Disclaimer: Bobby isn't mine either, cute though he is.
Even the Prof isn't mine, although I don't want him, really. They belong to Marvel. This didn't really happen, but if it had, it would have happened during the very early Original X-Men.

Bobby's Rebellion
by Dyce

I will not! I now refuse! I
Will rebel, you shall not take me,
I shall not wear clothes today,
And buddy, you can't make me.

I won't wear pants, I won't wear shoes,
I won't wear shirt or coat or tie,
I'm going out in my birthday suit,
Indeed, to battle nude go I.

In fact, I won't fight at all, I'll
Just watch and laugh and point,
Then I'll shake my naked booty
Down to the nearest burger joint.

Oh, I'll tapdance on the counters
And then I'll soft-shoe through the booths,
I know that folks will point and stare,
And I won't give two hoots.

I'll tango solo through the mall,
And won't care that I'm nakey.
Let people point and stare at me,
And even at my ... friend.

Then home I go, the nudist son,
Young and wild and free! I am
Kicking up my heels because,
I'm young and buff, and can!

So kiss my butt, Professor!
I'm going out to boogy down!
I'm gonna steal your credit card and then,
Bright red I'll paint the town!

Oh, okay, I didn't meant it,
At least not the naked part,
I swear I was just having fun...


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