mice")
(bobby vs. pat sajak) -
Bobby fights to get on his favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune, during celebrity week. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.
(dog tags) - Trying to clear his mind, Bobby goes on a vacation and makes the decision to quit the team, or else have to continue fighting his worst nightmare.
(eskimo pie) - Bobby returns home for the holidays and has to endure family parties, obnoxious relatives and his mother's newfound obsession with finding him a girlfriend.
(everyone says i love you) - Bobby learns just how troubled and fragmented his family really is. (in progress)
(bands of gold) - Hollis Bass and William Drake begin an affair that splits the whole family.
(the wyoming pie) - Snowed-in at a Wyoming truck stop at Christmas, Bobby and Hank meet a mutant with a surprisingly ordinary origin story.
(god...er, dog) - Reunions with long-lost relatives proves both funny and sad for Bobby when, accompanied by Jubilee, he goes to California for his cousin Cliff's funeral.
(when in rome) - Bobby deals with his newfound understanding of his family's problems, while Hank tries to make his new friend Annie Peckenpaugh feel more comfortable at the mansion. (in progress)
(a night at the opera) - Matters take a turn for the sightly soap opera-ish when Warren, Hank, Bobby and Annie, along with Jubilee and Harpo, head off for a night at the opera.
(something sometime soon) - A tale of the extended Drake/Bass/Lubbock clan, in which Jacob Bass reunites with Hollis Lubbock's family, Nan finds another cause, and Holland reaches her wits' end. (in progress)
(copper pajamas) - William Drake finally resolves to tell Maddie about his affair with Hollis, while Bobby's nightmares about his father's liason become frighteningly intense.
(six seeds) - After her death, Madeline Drake's diary reveals the sad truth of her and William's courtship. Meanwhile, Annie takes a turn for the worse. (in progress)
(homework) - Bobby talks about how he came to the Xavier School, spars with Jubilee and worries about his English grade. X-Movieverse.
(little me) - Jubilee forwards a horrid piece of Buffy fan-fiction to Skin. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic. (sexual themes, mature language)
(MSTie me) In true MST3K fashion, Bobby and Jubliee MST a Buffy fic that reeks of lemons. Part of a larger series. (sexual themes, mature language) (sequel to "Little Me")
(rumors) - Bobby pays a visit to the Massachusetts Academy, and over a breakfast of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, Jubilee aims to find out why.

Hurt, Alyson.
(see "Alykat")


(boredom beckons)
- During the early days of the X-Men, Hank helps Bobby recognize what subjects he's good at.
(iceman: the ninja) - Tired of his old costume, Bobby stiches up something new. Humor.

(queen of the millennium) -
A battle with the "new" leader of the Hellions after the Psi War removes the blocks on Emma's psi powers -- as well as the blocks on certain memories.
(the race) - The Hellfire Club, Xavier's and the Massachusetts Academy all vie for the right to contact a mutant whose powers have just manifested, and Bobby and Emma explore some unresolved issues. (sequel to "Queen of the Millennium")


Jaella and Orla
(ranma 1/2: scent of a mutant) -
During a battle with Magneto, Rogue falls into a mystical pool of water that turns her into a skunk. Bobby has a notable supporting role. Sillyfic.

(golly! a date!)
- Bobby has a date with a beautiful girl, but he has concerns about her sanity (and sobriety).


(beauty comes to those who wait) -
After decades of marriage, Bobby and Cecilia still go to Brooklyn regularly to have Cece's braids redone.
(broken promises) - Iceman deals with his feelings of guilt and loss after his father's death.
(cold front) - When the young students of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy the hot summer sun, Bobby longs to return to the cold. Takes place during the X-Men's early years.
(happiness) - When Jean-Luc LeBeau demands that one of his children move back to New Orleans, Rogue and Gambit or Alex and Bobby face the prospect of uprooting their families. alternate/future reality.
(spring thaw) - Bobby decides to leave the X-Men permenantly and get a "real" life, while Gambit struggles to feel alive again after being rescued from the Antarctic. (in progress)
(stolen identities) - When Bastion came to the X-Mansion, he took everything. Now that the X-Men have returned home, each of them deals with that loss in their own way.

