Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, they belongto Marvel. The storyline is not mine, it belongs to Poi. The poetry IS mine, though, so nobody else can be blamed. ;)
This poem is a response/sequel/addendum to Poi's wonderfully fabulous story 'First, Do No Harm,' and if you've read it this will make much more sense. If you haven't, go and do so immediately. Not is it heartwrenching and beautifully written, but it's one of the few stories I've read so far that is so technically brilliant that I go green with jealousy every single time I read it.
Needless to say, this poem is for Poi.

The Oath
by Dyce

An oath I swore, in certainty,
That it would easily be kept.
In youthful pride mortgaged my soul,
Unto a fair far-off ideal.
Was it wrong to aim so high? Did
I some proud godling cause offence?
In seeking to alleviate,
The suff'ring of my fellow man,
Did I drive my friend to death?
Indeed it was my foolish pride,
That sent him to an early grave.
The fault was mine, and mine alone,
No god or demon caused this pain.
What need, when I can unaided,
Bring myself to such despair?
And such irony it is, that
Having sunk to such a depth of
Failure and agonized remorse,
I at last should find a cure for
The ill that stole my friend away.
The treatment bears his name, not mine,
So to preserve his memory,
When mine is gone - the right is his,
Not mine, to be remembered so.
For he was brave, and he forgave
Me for my deadly sin against
His trust. And I grieve still for him.
I would give all I have and am,
To hear his merry voice again,
But my false pride has left it stilled.
And I am left alone and cold,
With my broken oath for company...
A taunting failure, useless charm,
'Firstly this - do no harm'.


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