Written only to amuse. Marvel's are Marvel's. Kaylee's are Kaylee's. You figure out which is which. Ask if ya wanna archive, though it's so short I don't foresee anyone wanting it. And oh yeah: feeeeeeeedback! Nothing complex required -- even just a giggle would be nice. :)
Warning: Contains Phantom Menace references that might be considered spoilers. To tell the truth, it's more of a "you won't get it if you didn't see it" sorta thing. Still, you might want to stop here and save this for later if you have not yet seen The Movie and are avoiding such things.

Midnight Showing, Fifth Row Back
by Kielle

a silly little drabble for Kaylee ;)

"Wow! Cool! Saaaay, now that's an idea..."

"Shut up, Drake."

"No really! I mean, I remember this from my college biology class -- when they say 'mitochloria' they're actually talking about mitochondria--"

"Shut UP, Drake."

"--and mitochondria really ARE in every cell of your body, so I mean maybe there could be a real-life parallel, and you could finally get around that, uh, little problem you have--"

"The lady said shut UP, Popsicle."

"--oh, but it'd be so cool! I mean imagine having a kid who's a massively powerful mutant Jedi with a healing factor--"

"You're about to die, Drake."

"--but then of course there's that whole dark Jedi possibility, which would be bad, because if you cut a dark-Jedi-with-a-healing-factor in half you'd probably end up with TWO dark Jedis -- man, that could end up like that scene in Fantasia about the dancing brooms..."

<insert sounds of Bobby Drake being dragged under his theater chair and pounded severely in time to the John Williams score>

"Thank you, Logan."

"You're welcome, Kai."


.-= FIN =-.

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