(a fleeting kinda grace)
- Bobby and Remy decide to escape the mansion grounds for an all-too-brief getaway. Written for Kaylee's birthday. Slash. Mooksverse. (in progress)

(if only) -
Bobby offers Jean some words of comfort after Scott dies. Movieverse.
(lamentation) - When Hank dies in a laboratory accident, Bobby blames himself for the tragedy.

break through) - Bobby is held prisoner in a fortress run by one of the X-Men's worst enemies.
(a talent for reality) -
Lydia Hawk has lived in the Danger Room for years, observing the movements of the X-Men. And only Bobby can see her.
(something like closure) - Bobby does some digging and unearths Lydia's true origins. (sequel to "A Talent for Reality")

(kinda mooks) -
When Remy returns from the Antarctic cold, Bobby is the only person who will talk to him as a regular person. Their friendship quickly becomes something more. Slash. (in progress. some language, mature themes)
(he kinda sorta maybe loves him) - When Bobby is assigned to help Remy re-train after the man's return from Antarctica, the two men begin to develop a special kind of friendship.
(a mooky kinda pwp) - Bobby and Remy reassess their relationship amid "morning after" anxieties.
(an open kinda closet) - Bobby and Remy decide to openly announce the nature of their relationship to the rest of the team.
(a different kinda craving) - Bobby tries to cope with his shyness about being openly affectionate with Remy.
(a special kinda savoring) - Bobby decides he wants to learn how to be a better gay man.
(any kinda breath) - When Remy becomes sick and refuses to acknowledge it, he and Bobby face the greatest test to their relationship so far. (in progress)

(the prank) -
Bobby gets into a prank war with Jubilee -- and enlists her aid in play pranks against other residents of the Mansion.

(see Gruver, Kerri)

(it works!) -
Jean, Bobby and Rogue do a MiSTing of one of those horribly annoying "get rich quick" pyramid scheme e-mail spams. Sillyfic.
(midnight showing, fifth row back) - Bobby's exuberantly vocal enthusiasm for 'Star Wars: Episode I' grates on his fellow moviegoers at the movie's first midnight screening, especially Kai and Logan. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic.

(renaissance dreams) -
Bobby struggles with his jealousy of Gambit over Rogue, and a song at the Renaissance Fair takes him back to the Revolutionary War era, where he makes an important decision. Alternate universe.


Lady Kate
(an interview with the iceman)
- Bobby does a phone interview with a local student newspaper. Sillyfic.

Lass, Poi
(changing faces) -
Morph actively pursues Bobby, much to Bobby's chagrin -- until he starts to think about it. Alternate reality. Slash. (some language, mature themes)
(dialogue) - When Hank is rendered comatose with no chance of awakening, Bobby must come to terms with letting go of his best friend.
(first, do no harm) - After a horrible mistake, Beast abruptly leaves the X-Men, and Bobby tries to coax him to come back home. Told through a series of e-mails and online chat sessions. Utterly heart-wrenching.
(one touch) - On her road trip with Bobby, Rogue vents to Bobby about her frustrations with living with her powers.
(rain) - When Bobby and Storm decide to become romantically involved, the X-Men are ... less than jubilant about the news.
(a small addiction) - Hank receives an unusual gift -- a small, vibrating mouse -- and ponders who might have sent it to him. Sillyfic.
(start spreading the news) - Bobby and Gambit set about the difficult task of "coming out" to the rest of the team. You WILL laugh, I promise you. Sillyfic. Slash. (some language and mature themes)
(twenty first century guy) - Hank helps Bobby prepare for his first date with a man. Slash.
(winter where you are) - Feeling unwanted and unloved, Bobby has a talk with Gambit about their relationship. Slash. (some language and mature themes)
(with any weapon) - After Graydon Creed's attack on William Drake, Bobby fights back in the way that might hurt Creed most.

(the price of coffee) -
Beast, Iceman, Rogue and Mystique battle the Sentinels at Starbucks.

Lee, Julia Raven
(a night out)
- Opportunity knocks in an unexpected way when Bobby goes out to the opera with his teammates.

