I was in #subcafe yesterday, and someone put the song "Sister Golden Hair Surprise" in my head while I was looking at a picture of Beast. Then "Yummy Yellow White Surprise" happened.

Yummy Yellow White Surprise
by Fionnabhair

Well I tried to buy some Sunday
But I got so damned depressed
Had to set my sights on Monday
For to go fulfill my quest

I ain't ready to believe it
It was such a shock to see
The supermarket out of Twinkies.

Well I keep on thinking bout them
Yummy yellow gold surprise
And I just can't live without them
Can't you see it in my eyes?

I've been down every aisle
But they've proved too too hard to find
But that doesn't mean
They ain't been on my mind

Well they've got a creamy middle
And a fluffy gold outside
And you know I'm gonna find them
No matter where or how they hide

Now I've tried to make them
I don't mind saying
I just can't bake them.

Well I had a box in my room
Got them just the other day
When Bobby Drake came into my room
That boy can pack it away

Now I'm trying to get some more
But it's just not meant to be
'Cause the supermarket's out of Twinkies.

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