Title: Beginnings.
Author: Erika ... (principal); Mofalle; Sascha
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Pairing: Bobby/Remy
Disc: Iceman and Gambit are part of the X-men franchise and they belong to Marvel Comics and their associated companies.
Rating: Slash m/m
Warning: Sexual content.
Summary: We would like to thank Sascha for creating this Round Robin at her site http://alexandramorgan.tripod.com/bobremy/index.html She started the RR and allowed us the privilege of playing in her sandbox.
Brief history: Mofalle wrote a small piece following Sascha intro to this RR snippet. Somehow Mofalle was able to kidnap me, use her whip and make me write a Mook's story. Some parts of the original snippets were changed.
Beta-reader: Mofalle who beta-read all my original portions and Pollyanna who read the completed version and caught some of those nasty errors that had manage to escape capture.
Dedication: Since I ended up playing in this sandbox more than anyone, I dedicate this story to Mofalle who taught me how to write Remy and made this venture into Mook's territory a lot of fun.
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by Erika

Bobby blinked and wondered what had woken him up.

"Mornin', Cher."

He blinked again turning towards the direction of the voice. He saw right into a pair of smiling red on black eyes. "Remy."

"Oui." He smiled.

"You're here..."

"Oui. Where else would I be?" Remy replied, his mouth curling upwards into a smile.

Bobby shrugged. Sort of. It's a bit hard to really shrug when you're laying in a bed, he thought. "I dunno. I guess I thought you left sometime during the night. You always do that."

"Yeah, but I had business to take care of then. I don' have that anymore. Why? Do y' wan' me to leave?"

"No, of course not." Bobby smiled reasurring him. "It's just a bit weird. Y'know, new."

"But in a good way, right?" Remy asked half jokingly.

Bobby's smiled widened. "Of course."

Bobby wrapped his arms around Remy, pulling him further down the bed. Then he straddled Remy's waist.

"If I knew ya were like t'is in the mornin'. I woulda stayed b'fore now." smiled Remy at Bobby's action. Bobby just smiled back, his blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

"You know nothing, cajun." Bobby mumbled while kissing Remy's neck. Slowly he made his way up to Remy's lips. The kiss was gentle at first, then grew stronger when Remy parted his lips. Without warning Bobby pulled away. Remy tried to follow, but Bobby restrained him.

Leaning down again, Bobby whispered into his lover's ear. "You have three minutes before your danger room session, don't be late." Smiling that devilish smile, Bobby got off of the bed.

Shocked, Remy just laid there. He couldn't remember who was practising with him. Was there even a practice?

While Remy was trying to remember whether he actually had a practice session, Bobby put on a t-shirt and sweat pants. He walked towards the door humming a tune by Queen, "We are the Champions," ignoring his lover who was still lying on top of the bed.

"Bobby!" Remy shouted as he realized that his lover had just tricked him into believing there was a practice session.

Bobby at the door, turned around, waved and gave him an innocent smile. Remy immediately got off the bed, grabbed a pair of jeans, hurriedly put them on and ran after him. He caught Bobby in the hallway leading down to the staircase. He pushed him up against the wall and kissed him. He finally let him go when he needed to catch his breath and watched as Bobby tilted his head to the side baring his throat.

"Remy," Bobby said breathlessly, "someone is going to catch us."

"Cher ... dey're at practice." Remy replied as Bobby struggled from his hold creating a delicious friction between them.

It was too much and Remy was never good at resisting temptation, especially such sweet temptation as was Bobby Drake. He kissed Bobby's jaw line making his way down his throat to his jugular. He continued biting and sucking, marking Bobby as his. Bobby was breathing hard and had started to hump Remy. That is when Remy knew his lover was completely lost in the sensations that he was creating. So lost in fact, that he had forgotten they were humping each other in the hallway.

"Cher. Look at me." Remy waited for Bobby to open his eyes all the while his right hand worked its way into loosening Bobby's sweat pants. Finally he got them loose and they fell hanging around Bobby's knees.

"Dat's it. Look at me." And with that said Remy dropped to the floor and engulfed Bobby's cock in his mouth. He sucked, bit and licked Bobby's cock. He then let go and used his hands to bring Bobby over the edge. Having gotten enough precum in his right hand he spread some of it in the opening of Bobby's anus, sucked his left index finger and gently pushed in.

On his knees, Remy watched as Bobby arched and moaned in front of him all the while pleading for Remy to do something. With his right hand he grabbed hold of Bobby's cock and gently sucked its tip, he then pushed another finger into Bobby and watched as his lover tried desperately to fuck himself on his fingers. Remy felt Bobby's hands grab hold of his head as he tried to create a tempo but Remy refused, driving his lover wild by adding another finger and this time only licking Bobby's cock.

His lover's moans were getting louder, and Remy knew he could not hold out much longer so he let go of him and heard Bobby protesting this action. But Remy ignored his lover instead he pulled Bobby's sweat pants to his ankles, got up from the floor, turned Bobby around, opened his fly and slammed his cock into Drake.

