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Mice Tales #14:
Little Me

by Mice

Angelo Espinosa was in a bad mood. And when that happened, his bad mood soon dissapated into a cruel mood. The one thing that cheered him up was reading fan fiction. Not your top of the line fan fiction by good authors, but the horrible kind that made you laugh so hard that milk wasn't the only thing to come out of your nose.

Angelo logged onto the internet and found a message in his e-mail box.

From: "Jubilation Lee" themajestrix@xaviers.mass.edu
To: "Angelo Espinosa" aespinosa@xaviers.mass.edu
Subject: You said you wanted the worst =EG=

Damn, are you in for a treat!!!!!!! This baby screams, "MSTie me! MSTie me!" Hope this perks you up!
PS: Whaddya think of the new e-m? I bribed Hank into giving me something with more of a...flair =^-^=

Angelo grinned as he opened the attatchment...

Subject: The Second Slayer [1/56] [R]
Date: 1999/07/19
Author: Jessica "Jade Rose" Baxter jaderose@freeisay.net

Disclaimer: Hi everybody! This is my first story and I hope you all like it! The characters, except for Desdemona and Gabriel, are Joss Whedon's. Enjoy!

The Second Slayer
By The Jade Rose

She looked at her fallen angel; the prodgical son of the night things, casted out into the cold, sinister, breeding ground for all things unhuman. She needed this angel. This, her unholy salvation. She looked at him once more, his soulful eyes with tears on the corners, that held within them the mysteries of the universe. Oh! If only she had the key to unlock them and find out the treasures that lie within.

Sadly, though, she was not allowed these sort of torrid thoughts. Thoughts that were as red hot as the blood her lover sucked. And, oh, how he sucked! He sucked mightily and with passion...

She calmed herself. A slayer was not supposed to fall in love with a vampire, after all.

She picked up her sharp stake, tossed it in the air like a baton, and went home for a cold shower. Then it was off to...Sunnydale.

-(-)-Chapter 1-(-)-

Sunnydale was a spooky little hallow, she thought as she walked amongst it's streets of darkly clouded mystery. She held her stake close, just in case danger decided to delurk it's way to her.

Suddenly, she felt her Slayer Sense tingle that company was coming, and they wanted blood.

Red blood.

She heard a struggle coming from the Bronze, a popular hang out for Buffy's posse. She felt an arm grab her. She was almost trapped.


"Heee-ya, vamp suckers!" A raven like blonde girl jumped from atop the Bronze and dusted all the vampires.

Except one that was coming after her rescuer.

She got that one with her stake that she held close to her side. "Hey, wow, thanks I owe you! Are you a slayer or something?"

The girl tossed her long, shiny, cherry red hair over her shoulder. "Yes. My name is Desdemona DeMornay. My parents just died, so I'm wandering the country, dusting vamps, y'know, the *uze*. Call me Desi, though. And I should be thanking you! You're da bomb!"

"Coolness! I'm Buffy!! Let me introduce you to the crewe!!!"

End Chapter -(-)-1-(-)-

"She wasn't that bad..." Angelo said straight faced. "At least she remembered the "enter" key at the end of the sentences." Angelo chuckled as he checked his mail one last time.

From: "Jubilation Lee" themajestrix@xaviers.mass.edu
To: "Angelo Espinosa" aespinosa@xaviers.mass.edu
Subject: HOLEE SHI--!!

There's more!! Dear GODS(!) there's MORE! I couldn't find them in sequence, but here's what I could find...ugh!!
--A very scared Jubilee

Angelo gulped for the ride up ahead.

The Second Slayer [12/56]

Desi (Desdemona's nick name, remember --Jade =)) strolled into Sunnydale High in a kick ass ensemble. Xander, who would never end his neverending crush on her, called it volcanic. That was cool.

Desi sauntered into Giles' library to check out a book. Wasn't too hard to figure out, library, book, duh. Sometimes she wondred if no one else caught that concept =) She loved to read. It was like reading and being transported into another world. She wondered around the library, looking for a particular book, and saw *him*.

*Him* was perfect. *Him* was six foot, clad in leather, with beautiful brown eyes and auburn hair. *Him* who had been haunting her all this time. *Him* held out his hand and said, "Come wit' me, sunshine..."

And then he dissappeared.

And Desi wept there on the library floor, until Cordy came up and they went shopping and the event was pushed away from her mind and that was cool.

The Second Slayer [45/56]

"Moi perfect Desdemona, nev'r Desi coise t's too common fer ye, luv, Oi'm afraid that Oi'm gurna have ta leave ye. I can'ta stand ta hurt you like this, luv."

"You can't leave me, Gabby! I need you! Need you like I've never needed anyone like I needed anyone like you! Your blood is my blood and vice versa! Our karma is intertwined, I'm Desdexena: Warrior Slayer and you're Gabriel, my side kick, without the blond hair, of course!"

Gabriel laughed. How incredibly funny she was. How witty. How sexy. How smart. How could he resist his little love treasure. He knew she couldn't resist her's...

After Angelo returned from the bathroom after reading the worst love scene in fan fiction history, he was resilent to go to bed, but before that, he would flush his eyes out with every available bottle of Visene or whatever that stuff was that Ben Stien was pitching, and then gouge them out.

But first, he had to write Jubilee.

He clicked open his e-mail to find one last message with the subject of, "OH MY GOD, REMIND YOU OF ANYONE?!?!?!?"

He couldn't resist.

The Second Slayer [25/56]

He had a name. Desi (nickname) finally learned his name. His name was the name of the angels -- not that Angel, but *thee* angels. She couldn't help but feel like she out done Buffy. It was so cool that this one happened to have a soul, even if that meant that the couldn't do the funky bed matress surf, but this was a love deeper than that.


That name sent shivers down her limber timbers.


Clad in black biker leather with wraps wraping his face. Unruly Auburn hair that refused to be tamed. And an outrageous Cockney accent.

"I could tame it!, " she said in a fit of giggles.

Ooh, taming Gabriel, she thought to herself. How much fun could that be!(!) Desi put on her favorite patent leather slaying boots that went up to her thigh and went out to do some serious slayin'. Maybe she'd bump into again and tell him what a bad boy Gabriel Evan Morestars was being!

Angelo couldn't move. This couldn't be his country mouse. "No, not my Opus mug carrying, Hee-Haw frenzied, doe eyed country mouse! Paige couldn't desecrate the English language like this, unless she was pulling a prank or..."

Angelo's mouth curved into a knowing grin. He clicked on one of Jubilee's messages and checked the ISP message.

"That little firecracker almost had me...*almost*...(!)!"

Angelo shook his head out. "Man, been reading to long...beginning to think in newbie write ... I mean ... aw, crap."

Jubilee grinned evilly after a hard night's prank. "That ought to get him for using my Backstreet Boy's CD as butter knife. I was going to do that!" Jubilee whistled, "Besides, it wasn't mine it was Paige's...oh, how it all fits! It's like a wheel..." Jubilee slapped herself. "I'm beginning to talk in bad newbie speak. I gotta get some rest, but not before a quick snack..."

Jubilee snuck down to the rec room. She went to the painting of some Colonel Mustard looking guy was hanging, slided it over..."Mmm, heaven in a box...," and retrieved her thin mints. The last box until next year.

Jubilee was about to open them up when she looked down and saw that there was something wrong. "Grasshoppers? GRASSHOPPERS?!"

Jubilee turned around and eyed no one in particular. "You haven't heard the last from me, Espinosa..."

The End

The author would like to apologize for the bad newbie speech.

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