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Title taken from the fundamental law of medicine: Primum non nocere, or,

First, Do No Harm
by Poi Lass

Subj: Hank, you're an idiot.
Date: 03/31/99 03:13:48 EST
From: coolguy@xaviers.edu.com (Robert Drake)
To: blueguy@xaviers.edu.com (Henry McCoy)


I _know_ you're reading your email. You _always_ read
your email. Civilisation as we know it could end, we
could all be living in the sewers, surviving on rats and
flourescent mould, and you'd still be poking around the
wreckage looking for bits of metal, to built a computer
from scratch, so that you could read your email.

So come home okay? We miss you. I miss you. I can't
believe you just took off like that. And I can't believe
some _more_ that you haven't come back yet. it's been
nearly three weeks, aren't you done yet? It's going to be
okay, okay? _I'm_ going to be okay. There's a whole lot
of okay goin' on. So stop wallowing in guilt already, and
come home.


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