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Home Alone
by Zanne

"Samantha, listen."

"Listen to what, Bobby?"

"My point exactly. We're alone."

"I don't like that grin."

"Oh, you will, Sammy. C'mon. You promised me we would."

"I know, but we really shouldn't, Bobby. I mean, I'm a mother, for cryin' out loud."

"Live a little, Sammy. You're just dying to do this with me, and you know it. It's all over your face ... and pretty soon, that won't be the only thing all over your face."

"Oh, all right. I give. Just gimme a few minutes to get out of these clothes."

"Wanna go outside?"

"Somebody could see us."

"But out there, amid all that raw nature, the primal instincts, you're just dying to go Klingon on me, Sammy, and you know it."

"I'm not sure you could take that much violence in something like this, Bobby."

"Oh, a challenge! You can't keep up with me and you know it."

"That tears it, Bobby. You and me, outside, now."

"Your clothes...?"

"Let 'em get ruined."

"Now you've got a grin I don't like."

"You started this."

~30 minutes later~

<panting> "Damnit, Sammy! I didn't know you had those kind of moves in you."

"Bobby, hon, I'm just getting warmed up. Ready to go at it again?"

"I've exhausted my balls. Let's take five and I'll come back good as new."

"Oh, I don't think so. You're at my mercy now. I've got you right where I want you, and I'm going to have my way with you."

"You're heartless, woman! ACK!!! GET BACK!!! NO!!! OW!!! STOP THAT!!!"

"You wanted this, Bobby. You begged me for it."

"But was that really necessary? Show some mercy on a poor, defenseless, depleted boy."

"Depleted boy is right."

"Now that was just cold. Give me five minutes, and I'll be back refreshed."

"Wait. I'm coming with you."

"Must you always do that?"


<sigh> "It only takes me a few minutes."

"Who're you kidding, Bobster? It takes you longer than that."

"Oh yeah? I bet I can get back in action a lot quicker than your husband."

"You only wish. Nobody can lock'n' load'em faster'n Nathan can. But, what the hell? You know how to have fun with this."

"That's because I know all the right places to hit."

<playful growl> "I've got a few more tricks up my sleeves as well."

"Oh, goodie. HEY!!! WAIT!!! NOT IN HERE!!!" <screams and groans> "Oh man. Chuck's gonna kill us when he sees this mess."

"Maybe he won't notice, and it wouldn't be that much a mess if you didn't move around so much."

"We're in the front foyer, Samantha, and how the hell you expect me to hold still with what you were targeting!?"


"Oh, that's it. Just wait right there, and I'll show you who's the master here, my little grasshopper."

"Oh all right, but don't keep me waiting too long. I might get bored and lose this mood."

"I swear, it'll be worth it, I'll make sure to give you the best blasts I got."

"It's gonna take me forever to get this goop out of my hair. You've got a helluvalot on your face too."

"And that is all your fault. You kept moving."

"Oh, that's the fun part! Prey's always more entertaining when you've gotta capture it, so start runnin', boyo."

"Ooooh, Sammy! Now we're playing my kinda game! By the time we're done, I swear you're gonna be covered head to toe!"

"Promises, promises. I'll just get Nathan to help wash it all off."

"Umm, Sammy, you gotta tell him? There's no telling how he'll react to this."

"Oy. You're right. He might get pissed that we didn't invite him to join us."

"He lets other people join in your games!? I always thought he'd be more of the one-man army."

"Oh, he does, from time to time. Nah, on second thought, if I had to take you both at once, I'd prolly get creamed."

"You don't do this with Domino too, do you?"

"We have a couple times, along with the rest of X-Force. I sleep for a day after we finish whenever we do."

"All of X-Force? That must have been messy! Still, I imagine with that many people it must have been fun."

"Oh, is it ever!"

"Well, enough talking. I'm ready."

"'Bout ti-- ACK!!! Blech!! Bobby!!! You got it in my mouth!!!"

"Oh, jeez, Sammy, chill out. It's not gonna kill you if you swallow a little bit."

"AHH!!! OW!!! NOT THERE!!! That hurt!"

"Where's the tough Klingon now, huh?"

"Oh, that tears it. Let's see how you like it!"

"NO!! Wait, Sammy!! I was just ... oh shit! Where's Hank to the rescue when I need him?"


<OOF> "Sammy, get off already! I'm a mess now."

"You wanted me to do this, Bobby. Now let's see how you like the taste!"

<muffled scream>

<laughing> "Catch me if you can!"

"Oh, you're just dying for this."

"Bobby? BOBBY, WAIT!!! EEK!!!" <SPLASH> "ACK!!! Don't ice up!!"

"Cold always makes it more fun."

"BOBBY!!!" <GASP> "Oh, you cheat."

"What the hell?"

"Jean? What's wrong?"

"Look at the porch."


"I thought you talked to Bobby about doing this."

"I did."

<gasp> "Scott, look at the foyer."

"This kind of mess takes two people, and Sammy was the only other one here."

"She wouldn't ... would she?"

"I'm afraid she did, Jean."

"Let's find her and be sure."

"Where are they?"

"In the pool."

"Oh, God. They are going to clean that out."

"Samantha Marie Summers!?"

"Oh, your full name, Sammy. You're in trouble now."

"Not one word out of you, Bobby Drake! Not one word!"

"You, I can understand, but Samantha? What on earth has gotten into you? I thought you were better than this."

"Now, that's just plain mean, Scott. Sammy's still human, after all."

"I don't need to defend my actions. It happened, guys. I'll live with the consequences."

"I can't believe how casual you are over this."

"Scott, every once in a while, you just have to give in to all these urges. It's part of being alive."

"Samantha, you and Bobby go get cleaned up, and start cleaning the hall and porch."

"Yes, Jean."

"And when you're done, get all of your goo out of the pool."

"It's not goo, Scott."

"I don't care, Bobby. Just get it out."

"What the flonq happened in here?"

"Dis place looks like somebody was pukin' Skittles."

"Thank you, Gambit, for that wonderful commentary."

"Anytime, Bishop."


"What, Nate?"

"What happened...?"

"Samantha and Bobby are what happened."

"Ah don' believe it! Dat femme, she be wilder den Ah t'ought."

"Oh, my wife's ruthless when she plays paintball."


(What? Did you think I was talking about something else..? <EG>)

::after Cable comes home in an RPG scene and finds the 8-month-old twins playing on Rajah, a large male Bengal tiger in the living room while Samantha's doing laundry...::
C> ::quiet and calm:: "Samantha ... perhaps you would like to explain to me why my children are playing with one of the most ferocious predators on the planet?"
S> ::blink:: "He's a good babysitter."
C> ::blinks a few times:: "What.. if.. he GETS HUNGRY!?"
S> ::looks at him like he's nuts:: "There's chicken in the fridge...."
C> ::just looks at her blinking for a few minutes then walks off muttering under his breath about women::

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