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Believing Eyes
by Mel

This was a hard job, but it had to be done. Those three little words that meant so much, and the silly man didn't believe them. You could see it in the way those wide eyes dropped every time he said them.

Bobby was determined, though. One day, if he said it enough, that would change. He found himself rehearsing those three little words in his head more and more frequently. In the hope that it would make it easier.

He hummed as he showered, not caring about the changes in temperature as other members of the house had the same idea. That was probably one of the big advantages of his power, he never really minded having cold showers. Considering everything though, he guessed that was probably more of a disadvantage. He stopped humming, absently rubbing the shampoo in, and contemplated only a few of the times when a cold shower had been his greatest wish. Then, with a jerk he remembered -- no thoughts like that. It only made the three little words seem desperate. Devalued them. Meant that those eyes, those wide, doubting, oh so perceptive eyes would fall again. Wouldn't meet his, fairly and believing.

Not that they did now. You could tell that even though he's said them so many times, the fool didn't believe them. But it would happen.

He chuckled to himself, as the water fell. It was ridiculous considering how long it took him to say them. His first attempts were pitiful, really. Imagine, stuttering, slurring, and blushing simply because of a few words. Important words, sure, but little. Three single syllables. Twisting the taps, Bobby stepped out of the shower, reaching for the towels. Rubbing his hair quickly, he slung the towel around his hips and saw the movement out of the corner of his eyes. Time for the words then.

"Hey, you!" he said, leaning casually on the sink, and catching those smiling eyes.

And he could see it. This time, they weren't going to fall. This time there was the beginnings of belief.

Bobby looked firmly into the mirror into his own eyes.

"I like you."

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