Ummm, I've never actually written a fanfic poem before. I wrote this one mainly for a friend who's a huge Wolverine fan-she insisted that I post it. And I couldn't think of any other place to do so, so here it is.
Er, disclaimer goes here right?
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Marvel. No one will give me any money.

Now I Lay Me Down To Hide
by Quincunx

Now I lay me down to hide
If I'm really still, will he think I died?

So I froze the bathroom floor
It was a joke, nothing more!

I was only trying to keep Ol' Fearless on his toes
Danger could strike any time (as I'm sure he knows)

Yeah, I was trying to trip up Scott, that was all!
How was I to know Logan would take that fall??

This radiator doesn't hide me very well
I think I hear someone coming, aw hell

I'm much too young (and far too cute) to die
You think he'll let me go if I cry?

I think that I just heard a 'snikt'
My life just passed before my eyes (boy that was quick)

Now I lay me down to hide
I pray the Lord is on my side

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