TITLE: A Hero's Website
AUTHOR: Scorpio
ARCHIVE: Want. Take. Have.
FANDOM: X-Men (comicverse)
PAIRING: None; Iceman, X-Men [ OFC - Sara McConnell ]
RATING: PG-13 (adult situations)
CATEGORY: The Common People (sorta), gen
NOTE: This "story" is actually a "website" found on the Internet in the Marvel Universe and as such the "URL" and "email" address are both not found in "Real Life".
DEDICATION: To Dr. Martin Luther King. For teaching the world how to be a better place and for reminding us that sometimes a person doesn't need to be a "fighter" to be a true hero. Thank you Sir, you are an inspiration to us all.
DISCLAIMER: Iceman, the X-Men, Sentinels, Spiderman, the FF and the Marvel Universe in general is the creation of Stan Lee and Marvel Comics.
SUMMARY: A woman has a life altering experience and shares it with the world via the Internet...

A Hero's Website
by Scorpio



Sara's "Iceman" Hero-Worship Page

Hi there! My name is Sara McConnell and welcome to my website. This page is dedicated to my own personal hero, the outlaw mutant "Iceman".

If you are one of those narrow minded people who doesn't like mutants and believes that they should be treated like "second class" citizens, then get your Nazi ass out of my space. Please feel free to follow this link to Little Mind, Big Mouth; A closer look at Senator Kelly's Career in Politics . On the other hand, if you feel the need to express and share your support of our nation's mutant citizens, then please stay and look around.


KNOWN POWERS: Iceman can turn into ice, he can make ice sculptures and he can make a really cool ice slide-type-thing to travel on through the air. This allows him to move at a very fast rate of speed.
The Fantastic Four and Spiderman .
SECRET IDENTITY: The Iceman's true identity is still unknown, however, it is a fact that the Mutant Registration Board has sent their Electronic Nazi Soldiers better known at the Sentinels after him. I'm pleased to let you know that as of this date, the Iceman still remains free from this unconscionable group.

NOTE: To add your email address and electronic "signature" to the national petition to put a stop to the harassment of our country's mutant citizens by the Mutant Registration Board and their electronic Nazi's, please follow the link to: Equal Civil Rights Commission for Mutant Americans .

My Story (or)


My story about how I met Iceman is one filled with danger, excitement and a close call that still gives me nightmares. It is also very true.

I was spending the day with my son. Michael is 8 years old now, but when this happened, he was still only 7. He had the day off from school and I had the day off from work because of Martin Luther King Day, which if you think about it, only adds a lovely touch of irony. In any case, Michael and I were enjoying a wonderful time bonding with each other and "catching up" on all of the times we had missed since he started school and I went back to work.

After a nice lunch, Michael and I thought it would be nice to head over towards the park behind the town's Municipal Buildings. There is a little pond there and we were going to see if the Canadian Geese flock wanted to have some bread. Michael enjoys feeding the ducks in the summer and the geese in the winter, so I agreed.

When we arrived at the park, I noticed that there was a group of people already there enjoying a picnic lunch over by the edge of the wooded area. It was a beautiful day for a picnic and the geese we had come to see were also there. The sun was shinning and there was a light breeze. I was convinced that I had never seen a more perfect day. Unfortunately, the day wasn't destined to stay perfect.

About 10 minutes after Michael and I began to feed the geese, four huge man-shaped robots flew into the park from over top of the treeline and began to shoot what appeared to be sizzling laser beams of burning red energy at the people sitting at the picnic benches.
(Learn more about these dangerously destructive creations of oppression here: Sentinels - Modern Nazi War Machines.)

The only "crime" that the group of people sharing the park with my son and me had committed was that they were born with mutations. And it is still illegal to be a mutant in this country.  

It was a very frightening and horrifying experience. One moment I was enjoying spending a holiday dedicated to equal Civil Rights and the end of oppression with my son and the next moment the world around me was erupting in violence and terror.

The Sentinels burned down trees, they tore up large tracks of meadow and they blew a hole through one section of the town's Municipal Building. One Sentinel destroyed several cars parked nearby. They aimed their deadly laser beams at the mutants and didn't bother to check if any "normal" non-mutant humans were in the area first.

You see, non-mutant humans are considered to be "collateral damage" and as the old saying goes, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. In this case, the "omelet" is a Nazi style concentration camp to "house" the mutants and the "broken eggs" are any non-mutant humans that get in the way of this goal.

Somehow, during the battle between the Sentinels and the group of mutants, Michael and I became separated. My little boy, the light of my life, had turned and run to "save the geese" from the "evil robots".
(Michael's words, not mine.) He managed to wind up in a meadow between the Sentinels and the mutants. Seeing him out there and in danger was the single most frightening thing I've ever experienced. I honestly believed that Michael was going to die out there.

That's when I was witness to the bravest act of courage that I've come across in my life.

Iceman used his mutant abilities to throw up a curved wall of ice three feet thick between Michael and the Sentinels. Then, surfing on his frozen wave of crackling ice, he swooped in from above and swept Michael up into his arms. Turning around in a wide loop while dodging laser blasts and shooting out his own blasts of icicles at the Sentinels, Iceman surfed his icy slide across the park and towards me.

Coming to a crackling stop in front of me, Iceman gently handed over my beloved son into my arms. I was so relieved that I burst into tears on the spot. Iceman started to turn away so that he could charge back into the battle against the Sentinels, but I couldn't just let him go. Not yet.

I reached out and grasped his arm. It was solid shimmering ice, cold and almost wet to the touch, but amazingly solid at the same time. Iceman looked back at me over his shoulder, an expression of concern on his, yes handsome, face. Haltingly, I spoke to him.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

And he smiled at me and answered with an oddly echoing voice that was somewhat like listening to silver bells. It possessed a beautiful after-shimmer.

"My pleasure, dear Lady. My pleasure."

And then he was off, racing headlong into danger to battle the Sentinels alongside of his friends. From that moment on, Iceman was my personal hero. He saved my son's life that day and nothing or no one will ever convince me otherwise. I hope that Iceman sees this page someday and if he does, I just want him to know that I think about him often and I also pray that he stays safe and healthy so that he'll be around on the day that the Mutant Registration Board finally is disbanded and mutants can walk around free and without fear.

Sara's Plea to You

While I think it's wonderful that there are supporters and "fans" of the super-powered groups and heroes out there to protect us from violently evil criminals and alien beings, I would also love to see supporters and "fans" of the super-powered mutants that also protect us from criminals and aliens. Including Iceman.

So please, if you or someone you know has been saved by or had another positive experience relating to a "famous" super-powered mutant, contact me at sarasayshi@mutant.fanatics.org to set up your own website telling your story.

I would love to have a world-wide linking of various websites that support our favorite mutant "heroes" for anyone to visit and see. Perhaps this would help to convince both lawmakers and everyday ordinary people that mutants aren't a threat, it's oppression that's a threat.

Sara's List of Mutant Fanatic Websites

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(I'm beginning to see a pattern here.)

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Contact me via email at
Sarasayshi@mutant.fanatics.org if you find any broken links or if you want to put up a Mutant Fanatics Website of your own. No flames please.

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