Fandom: X-Men (the movie)
Pairing: None (Bobby)
Rating: PG (minor language)
Category: humor (sorta), vignette
Disclaimer: I make no money nor to I own anything of value... especially Bobby and Scott...
Summary: Ever wonder why Bobby develops such an odd sense of humor about things?... me too

Sometimes It Sucks to Be Bobby Drake
by Scorpio


::feels cheeks heating up in a deep blush - tries to throw casual grin out at sea of giggling faces::

Oh. My. God. I can not believe I just did that in the middle of a French test! I'm gonna die of embarrassment. I swear I will. Not only am I destined to totally flunk outta this class, I'm gonna do it lookin' like a fool as well as an idiot. Just great!

::glances back down at test paper - cringes - barely stifles groan::

Ahhhhh man! Well this sucks!

How in the world did I freeze my test paper to the freakin' desk?! I swear I didn't mean to! I mean ... what would be the point? Even if I managed to thaw it out, it'd be all soggy and ruined.

::peers up at Mr. Summers from beneath blonde bangs::

Great! Now I gotta tell him I need a new test paper. He'll be mad, the other kids'll be laughing, and I'll still fail the stupid thing.


::belatedly covers mouth with hand in surprise while fellow students begin to quietly giggle - receives red lens covered glare from teacher::

No. Nononono. This is not happening. I'm obviously stuck in a nightmare. Okay Bob-O ... time to wake up.

::looks down at desk again - groans out loud this time::

Shit! Shit! Shit! I froze my pencil!

Oh man do I not wanna be me right now...

"Is there a problem Mr. Drake?"

::looks up at Mr. Summers and feels self blush bright red::

"Um... Well, actually I, um..."


::stares in horror as globe on Mr. Summers desk suddenly freezes solid::

"Hmmmm... I see."

Can a person die from embarrassment? Part of me kinda hopes so ... that would put an end to this at least...

What's worse? The kids that think this is funny and are laughing at me ... or the kids who are trying not to let me see the pity on their faces? I'm not sure ... and right now I don't really care, I just wanna be someplace else.

"Um ... Mr. Summers? Can I go get a drink from the water fountain?"

"Yes. I think that's..."


"...a good idea."

Oh. My. God. Mr. Summers' coffee!!! I am so dead!

I hate French! I hate tests! I hate having the freakin' hick-cups!

::quickly stands up and dashes out of classroom and heads for the water fountain::

Maybe if I pass this off as being funny? A joke?...


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