Disclaimer: Though I don't use his name, this is from Bobby Drake's POV. He belongs to Marvel, and nobody is giving me any money to write angsty poems about him.
Warning: Depression! Angst! If these things upset you close your eyes and hit 'Back'

If You Laugh
by Quincunx

I tell a joke to win your smile
I try so hard, you wonder why
I fight for laughter, the truth
is that I do this so I will not cry

If you laugh I will not break
If you laugh I can too
If you grieve so will I
My joy and sorrow depend on you

If you laugh I can keep up this lie
I hear you call me a class clown
The truth of this I don't deny
But I need your laugh so I won't drown

If I could only win your laugh
There's no better gift you can give
If you laugh my smile is real
If you laugh I can live


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