The Super-Uncanny Adventures of Bobby
and His Amazing X-Girlfriends
by ValKerrie

He was young. He was on his own. He was out for a good time.
And then three of his ex-girlfriends moved in across the hall.
It only got worse from there.
(in progress)

(chapter one: the female of the species) - In which Bobby gets some new neighbors, and Warren is a Pest.

(chapter two: electric boogaloo) - In which Bobby meets up with another blast from his past, and a lot of terrorists get blown up.

(chapter three: guess who's coming to dinner) - In which Bobby has dinner with his parents, and the girls come to a decision.

(chapter four: back in it) - In which Bobby throws a hissy fit, and there is no macaroni.

(side story: lev's first halloween - by Shade) - In which Lev wants candy and Bobby's arms are too long.

(chapter five: it's not easy being green) - In which the Evil One returns.

(chapter five and a half: a gratuitous story about lev for no particular reason) - In which Lev finds a soulmate. A small, furry one.

(chapter six: down by one) - In which something goes horribly wrong with the potato salad and Opal gets kakked.

(chapter seven: wish you weren't here) - In which the gang throws a funeral, and Opal doesn't go to Heaven.

(chapter eight: the hills are alive with something, all right) - In which ValKerrie runs out of plot, and the cast breaks out into song.

(Bobby's Angels: The Band) - Bobby and his X-girlfriends form their own band.
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