In response to Em-Spider's challenge: write a fic in 350 words or less.

by J.B. McDonald

Scott was about to lose it. Bobby and Hank had been at it all day long, first with bubble gum in the shampoo, and then shaving cream in the cereal, and somehow Scott was getting the brunt of it. And he didn't think his new forced crew cut was very nice.

And now this.

Yes, indeed, Scott was unhappy.

There was just something about sitting in a pile of ripe doggy doo that wasn't very fun. He considered his options. First, he needed to change his pants. Scott stood up and walked stiffly to the door, ignoring the snickers and shocked looks of people he passed. It wasn't an easy thing to do, but somehow, he managed it. He got as far as his house before the sprinklers came on, shooting out what looked to be fruit punch. On closer inspection, it was fruit punch.

Scott sighed, changed, and headed back to the mansion.

As he entered the house, Bobby and Hank were sitting in the parlor, laughing. Scott paused outside the door, listening in to what they were saying.

"--It was just a joke, not even meant for him! Besides, he never does anything to discipline us."

Scott smiled and walked away.

There was something that was wonderful about being the leader of a team, he realized with a pleased sigh as he sat down at his desk. For instance, he got to delegate responsibilities.

Their maid needed a vacation, and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. All of them. Who might be available to help? He smiled with relish as Bobby and Hank's names popped to mind. In fact, they also needed some training sessions this week, and it just so happened that 4 a.m. was the only time the Danger Room was open. And wouldn't you know it, but the cars needed tune ups? The house needed to be repainted. And -- he stopped and looked around. They could really use some new furniture. Yes, definitely that. Scott scribbled with glee. In fact, now that he thought about it, the wood paneling all around the house needed to be replaced...


I DID IT!! I didn't think I would be able to, but I DID! It's EXACTLY 350 words!!! It had to go through a lot of revisions and cuts, too ... *sigh*. :)
I may have to re-respond, though. This isn't nearly as silly as I would have liked.

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