He waited a minute for his lover to adjust to this intrusion then withdrew and slammed back into him finally creating the rhythm his lover had been begging for. As Bobby arched into him he bit Drake's shoulder. His right hand sought out Drake's cock and he heard Bobby moan his pleasure. Remy could feel the pressure increasing inside of him, and he slammed harder into Bobby losing some of his rhythm along the way as he spilled his seed inside his lover.

Both men leaned against each other, exhausted using the wall sprayed with Bobby's cum as support. At the bottom of the staircase their team mates having witnessed this frantic sex scene stood rooted to the floor. Finally one of them found their voice.

"Hot damn! Can I move back to the mansion, please." Jubilee pleaded to her older still shocked team mates.

Hearing Jubilee's outburst, Bobby turned his head. There at the bottom of the stairs, stood Scott, Warren, Jubilee, Logan, and Jean. "Oh, gawd." said Bobby which brought Remy's attention to his team mates down below.

"So ..." asked Remy as he began to embrace Bobby. He didn't see anything wrong with a little public display of affection. Bobby fought the hug, pulled his pants up, and ran back into his room locking the door behind him.

He shut his eyes and felt the room spin. With his hand he reached for the wall and then leaned on it.

He couldn't breath. He couldn't breath. Oh god ... they had seen him. They had seen him and Remy. The wall could no longer support him and he ended up on the floor.

He could hear Remy calling him, but he couldn't open the door. His legs refused to work.

Oh my god. They had seen him.

"Bobby!" exclaimed a half naked Remy from the other side of the locked door. "Bobby, let me in." There was no response. Frustrated Remy leaned against the door. "What are you lookin' at?" He demanded to the still shocked X-men.

Remy growled in annoyance at the situation that had just now arisen with his lover. He hit the wall in anger and made his way to his bedroom, putting on a discarded t-shirt and running shoes. He left his bedroom and passed his team mates who were still rooted in shock. He was about to make his way outside when he was stopped by Scott who demanded an explanation.

It wasn't fair. Damn it. It just wasn't fair.

Everyone had headed back to the Danger Room to discuss the Bobby-Remy issue and Scott had told her that the practice session was cancelled until further notice.

Okay, so she no longer lived here but that didn't mean they could continue treating her like a kid. She had powers. She was an X-men, damn it. That had to mean something.


God. It had been so hot. Who knew Bobby could be so responsive. Scott had given up waiting for Remy to show up for his practice session with Wolverine, so he had decided to go and see what was keeping him. Nobody expected to find ... well Bobby and Remy doing it. Jean and Warren had later joined them at this observation point. Jubilee thought, maybe Jean had felt the shock vibrate throughout the team and had come over to investigate. She had brought Warren along. And there they all had stood, watching as Remy claimed Bobby.

Now, Bobby was in his room ignoring everyone. While Remy had gone off to god knows where, because Scott had begun to give him a lecture about timing, decency, and things you shouldn't be doing in the hallway. If Jubilee were a betting person, she would bet a hundred bucks her team mates were still in shock. No one ... Jubilee was pretty sure not even Hank had known Bobby and Remy were an item.

God. How would Rogue react.

Oh my god. There was no way she was going to be here when that happened. She was young, but she wasn't stupid. Okay maybe a little bit. After all how could one explain the fact that here she was hiding behind this huge plant, just down the hallway from Bobby's room. She was curious that's all. Just curious.

Now who was coming up the stairs? Damn it! It's Warren. Come on girl hide behind the tree. Don't want to give the game away now. Scott would definitely ban her from the mansion if he found out she was stalking her team mate. Go on ... go on ... No. Don't stop there Warren! Damn. He's knocking on Bobby's door. Hum, she wondered, if she went to the bedroom next door would she be able to hear them talk?

Bobby was lying on the bed. He would never leave this room. Never.


Was that Warren? What was he doing here. Maybe he had came over to gloat.

"Bobby open up."

"No. Go away."

"Robert Drake if you don't open up this door I will tell Wolverine you were responsible for ... see that wasn't so hard."

"What do you want Warren?"

"Do you want to go flying with me?"


"Ice-cubes, do you want to go flying with me?"

"Really? I mean we haven't done that since we were kids."

"Well I figured we should do it now before you got any heavier."


"Come on Bobby. It'd be fun," said Warren, spreading his wings and moving them gently.

Bobby's hand reached out. As a child he had always been fascinated with the concept of angels and when he met Warren ... well his questions were finally answered. Wings were really soft. Before Apocalypse made Warren undergo his change, thus losing his soft angel wings, he had let Bobby comb them. Never complaining at Bobby's need to touch them, he had somehow known that his wings reassured his young friend. And on specially difficult days, Warren would take Bobby up to the skies letting the breeze and sky form a protective barrier around them both.

"I know what you are doing."