(breakfast imbroglio) -
Wolverine and Bobby face off at breakfast over who gets the last of the cereal. Written in preparation for a GRE exam.
(the phantom menace: take two) - A very silly revison of the final lightsaber battle in Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace, starring Cyclops and Iceman. Sillyfic.
(zero degree celsius) - Bobby spends a long afternoon beside the pool trying to fine-tune his powers, only to be interrupted by a loud dispute between Hank and Cecilia.

(dileure, 'to wash away') -
Disaster strikes the Oasis and its people struggle to survive.
Part of the Shadowlands series.
(kinda mooks) - Stories that tie into Kaylee's Bobby/Remy Mooks series.
(kinda dented) - Jubilee thinks that Bobby and Remy were doing more than just changing a lightbulb in the downstairs storage closet. (an answer to "Rumpled" by Alestar)
(a perfect kinda world) - During a rare break between Remy's treatments, Bobby and Remy enjoy an all-too-short quiet moment in the park. Takes place just after Chapter 2 of "Any Kinda Breath." Written as a birthday gift to Kaylee.
(untitled mooks) - by Lise Williams. Scott speaks to Remy about organizing his final affairs.
(a new kinda perspective) - His sickness in remission for the time being, Remy appreciates the view from the rooftop as he's never done before.
(kinda changing) - This is a series that sequels "Any Kinda Breath", Kaylee's as-yet-unfinished story in which Remy LeBeau finds out her has lung cancer and Bobby, his lover, has to deal with the consequences. He may die, he may live; in one particular future, one side of the coin is found up, and a story of struggle turnd into a story of loss. And losing. And, maybe, in the end, winning again. Slash.
(i, robert) - Bobby grieves at Remy's grave.
(people kinda change) - Warren tries to comfort a grieving Bobby, and the evening turns into something neither of them bargained for.
(channel surfing) - Scott tries to reach out to Bobby, but to no avail.
(the kinda change that hurts) - Logan lets himself be used as a punching bag.
(the season's kinda changing) - Jean knows what's happened between Bobby and Warren, and all the pain that's been stirred up, but she feels powerless to say anything.
(as we give thanks) - Bobby and Jubilee talk about it.
(a kinda changing tide) - Bobby, Hank and Warren share some silence one night.
(to grieve for the departed) - Hank finally finds the words he needs to say.
(snow sleet and spring) - Bobby comforts Ororo as they grieve.
(clouds on the horizon) - When the world begins to madly shift among parallel universes, Bobby tries to find comfort with an alternate world's Remy. Slash. Part of a larger series.
(mature themes)
(dancing to the thunder) - Cyclops tries to puzzle out what happened to cause the shifts from Bobby's random mutterings to him. (sequel to "Clouds on the Horizon")
(maerere, 'to lament') - Lorna mourns as the Oasis begins to rebuild. Part of the Shadowlands series.
(the sweet taste of wine) -
Bobby and Remy share some intimate moments, but refuse to believe that they mean anything. Slash. (mature themes)

Logan, Addie
(cold day in vegas)
- Chaperoning the GenX kids on a graduation trip to Las Vegas, Bobby and the White Queen get into a bit of trouble themselves.


(tale of the last twinkie) -
Hank plots his revenge when Bobby steals his last Twinkie. Sillyfic.
(never mess with a furry blue genius) - When Bobby replaces Hank's precious Twinkies with ::shudder:: low-fat Twinkies, revenge must be exacted. Sillyfic. (sequel to "Tale of the Last Twinkie")

