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Decisions, Decisions
by Kerri

"What game will it be tonight?" Bobby asked the others gathered in the rec room after dinner.

"No more Monopoly. Bobby always wins at that." Rogue frowned at him.

"It's the top hat, it's good luck. You always have to be the shoe."

"Ah like shoes."

"I know, I've seen your closet."

"When were y'in mah closet?!"

"An' when did you come out of de closet, homme?"

"How about Sorry?" Bobby's ears reddened.

"Yer gonna be sorry if Ah catch ya in mah room."

"I mean the game Sorry."

"Do you have Parcheesi in there?" Charlotte asked.

"Not that one, too much counting. Makes my head hurt."

"You're an accountant, Bobby."

"Then I would know, wouldn't I?"

"Poker?" Remy asked hopefully.

"Ain't ya had enough of that yet?" Rogue said.

"No such t'ing, chere, as 'nough poker."

"Why don't we just give up and watch a movie?" Ororo asked from her seat on the couch.

"Too easy," Bobby said. "We need something to stimulate our brains."

"What's this?" Charlotte pulled a folded white plastic sheet out of the back of the cabinet. She unwrapped it. "Twister?"

"That's still in here?" Bobby asked, reaching for it. "Is the spinner thing in there too?"

She looked again and pulled out a large white plastic square with a color wheel and a pointer. "This it?"

"Yeah! We used to have so much fun with this. Let's play this one."

"That won't stimulate anyone's mind. Isn't that for kids?"

"Come on, Char, live a little. Can't you forget for just a little while you're older than dirt?"

"How can I with such loving reminders?"

"Den let's play a grown-up game," Remy said with a evil grin. "Strip poker?"

Rogue rolled her eyes.

"Sounds like fun, kid, but I'm not wearing that leather outfit Logan bought me. I can only play strip poker in that."

"I'll wait, chere, you go put it on."

She shook her head at him. "Twister it is."

"Twister be fun if you wearin' dat, too."

"Did I say Twister? I meant Sorry. Let's play that one."

"Sorry, it is," Bobby said triumphantly. "You gonna lose big time now!"

"How 'bout Aggravation?" Rogue pulled another box out. "Ah forgot. Remy charged the marbles the last time we played."

"You kept sendin' me home, chere," he complained.

"No reason ta ruin a good game, swamp rat."

"I vote for the movie," Charlotte said, giving up on the entire idea.

"Well, okay," Bobby gave in with a pout. Twister sounded like more fun. "What movie will it be tonight?"

Groans from the others caused him to duck and hide his head. "What did I say?" he asked.


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