This is short, and dialogue only, and more alter-Mooks, and a stand- alone during AKB. I'm cleaning out folders, and sending out things that seem relevant where they should go. This is barely even a fic, and if anyone's inspired to do more with it, please do.

Untitled Mooks
by Lise

"Remy, I know that--"

"If this is 'bout how you'll take care o'Bobby, Scott, jus' save it. I know. Th'hospital visit today wasn' as bad as everyone makes it out t'be, but I know you'll take care of Bobby if anythin' happens."

"I heard you had to go alone. I'm sorry -- I would have offered to drive if I'd heard. But it's not just ... can I speak without having you assume things, here?"

"Dunno, can you?"

"...Let me start again. I know that today wasn't ... it wasn't easy. God knows that."

"God, the devil, an'all the team, Scott."

"And I think, though he's grown and changed a lot in the last few years, that I know Bobby quite well."

"An' he thinks the world of y', Scott, always has. What's the point?"

"I would like to ask ... well, there are certain legal things that Hank and I have been discussing that we really don't want to bring up with Bobby, but..."

"Y'mean who pays f'the funeral? Don' worry. I got 'nough life insurance."

"REMY! That is not what we meant."

"...What is it, then?"

"Well, God forbid anything happens to you, but if so, what ... what are Bobby's rights as a lover not recognised by the government? Who decides where you're buried? Who takes care of the financial end of your affairs? Who--"

"I think I know where you're goin' wit' this, Scott."

"No ... no you don't. I don't think for a second that you haven't planned for every eventuality. Much as you don't believe it, I don't discredit you enough to think that you don't have a plan for everything."

"Well, thank you, I think."

"I'd just ... Hank and I would just ... like to be privy to some of it, in case."


"Don't jump ... please. Either Hank or I -- and I honestly don't care who -- would like to know some of these details just in case ... in case, if something does happen, there are ramafications that extend past the legal statutes you've planned for. God knows what the laws regarding marriage are going to be like in a year, for example."

"And? My lawyer could handle all of that."

"...Much as you might not believe it, the two of you are not alone in this. There are other people on this team who care about you ... and Bobby. Look Remy, you know that we'd never turn you or Bobby out, or shut you out or ... We'd just like to be able to take care of it, so that Bobby won't have to. Please don't think either of us are trying to be presumtuous -- we'd just like to know what to do, in case, so Bobby won't have to."

"...I guess that makes sense. But not Henri. He's got too much on his plate a'ready jus' dealing wit' all the ... medical stuff."

"...You'd prefer me?"

"Does that surprise y'?"

"Quite frankly, yes."

"Scott, if nothing else, y're honest beyond compare. An' I don' want anyone handlin' my accounts that could morally be okay wit' skimming a million or two offa the top an' no one'd be the wiser."

"...A million or two?"

"Sure. I didn't jus' put ideas in y'head, did I?"

"No, no of course not. It's just surprising."

"'Course it is. Anythin' else y'want?"

"No. But if I may ask something...?"

"Why not. Doesn' mean I'm gonna answer."

"Do you intend to ... solidify things, with Bobby, before anything ... I mean, I know the two of you were planning to go to Hawaii, and though it's none of my business, of course .... did you plan to ask him..."

"I think I get what y'asking, Scott, an' I hadn't. How can I ask him t'do ... that, if I don' know if I'm gonna live long enough t'have th'ceremony?"

"...I asked Jean."

"...Y'did, too."

"Life is life, Remy. That's all it is. I'll tell Hank that I'll take care of it. You know where I am if ... if."

"Thanks, Scott. It's surprisin', but thanks."

"He's my friend, too. You're both my friends."

"....Thanks. An' could y'get me th'Yellow Pages, before y'disappear again?"

"Of course. But why?"

"Well, how'm I gonna buy a diamond ring if I can' get a hold of a jeweller?"

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