McDonald, J.B.
(better watch out)
- Bobby goes on a Christmas Day mission with the X-Men and learns something new about his powers. Ultimate X-Men.
(the hours after) -
When an X-Men-related battle leads to family tragedy, Bobby reconsiders his refusal to stay with the team. Part of a larger series. Alternate reality.
(leadership) -
Long the butt of Bobby and Hank's practical jokes, Scott plots his own kind of revenge. Sillyfic.
(midnight twinkie run) - Bobby and Hank revisit their old custom of making Twinkie runs at midnight, also continuing the tradition of hot-wiring the X-leader's car to get to the store. Sillyfic.
(miss april's stars and garters) - During an all-night cram session for class, Hank discovers something Bobby's stashed away. Part of a larger series.
(new maids, old jobs and general torment) - Jubliee starts a new job at the local K-Mart, and Bobby stops by to visit and torment her. Sillyfic.
(pigeons) - At first grumpy and depressed about the events of the past year, Bobby puts his life in perspective when he meets a woman who's had a worse year than him.
(rubber ducky) - Written with Paradoqz. When Bobby loses a wager with Hank, he has far too much fun with his "punishment." Sillyfic.
(a special kinda birthday) - Bobby works extra hard to put together an extra-special birthday present for Remy, all the while trying to keep his efforts a secret. Written for Kaylee's birthday. Slash. Mooksverse.
(summer daze) - A 12-year-old Bobby and his best buddies Jack and Danny wile away a summer's afternoon. Part of a larger series. Alternate reality.
(water lines) - After a near-disastrous first meeting, Bobby and Jamie find that they have the makings of a beautiful friendship -- and maybe a lasting relationship. Slash.
(bodies of water) - While tagging along with Hank at a conference in Washington, D.C., Bobby runs into Jamie and a strong friendship begins to blossom between the two.
(quiet waters) - When Bobby is rendered comatose after his plane crashes, Jamie's feelings of guilt turn dangerously -- and self-destructively -- inward.
(uncharted waters) - Bobby takes Jamie home to the X-Men.
(sailing into the sunset) - Bobby and Jamie celebrate Valentine's Day.

McKenzie, Alicia
(a crazy kinda way to spend the afternoon) -
Bobby, Remy and Cable are trapped in a Genoshan prison. Written for Kaylee's birthday. Slash. Mooksverse.

(chance meeting)
- Bobby finds love on the subway. Romance.

(believing eyes) -
As hard as he tries, Bobby cannot say three simple words and have them believed.
(coming home) - Returning to the X-Mansion once again, Bobby muses about how much he despises -- and embraces -- the role he has created for himself.
(a different theatre) - Bobby wages an internal struggle against his personal demons.
(finding yourself) - Trapped between shifting worlds and rapidly losing hope, Bobby fights the shifts with the only means he believes he has left. Part of a larger series.
(in this manner wooed and won) - Soon after breaking up with Remy, Bobby finds himself attracted to another resident of the mansion -- Kitty Pryde. And his feelings may be reciprocated.
(a kinda quiet moment) - Jean finds Bobby sleeping in the Mansion's Rec Room and can't help but realize just how much her friend has grown and changed since she first knew him. Slash. Mooksverse.
(remembering those who have yet to fall) - Naomi gives Warren a lesson on the realities of the AIDS epidemic and other diseases. A Naomi/Mooksverse crossover.
(when the sun rose) - Bobby finds a drunken Alex at a local bar and during the drive home and afterwards, the two have a long talk -- and find some new hope. Slash.
(humming the same song) - As he prepares to throw a surprise party for Hank, Bobby and Alex talk about their evening together, and where they go from here. Slash. (Sequel to "When the Sun Rose")
(the art of basking well) - Kurt tries to get some sunbathing in, but can't find any relief from the gossippers on the team who can't get over Bobby and Alex's pairing-up. Slash. (Sequel to "Humming the Same Song")
(winning bets) - Bobby and Hank wager on whether Bobby can convince the rest of the team to let Hank hire on an assistant from outside the mansion to move in and help Hank with his research. Self-insertion.
(the land of beautiful people) - Naomi adjusts to life in the X-Mansion while dealing with her insecurities about living with so many Beautiful People. (sequel to "Winning Bets")

(see "Stieve, Tilman")

Merchi, Samy
(a part) -
Bishop falls apart -- literally -- during a day of patrolling the Mansion and its grounds. He also dispenses some "wisdom" to an elderly Iceman. Future. Brutally dark sillyfic.

