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The Prank
by Ken

Jubilation Lee smiled to herself, and stifled a giggle as she walked toward Bobby's room. Two eggs rested in her left hand as her right knocked on the oak door.

"Who is it?" a voice asked from inside.

"It's Jubes, Bobster. Can I come in?"

Bobby opened the door, and blinked, noticing the eggs she held, and the sly grin she couldn't keep from her face. He jumped backwards just as Jubilee dropped one of the eggs at his feet and it cracked and splattered on the floor.

"What are you doing? I'm not cleaning that up."

"But, Bobby, I brought the eggs for you," Jubilee said, smiling like a cat that ate a canary.

"For me?"

"Yes," she replied with a wicked grin. "I thought you'd like to wear one today."

Bobby yelped as the second egg hit his forehead. A hard-boiled egg. "You..!" Bobby managed to splutter before he doubled over laughing. It wasn't every day that someone caught him unawares with a pracitcal joke. "I've gotta try that on someone."

"Here he comes," Jubilee squealed as she handed Bobby the eggs. "Remember, drop the one in your left hand, and hit him with the one in your right."

"I'll remember," Bobby said, donning an overly innocent look as Logan entered the kitchen. "Hey, Wolvie. What's up?"

Logan looked at him, and his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Whut th' hell're ya doin' wi' th' eggs?"

"What eggs?" Bobby asked, looking around, the very picture of wide-eyed innocence. As he did, he allowed the egg in his left hand to fall free, hitting the floor at Logan's feet. Some of the yolk splashed onto his cowboy boot.

Logan stared at the mess for a moment, then shifted his dark gaze onto Bobby as he stifled a growl. He took a menacing step forward. "Whut eggs? Whut about th' one ya just splattered on m' shoe, Drake?"

"Oh, these eggs." Bobby looked at them as if noticing them for the first time, and gave Logan a sheepish grin. "Well, you see, they're for you."

"Whut the hell'm I gonna do wi' an egg?"

"Well," Bobby replied, grinning from ear to ear, "we though you'd like to wear one today." With that, he threw the remaining egg at Logan's forehead.

Jubilee fell over laughing, tears in her eyes, as the raw egg splattered on Logan's face. Bobby turned white as a sheet.

"What...? How...? Waitaminute! That was--"

"Yer dead, Drake." Logan's voice was a soft snarl.

"I got ya that time, Bobby!" Jubilee shouted in triumph as she watched Logan chase Bobby out of the room.

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