Author's note: Another one in the mind and body series.

Mind and Body: Iceman
by Coke

Sept 19, 2001

Bobby Drake crunched happily on his cocoa puffs, sitting in front of the TV. He then reached over, scooping a bit of leftover pie from Cyke's little episode with a spoon, and dropped it onto the cereal with a plop.

Bobby was still recovering from the last prank involving Rogue and the purple goo, and being the smart boy that he was, decided to put off the pranking until he was emotionally recovered. However, his mind was already in motion for when the time came.

It was Saturday morning, and most of the other Mansion residents were fast asleep. Remy had come in some fifteen minutes ago, looking a bit ruffled, so Bobby decided that he would be able to have some private cartoon watching time for a good spell.

Bobby smiled as Spiderman and Dr. Octopus squared off again, rooting for Spidey, and spilling a bit of milk in the process.

"Man, Mary Jane is HOT!"

"I will pretend I did not hear that, Robert." Ororo called over her shoulder as she passed by. Bobby grinned.

"You know you're the only woman for me, 'Ro!" Bobby called after, and heard the satisfying answer of Storm's soft laugher.

Bobby stretched his feet, absently wiggling his toes.

I wonder what it would be like to have no toes.

His toes only wiggled in anxiety at the thought. They were perfectly happy to be where they were.

Bobby didn't quite like that thought either. He liked his toes.

Would you always trip?

It wasn't as if he were clumsy enough as it was, Bobby didn't think to fondly about tripping all the time. Balance was not his forte. Of course, he could balance just fine on an ice slide. Did he need toes for that?

His toes wiggled back and forth in alarm. Bobby wasn't actually thinking about testing his theory, was he?

No, Bobby thought his toes were quite nice.

They wiggled in relief. They were kinda cold.

Bobby raised an eyebrow. Wait, didn't he like the cold?

It didn't mean his toes liked the cold. They wanted some socks.

But the socks were dirty, Bobby retaliated.

Then steal some, they wiggled.

From who?

Does it matter? The toes fisted, then stretched in annoyance.

Just cut them off!

NO! The toes and Bobby both responded.

*Well, they're getting annoying!*

Just give us some socks then, they wiggled.

Bobby rolled his eyes, and seeing that a commercial was on, quickly stood. The toes buried themselves in the carpet, trying to get some warmth.

"Alright, I get the idea." Bobby muttered, then headed upstairs to get some socks.

Entering his room, his toes lifted a bit, searching for any indication of a sock. Bobby waded through the clutter, searching through the drawers that were empty. He then resorted to look under the bed.

"Ah, HAH!"

Bobby triumphantly held up a pair of socks.

Are you sure those are clean?

"Erm..." Bobby stuttered. "I think so..."

The toes recoiled from the smell. Are you trying to kill us? They wiggled

Bobby examined the sock a bit closer, then immediately whipped his head away from the stench. Other than the fact that they could probably be used as a nuclear weapon, they were quite hard and crusty. He could probably cut diamonds with the things.

"Okay, so these wont exactly work. But hey, when was the last time my toes were cold?"

Well we are now, they wiggled.

Bobby smiled suddenly at the prank potential of the hazardous socks, and tossed them into a drawer.

Aren't you going to wash those?

"Nope." Bobby grinned, then made his way out the door. Well, he needed some socks, and Warren's room was right there, so his friend probably wouldn't mind if he borrowed a couple...

Bobby's toes wiggled in happiness under the four pairs of socks. Designer ones too! Wow, what luxury. Bobby was back to munching on Cocoa Puffs and pie in front of the TV. Warren then came into the room, eying Bobby's feet.

"Bobby, why were you sneaking around in my room?"

"My toes were cold." Bobby responded to the look, not taking his eyes of the TV.

Warren paused. "I can see that. Why didn't you use your own?"

Bobby's mind snickered, and his toes recoiled in remembrance.

"Cause yours are nicer, and my toes were quite insistent on finely knit socks."

Warren blinked, gave Bobby another weird look, then let it drop.

Bobby's toes wiggled.

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