(chains, planes and strange villains) -
The X-Men are captured by the evil ... er ... Mr. Evil, and the team must decide who will be the villain's willing slave. Sillyfic. (mature themes)
(the iceman's new clothes) - When Bobby is caught peeping in on Rogue's shower, he finds the payback to be far more than he bargained for. Sillyfic.
(shoot me) - When Bobby needs help, he seeks out his best friend in his own way. But can the prankster find a way to ask his friend for what he really needs?
(what i did on my summer vacation) - Emma assigns the class to write an essay on how they spent their summer vacation. Jubilee tries to figure out how to hide the truth without lying.
(bobby, rogue and the vat of hair dye) - Bobby schemes over his most devious prank yet -- to make Rogue a blonde. (sequel to "What I Did on My Summer Vacation")

(see "Huddleston, Neva")

(nightmares) -
Lorna comforts her son Mitchell after he has a nightmare, and thinks back on what led to his birth.
(daydreams) - Bobby tries to teach his stepson Mitchell an important lesson about responsibility and being a mutant. (sequel to "NightMares")

(a life of coffee spoons) -
In a world where Bobby's powers developed late, he tries to deal with their manifestation by not dealing with them at all.
(the white arc) - Iceman and the White Queen court and eventually marry, breaking up soon after the birth of their daughter Vicky. After Bobby's death, mother and daughter must deal with their pain -- and each other -- in their own ways. (in progress)
(white) - Trapped and injured, Bobby and Emma try to escape Mountjoy without losing themselves in the process.
(a new hope) - A young Vicky eavesdrops on what she hopes is a reconciliation between her parents.
(and the cow jumped over the moon) - Emma tries to tell Vicky a bedtime story.
(vicky's diary) - Vicky starts a diary to help her talk about her dad's death, her relationship with her mother and her emerging powers.

(hanging lights) - The gang hangs Christmas lights. Ultimate X-Men.

(bitter reunion) -
Years after her discovery of his powers led to a lynch mob and his entry into the Xavier School, Bobby runs into Judy Harmon.


Newberry, Brian
(a cold clear night) -
After many an anguished, sleepless night, Bobby finally decides to face up to his problems and talk to Jean about them. (mature themes)
(lightchylde remastered) - While everyone still mourns young Illyanna Rasputin's death from the Legacy Virus, a new Magik literally drops from the sky into the X-Men's backyard.
(Ties in loosely with "A Cold Clear Night")


(rubber ducky) - Written with J.B. McDonald. When Bobby loses a wager with Hank, he has far too much fun with his "punishment." Sillyfic.

(the flip side)
- A freak accident on a mission turns Ororo into a man -- and has Bobby dreaming of being a woman. (mature themes; in progress)
(not that you'd have noticed) - Bobby marvels at how he wound up with his latest girlfriend. A follow-up to another story in this archive.

(see "Lass, Poi")

(opalicious) -
Bobby fans, can you handle this? Filk/humor.


(point blank)
After arriving at the Mansion, Cecilia Reyes begins to accept her new life with the X-Men -- and starts to fall for both Hank and Bobby. (in progress)
(ricochet) - Bobby asks Cece why she's so driven and hard to get to know, and she thinks back to a violent episode in her youth.
(the trouble with triangles) - Cece finds herself caught in a love triangle between Hank and Bobby and can't decide which to choose.
(triage) - Cecilia tries her best to reclaim her life, but finds that to find herself again, she must start her life over.

(if you laugh) -
Poem. Bobby talks about how important it is to him to make people laugh.
(the mandolin)
- While Bobby, Hank and Gambit prepare for the Renaissance Fair, a new war may be brewing between Xavier and Magneto. Sillyfic.
(now i lay me down to hide) - A poem in which Bobby hides when a prank on Cyclops backfires -- on Wolverine. Sillyfic.


(movies) -
The five original X-Men debate all things 'Star Wars' and Mel Brooks. Humor.
(watching) - Ororo watches Bobby from afar and debates whether she should act on her attraction to him. Romance.

(zuzu's petals)
- Watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' at Christmastime, Bobby wishes he could put Remy back together as easily as George Bailey fixed his daughter's flower. Slash. Ties into Kaylee's "Kinda Mooks" series.

Ricco, Stacy
- When Bobby gets the hiccups, Jean, Rogue and Hank offer an assortment of home remedies. Sillyfic.

(beyond the streetlights)
- Jean thinks about how the other X-Men died, and why she married Bobby. Future/Alternate Universe.

