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by Poi Lass

That morning the sun had been shining like it was never going to stop.

She'd said, "Our friends are probably going to be a little... taken aback, by this turn of events, do you not think?"

He'd said, "Yeah. Well, I can deal with the death threats if you can deal with the offers of therapy."

She'd thought he was joking.

"They are our friends, Robert. I know this is... unexpected, in many ways, but they will be happy for us." He laughed and shook his head.

"Me, they'll be happy for," he said without bitterness. "You they'll commit." And he rolled, and kissed her with a fierceness, that at the time, she'd thought was joy.

"It's not that he ain't a good kid, `Roro," She could hear the `but' coming a mile off. "But you deserve someone..."




She wondered bleakly if there was any chance the missing word wouldn't make her want to scream and spoke before she had to hear it.

"I have the someone I want. The someone I love. Be happy for me Logan." She did her best not to make it sound like an order.

And it started to rain.

"Stormy, you wan' to tell me what's goin' on?" He sounded amused.

"I'm not sure what you mean Remy. I have already told you -"

"Oui. You an' Drake. Ver' funny. Not your usual brand of humour, chere."

"Remy ... it is not a joke."

"You got dat right. What you doin' wit' someone like dat?" He sounded, she thought, almost indignant. "He ain't de one for you."

"... Really." And she, she sounded nothing but cold. Distant. A woman upholding her reputation as a goddess. "And you speak from experience, of-course, as one whose relationships have always been so successful."

"Jus' cos my love life be a mess, don' mean I can't see when you're making a mistake. Jus' like you did wit' Forge. Chere, don' you see? You settling for second best, takin' whoever offers, jus' not to be alone. You deserve better, Stormy -" Patience snapped.

"That is enough Remy."

And more than enough. And it rained.

"Hey Gambit." Bobby tilted his head back and breathed in, eyes shut. "So, I guess `Ro's pretty upset, huh."

"...Oui. Looks like."

"She didn't actually tell me she was upset, ofcourse, but -" he gestured at the heavy rain lacing the evening, " - I took a wild intuitive leap." Remy made a small snort of amusement, and shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm gonna take another wild intuitive leap, and assume the reason she won't tell me what's up, is because it's about me. And she doesn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me that all her friends think she's making a major mistake. Am I right?"

"Look," Remy began awkwardly, "Drake,"

"Don't, LeBeau," Bobby said, perfectly calm, "You don't have to defend yourself to me, and you don't need to apologise. I mean, you're right." He shrugged, "I'm not good enough for her. But for some reason she gets upset when people point that out. So just tell her you're very sorry, and you'll never do it again, and maybe it'll stop raining sometime this decade, okay?" He paused, "Not that I really mind, to be honest. I kinda like the rain. But those of us who like to sit on the roof and brood might catch pneumonia. Y'know?" He looked down at the other man, and shook his head, slightly disbelieving at the sheer amount of water he'd absorbed. "Jesus, man, you look like shit." He hit the other man companionably on the shoulder as turned towards the door. "Just apologise, mon ami." He advised, sounding almost cheerful. "I'm sure you can make it sound sincere."

Ororo moved away from the skylight slowly. It was not... dignified to eavesdrop, and truly, she had not intended to, had been going to go out and talk to Remy, try and clear the air but... I'm not good enough for her... Her fingers itched for something to throw. Her eyes itched to cry.

She controlled both impulses firmly.

But the rain did not stop.

"Did he do something to upset you already Ororo? You look mad."

"No. He did not."

"Uh huh. So why is it raining like this?"

"Did you want something in particular Katherine?"

"I guess I'm just... surprised." Surprised was acceptable, Ororo thought tightly. Surprised was fine. Who would not be surprised? She had been surprised. "I mean - Drake? He doesn't exactly seem your type." She could deal with surprised.

"Indeed? I had not realised you had spend so much time getting to know him. Or any time, for that matter."

"Ouch. But really Ororo... I just - I mean, I know you've been friends for a while, but -"

"Kitten... I have been... careful, not to attempt any interference between you and Peter -"

"Storm, that's hardly -"

"And I would appreciate it if you would do me the same courtesy."

"... sure."

And it rained.

"Hey Ororo." A quizzical stare that would not have bothered her on any other day, today cut under her skin like a knife. "So... Bobby?"


"Wow." He blinked. "That's... well, I guess weirder things have happened. Just don't ask me to name three..." She did her best to smile.

"Ororo... are you... I mean, are you sure? Is he really what you...?"

"Warren, he is your friend," and she could not contain the horror in her voice, could not keep it from her face.

"Well of course he is." Surprise and self-evident truths in his voice. "I guess I just don't understand what you -" She froze,

Oh Goddess, Warren, no, please, if he says `see in him', I will never forgive him-

" - two can have in common." And if it was not quite the betrayal she had feared, still, she felt nothing so much as grief.

"You - you might be surprised." She managed at length.

"Oh." And he seemed, thankfully, to sense the conversation was at an end. "Sure, okay. I mean, I'm glad for you `Ro, if he makes you happy." He smiled, and kissed her gently on the forehead. "He's a very lucky guy." And she nodded numbly, her face carefully blank.

As it rained.

He's a very lucky guy.

It was not the first time she'd been told that today.

A very lucky guy.

Not nearly the first time.

Lucky guy.

But no-one had told her she was a lucky woman.

Not good enough for her.


Why had no-one told her she was a lucky woman?


"I mean, I'm happy for you Ororo... really I am."

"Yes Kitten. You look happy."


Not good enough for her.


"Get OUT Remy. Now."

"But Stormy -"



Not good enough for *her*.


"Roro, c'mon, I was just tryin' ta -"



Not good enough?!


He's not good enough and a very lucky guy.

A very lucky guy and not good enough for her.

A very lucky guy.


Not good enough.












"Ororo...? Is everything all right?"

. . . .

"... Yes, Henry. I just... broke a favourite vase, that's all." The wind swept up the pieces easily, and she funnelled them dismissively into the bin, keeping her back to him. "Was there something I could do for you?"

No. Please no. Please no, no, no, not Hank, please, Goddess, I beg of you, I beg, I beg -

"I was just wondering if you were feeling quite well? Entirely yourself?"

No. Please.

"Why would you ask that?" And she could not, could not keep from snapping at him, as her heart turned to ice in her chest, not Hank, but...

"Well, the weather has been unexpectedly tempestuous of late, and it's not really the season for it." He waited for her to say something, and when she did not, continued, "Ororo... I hate to jump to conclusions, but I can't help getting the impression that you're not entirely... shall we say, jubilant? Ecstatic? Delighted with the state of the world and your place in it? And... I had rather thought you'd be in a better mood...?" Another pause. "After all, love is supposed to make you happy. Or so I've heard it rumoured." And he peered at her anxiously, as if looking for something he could fix.

Oh. She closed her eyes a moment, blinking back tears of relief. Oh... thank you, bright lady.

"Hank." She turned to face him, and he smiled at her, happiness warily mixing with concern. She smiled back, recalling to herself the joy she had felt that morning.

"I," she said slowly and clearly, "I, am a very, lucky, woman, Hank."

He blinked in surprise.

"Indeed," he said seriously, "You most certainly are, Ororo." And he tilted his head at her slightly, a bemused smile still on his lips, as if he did not understand why she was even stating something so obvious, as if it was a joke he didn't get.

`I don't get it either,' she thought about saying, `Oh my friend, ohh, my love, I don't get it,' and wrapped her arms about herself, laughing until she cried, tears sliding down her face like rain, rain, rain.


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