Kinda Changing
by Lise

This is a series that sequels "Any Kinda Breath", Kaylee's as-yet-unfinished story in which Remy LeBeau finds out her has lung cancer and Bobby, his lover, has to deal with the consequences. He may die, he may live; in one particular future, one side of the coin is found up, and a story of struggle turnd into a story of loss. And losing. And, maybe, in the end, winning again. Slash.

(warnings: some language and mature themes.)

(i, robert) - Bobby grieves at Remy's grave.

(people kinda change) - Warren tries to comfort a grieving Bobby, and the evening turns into something neither of them bargained for.

(channel surfing) - Scott tries to reach out to Bobby, but to no avail.

(the kinda change that hurts) - Logan lets himself be used as a punching bag.

(the season's kinda changing) - Jean knows what's happened between Bobby and Warren, and all the pain that's been stirred up, but she feels powerless to say anything.

(as we give thanks) - Bobby and Jubilee talk about it.

(a kinda changing tide) - Bobby, Hank and Warren share some silence one night.

(to grieve for the departed) - Hank finally finds the words he needs to say.

(snow sleet and spring) - Bobby comforts Ororo as they grieve.

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