(bobby's overdue library book)
- Hank tries to teach Bobby a lesson about responsibility. Humor.

(home truths) -
Iceman invites Gambit to his parent's home for dinner, and realises he'd never truly left it in the first place. Slash.
(the morning paper) -
Hank and Bobby miss seeing their favorite comic strip in the Sunday paper. A tribute to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz.
(snapshot) - Written with Alexis. When Mercy LeBeau comes to deliver some news to Gambit, she falls in lust with Iceman and chaos ensues.


(broody afternoon)
- Bobby broods over the trial of Arthur Streck, the FoH and his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Takes place after the story "Four Angry Mutants," published in the 1996 Anthology The Ultimate X-Men.
(contemplative morning) - Bobby tries to work out the real reason he was so disturbed by his reactions to Rachel Mostel's mutant pheromones. Hank listens. (sequel to "Broody Afternoon")
(criminal minds) - Gambit inadvertently learns just how good -- and devious -- an accountant Bobby is. (in progress)
(dollar signs, deceptions and business deals) - Gambit makes an accidental discovery and then uses that information to get what he wants.
(security systems, flirtations and betting pools) - Gambit makes good on his promise to Iceman and ups the security on his teammate's office. While doing so, he overhears a telephone conversation.
(brief meetings, odd jobs and money deals) - Gambit steals stuff for fun and profit. Iceman encourages him.
(eMails and Slash Lists) - Bobby joins a Star Trek: Voyager slash list, posts a fic and receives an unexpected bit of feedback. Slash. (in progress)
(familiar stranger) - Bobby learns that Mystique impersonated him to get on the mansion grounds. Movieverse.
(a hero's website) - A woman has a life altering experience and shares it with the world via the Internet...
(sex appeal) - Bobby talks about the changes in his own life and his newfound perceptions of his fellow X-Men. Slash.
(sometimes it sucks to be bobby drake) - During his French final, Bobby struggles with his knowledge of the subject, the hiccups AND his powers. X-Movieverse.
(spring dance) - Bobby goes to the Spring Dance held at Xavier's School for Gifted Children and eats his own heart out. Slash. Movieverse.
(tragic kingdom) - Bobby returns from time spent in a horrific alternate universe, and finds that Gambit is the only one he can truly bond with. (in progress)
(coming home) - After being "Missing In Action" for five long years, Bobby comes home a changed man.
(doubts and worries) - Emotions and events begin to shape the immediate future for Bobby and Remy without them even being aware of it.
(a new path through familiar woods) - Old friends and acquaintances reveal themselves and offer new options and paths to walk even as Bobby and Remy struggle to come to terms with each other and their individual pasts. (in progress)

(bobby and the beast) -
Unable to sleep one night, Bobby wanders down to the kitchen and sees Dr. Grey escort a hulking stranger into the mansion. Movieverse.
(fur) - Hank is still a hidden secret at Xavier's, but Bobby hopes to change things in order to help a mysterious new student. Movieverse. (sequel to "Bobby and the Beast")
(frozen pop) - Bobby is suddenly forced into the role of father when Dazzler has to hide a certain frozen young man and his bestest Cajun bud. (in progress)
(pygmalion's silence) - When Bobby closes himself off to the outside world, Hank tries determinedly to bring his friend back into the world of the "living." (in progress)

Sichter, Amanda
(appassionata) -
A short, emotion-centered story wherein Bobby Drake and Bobby DaCosta get together. Slash. (mature themes, sexual content)
(a day at the races) - Bobby and Hank try their luck at the racetrack, betting on horses.

Sleik, Jesse
(army of the night)
- Bobby amuses himself -- and frightens Hank -- with diabolical plans for world domination. Humor.
(the reaction) - Jean, Scott, Hank and Warren stumble upon the remains of Bobby's army. (sequel to "Army of the Night")

Smith, Catherine
(beyond the sea)
- Now an old man, Bobby grieves as he relives some painful moments. "Kinda Mooks" tie-in.

Snyder, Emily R.
(ceramic bulldogs) -
While shopping with the team, Bobby spies the perfect gift for Wolverine -- and fodder for yet another prank. Sillyfic.

