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A Different Theatre
by Mel

So, you want to be 'one of us.'

Yes, I know you've worked hard at it.

Contempt? You think you hear contempt in my voice? Am I using a 'tone'?

You're right.

You must think I'm blind. I can see that shift. You think I've been doing this as long as I have without seeing your muscles move so you're ready to fight? You think any of 'us' would miss it?

Okay, I'll pretend I believe you, and you can pretend that you weren't tense.

Spit it out then. Why?

Why you want to be 'one of us.' Why you're asking me.

You know, blank confusion could probably look good on some people, you just don't seem to carry it well.

You don't look much better in defensive blustering.

Alright then, tell me. Why?

You haven't seen me like this? Really? Well, fancy that.

Yes, that was sarcasm, too.

No. I'm not going to drop this. Deal. You still haven't answered.

Okay. That's nice. The Dream.

Damn you're fast. That was cynical.

Because you're lying to me.

Okay, maybe it's yourself you're lying to.

You've gone back to defensive now.

Just an observation.

Okay, then, you're doing it for The Dream. What's in it for you?

Oh? Surprised at the question? Poor baby. Just answer.

Sure, storming off is going to be an answer.


That's nice. The question being, is it worth it? How much do you want this?

Enough to put up with my crap, as you say?

It had better be. So, why?

Yes you told me. The Dream. I want details. Why The Dream?

Come on. Surely that's not so hard to answer. You have thought about this, I assume.

I'll take that look on your face as a reminder to never make assumptions. I'll let you think about that for a while then. Why me?

Go on. Think of a less insulting way of putting it. I like to hear those.

Approachable? That means less impressive, right? Likely to listen? Desperate for a conversation. Go on, I like hearing this stuff.

Sorry, I'm just shredding your world-view left, right and centre. I'm surprised your pride can stand it. Perhaps I should go back to single syllables again, just for you?

Fine. Be brave. Courage under fire. It's a good start. You do know that you will be classed as a terrorist?

I'm glad to see you've thought that one through. Not to mention the fact that you are quite likely to be killed, or maimed.

Ah, nobility. It's nice to see.

Yes, I'm mocking. You just seem so young.

Okay, you're not young. Naive then. Pain is easy.

Why am I being like this? You know, the look on your face is priceless.

I'm crying on the inside, honest. But back to you. Why The Dream?

Yes. The Greater Good. It sounds pretty, doesn't it?

Finally. I thought you'd never get to that point. But can you handle this?

Of course, I forgot. You're a big hero now.

It's a question of fear.

Naturally, you can handle the fear. If you were collecting tones, that one was patronising.

What fear can you handle?

What I mean by fear is just that. Fear. What do you fear?

Body language. I see that confusion, you know.

Of course. Not one. I'm sure.

That's what this is about. That's why we're here. Fear.

No, not theirs. Ours.

That's what I want to know. What do you fear?

Dear god, I feel like Remy. Pick a fear, any fear. Loneliness, failure, freedom, lack of freedom, yourself, anger, other people, happiness, whatever.

Of course I know your fear. I just want to know if you do.

That would be a no.

Mine? Of course I have one. But it's a secret.

Hell no. You can guess better than that.

This has everything to do with you. This is what you want to be. This is about who you want to be.

Wrong answer.

You just walked straight into that one. No, wanting to be one of the X-Men isn't right.

Oh, Christ, you are so...

No, that doesn't mean you're not going to be allowed to join. In fact you'll probably be welcomed with open arms. But I'm not the one to ask. You should go talk to Scott, or Ororo or something.

Yeah, nice to see you, too.

What did I mean, the wrong answer? If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you.

Petty? Hell yeah. Didn't you know that? I'm the frivolous one. Not a serious, or big thought in my head.

You know what? Before you go, make your impassioned plea, maybe you should think about something. If you're 'one of us' that makes everyone else 'one of them.'


Yeah, nice talking to you. The Bobster strikes again. Don't worry ... It won't happen again. I wouldn't want to be the one to make you think again. It's not in your role. It's not my part to play either. I'll just go steal some of Hank's twinkies or something.

Roles are so important, don't you think?


One of us...

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