I feel bad because Em-Spider probably won't read this response to her challenge as it is definitely ADULT themes. However, when they build it, I must come. Or something. Story happened. Couldn't stop. This longer than story now.
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by Amanda Sichter

Fire meets ice.

Ice burns. Fire melts.


Hands touch - tremble - withdraw. Other hands catch. Press against body, slide. Muscle quivers. Breath catches.


Murmurs. Soft words, moans, a sigh. Half-protest - muted. Mouth stops mouth, body speaks to body.


Touch follows touch. Exploring, moulding, following. Hand on mouth - a kiss - a whisper of passion - a surrender.


Sweat gleams. A droplet traces muscle. A mouth, eager, follows. Tasting, savouring, devouring, moving onwards. A gasp.


Slowly, gently. Learning each other. Touching, wanting, consuming, intensifying. Ice is fire and bodies burn.


Movement faster. A needing, a sliding, muscle over muscle, skin against skin. Mouth tastes mouth, a clashing, a burning, a wanting, a needing.


No pausing now. Hands follow thought, a joining of desires. Knowing the needing - fulfilling the need. Smooth junction of bodies and desires. Heat rises.


Expectation. Excitation. Elevation. Penetration. Undulation.


Exploration. Sensation. Bodies press. Bodies burn. Mouth against neck. Hands tangled in hair. A cry.


Exhilaration. Exhultation. Ice burns like fire, fire consumes bodies, bones melt in heat, centre liquefying, release.


Heat lessens. Body slide apart. Soft mouths explore. Hand touches face. Eyes startled - aflame - unsure.

'Bobby,' says Robert Drake.

'Bobby,' says Roberto DaCosta

'I never knew it could be…'

'I know.'


Fire with ice intertwined, warmth combined.



The End

So there you are. 229 words in total. You can also have it as a response to Northlight's Strange Pairings Challenge if you want.

If you would like definitions of the musical terms:

Appassionata - to play passionately
Tremolo - trembling
Pianissimo - very softly
Arpeggio - notes played in succession - a broken chord.
Glissando - continuous sliding movement from one pitch to another
Largo - slowly
Agitato - restlessly
Legato - smoothly
Fortissimo - very loudly
Ritardano - holding back
Crescendo - what it sounds like
Diminuendo - getting softer (as in opposite of louder)
Rallentando - slowing down
Tranquillo - calm, tranquil
Finito - the end

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