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Ceramic Bulldogs
by Emily R. Snyder

Bobby looked at the case of cheap ceramics in Sam's Club while he waited for the others to get their cards. What was that in the back? He thought it was a bulldog. Yes, definetely a bulldog. It was wearing and bowler hat and had a cigar hanging from its lip. He sniggered evilly. It reminded him of Logan. He decided to buy it.

He bided his time, waiting until Logan left the mansion. As soon as he was sure that Logan was gone, he sneaked up to Logan's room and placed the cheap ceramic bulldog and a note on the mantle. Bobby fled, giggling madly.

A week later, Bobby was deeply disappointed. Logan hadn't seemed to notice his light jab. He decided to give it another day and maybe if Logan didn't notice, buy another cheap ceramic bulldog to put on Logan's mantlepiece.

He climbed into bed...

And a million sharp, cold things stuck into his back. He leaped out of bed with a yell and threw back the sheets.

The bulldog, shattered and chilled, was sprinkled over his sheet. Near the bottom of the bed, there was a note. He unfolded the paper.

It read: "Gotcha, Frostbite."

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