Soul Spinner
(fire and ice) -
A severely battle fatigued Bobby is sent on vacation to Las Vegas, where he strikes up a friendship with the Human Torch and has to save the city from super-powered terrorists. Slash.
(lonely as a cloud) -
The confession of a lonely nebula that was once human.
(watching) - Cloud talks to Uatu again. (sequel to "Lonely as a Cloud")

Jane St. Clair
(blues) - Bobby and Hank, grieving over the violent death of Candy Southern, discover something new about each other. Slash. (sexual content)
(homecoming) -
Written with Te. Bobby Drake returns to the X-Men and is surprised by Beast's sudden "metamorphosis." After New X-Men #114. Slash. (sexual content)

Stieve, Tilman
(between the woods and frozen lake) -
Iceman and the White Queen resolve their tensions -- and fall in love. Part of a larger series. (sexual content)
(the iceman's tale) - Upon his return from a mission involving time travel, Iceman learns that the X-Men died during his two-year absence. He resolves to travel back in time to prevent the tragedy. Part of a larger series. Alternate reality.


(event) -
Bobby Drake introduces himself to Dr. Hank McCoy. Movieverse.
(homecoming) - Written with Jane St. Clair. Bobby Drake returns to the X-Men and is surprised by Beast's sudden "metamorphosis." After New X-Men #114. Slash. (sexual content)

(the nation isn't wide enough)
- One year after Remy's death, Bobby is reluctant to fulfill his final promise to him. Slash. Mooksverse.

Tybird, Lee
(some assembly required) -
When Hank's toddler son tries to follow in his father's footsteps by playing scientist in the lab, Hank enlists Bobby's help. Part of a larger series.


(babysat) - When Hank starts losing his intelligence and Bobby struggles with control of his powers during the early days of X-Factor, the two sit out a battle with the team and babysit Artie and Leech.
(intervention, or what the hell was up with iceman #3, anyway?) - Bobby brings his street thug slang and fashion sense (circa Iceman #3) back to the mansion. Humor.
(just the two of us) - Just when the X-Men thought one Bobby Drake was more than they could handle, Bobby spontaneously creates a duplicate of himself -- at one-fourth his size. (linked to the author's site by request)
(love is just another 4-letter word) - The male X-Men try to work up the courage to woo Jean on Valentine's Day. A tale of the early X-Men.
(my hero) - Bobby offers his advice to a 12-year-old girl who wants to be a superhero.
(puppy love) - Bobby gets a new pet and gives her to Opal. Sillyfic.
(rumble in kitchen stadium) - Bobby and Hank recreate the cult-favorite cooking show Iron Chef within the Mansion, with Gambit and Phoenix facing off to see who's the better cook. Sillyfic.
(the super-uncanny adventures of bobby and his amazing x-girlfriends) - Bobby, now living on his own, is horrified when several of his ex-girlfriends move into the apartment across the hall. (in progress.)
(walkin' on sunshine) - Bobby has found true love, and her name is Sunny Skyes. Written for Mice's "Bobby in Love" Challenge. Sillyfic/Romance.

Voll, Layla
(sesame street) -
Bobby plays "Ernie" to Scott's "Bert" one day at the Mansion.


(after hours) -
Working for an accounting firm, Bobby finds love in Cubeland.
(the great christmas cookie caper) - Bobby and William Drake conspire to get ahold of Madeline Drake's Christmas cookies. Humor.

Wilde, Elizabeth
(ah don't feel sexy) -
Bobby and Rogue get creative to bypass the "no touching" rule. Movieverse.
(change in perspective)
- Bobby has doubts about Rogue's feelings for him. Movieverse.
(watching) - Bobby writes in a journal to work out his feelings after Rogue breaks up with him. Movieverse. Angst.


(bobby's casserole) -
Bobby cooks up his great-grandmother's special recipe, but he can't get any of the other X-Men to eat it. Sillyfic. Excerpt from a larger fic.
(home alone) - When all the X-Men leave the house for the day, Bobby and Samantha decide to engage in more ... guilty pleasures. Part of a larger series. Sillyfic. (mature themes)

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