"I need this too ... okay?" Bobby took a good look at Warren. He seemed tired, older as though what he had seen and experienced over the last few years were weighing heavily on him.


"We'll meet outside. I am just going to go and tell everyone we will be out for a while ... you know just in case they need us to rescue humanity .... again."

At that both friends laughed and whatever discomfort or chagrin Bobby had been feeling melted away.

That's not fair.

Finally Bobby had admitted his feelings for Remy and now his lover was hiding in his room. Okay so maybe it hadn't been such a good idea having sex in the hallway, but god it had been good.

Remy was outside smoking a cigarette when he saw Bobby leave the Mansion and head towards the pool.

He slowly made his way towards Bobby, hoping to surprise him and maybe go for another round of hot and heavy sex. Bobby laying on the grass begging to be fuck ... oh yeah. With this image on his mind he slowly stalked his prey. He knew they had to talk, but he was sure Bobby would be more willing to listen after he relaxed a bit.

Just as he was preparing to pounce, from the bush beside the pool, he heard Warren call to Bobby.

"Hey, Ice-cubes. Heads up."

What Bobby did next shocked Remy, and he felt his fingers curl around a card. He was shocked, he hadn't even realized he had taken a card out ... but damn it did Bobby have to run to Warren like that ... did he have to smile at him that way. And then ... no ... Bobby loved him he wouldn't ...

Remy could do nothing but watch as his lover was gathered up in another man's arms and taken away.

They had been flying for a while now, neither of them speaking, both were just enjoying the moment. So many times when they were young they had come up here, so many times half-jokingly Warren had threatened to drop a young Bobby who insisted on using him as a sound board for his jokes. But unlike those times they flew in silence.

Finally, they both were able to see the bird sanctuary and Warren tightened his hold on Bobby as they descended to the clearing below.

As soon as they touched ground Warren complained, "Ice-cubes you are going on a diet."

"Hey! I'm not that heavy."

"I almost broke my back."

Bobby ignored him and looked around. "Gosh Warren. It's been years since we've been here."

"Yeah." Warren agreed looking around him. There were scattered trees to the left of them and to the right was a small lake. It was summer and wildflowers bloomed all around them. The quiet of the day was broken only by the gentle calling of the birds. From where they stood they could see a flock of Canadian geese who called this place home.

Both friends sat down underneath a tree and looked out towards the marshlands. They both recalled fondly the many conversations they had had in this sanctuary, the many fights fought and the shared silence they achieved after a long hard day. Their friendship had been cemented here, and it had been years since they both visited the place.

"It hasn't changed." Bobby whispered.


"I thought maybe ... you know with development and all." Bobby stopped and observed Warren's reaction to his next words, "I thought they would have constructed houses here. I mean look at the land, it's a developer's dream." Warren twitched slightly under the close scrutiny. "You bought this place didn't you Warren?"



"Don't call me that!"


"Come on let's go." Warren got up and turned to walk up the hill.

"Warren wait. I'm sorry. Please Warren talk to me."

"It's just ... it's silly I mean ... I sometimes miss the feathers," Warren explained as he waited for Bobby to catch up to him.

"They were hell to comb," Bobby stated, attempting to bring some light humour into this conversation and hopefully get to the bottom of what was hurting his friend.

"You should know," Warren responded with a slight grin.

"Slave-driver," Bobby stated affectionately.

"Always." And this time Warren's grin reached his eyes.

"So," Bobby said looking around him, " you bought the place?"

"After Apocalypse I needed to know that there was a place that hadn't been touched by the evil ... by the evil that was done to me and the evil I did in return."

"I miss the feathers too," Bobby gently confessed realizing that those feathers had represented a more innocent time for all the X-men, and in particular a more innocent time for his friend Warren. Ever since that incident, Bobby now realized, their friendship had suffered. The friendship they had once had was at times strained, and he regretted to have let it go on like that for so long. But that was going to change, Bobby promised himself. His friend needed him, and he would be there for him. Bobby was so involved in his own thoughts that he almost didn't hear Warren next words.

"I know." Warren stopped and breathed in deeply as though gathering his courage. "Bobby, why didn't you tell me? I could've helped. I thought we were friends."

"I don't know. I mean ..." Bobby sighed deeply. "I didn't want to disappoint you and I thought ..."

"That I wouldn't be your friend?"


"When we get back to the mansion remind me to ask Hank if along the way you had Frontal Lobotomy done to you."

"Warren," Bobby said exasperatedly.

"Or maybe those alien abductions you had as a child finally did you in."


"You know those evil alien pod scum probably switched your brain with ... oh my god," Warren cried out as he backed away from Bobby.

"What ... what," Bobby exclaimed looking around him.

"Yup. They took your brain away and gave you the brain of a chicken."

"Why you ..."

"What? You can dish it out but not take it." Warren sighed and continued in a more serious tone. "Bobby, you're my friend and nothing will change that ... Let me rephrase that. The only way I will stop caring about you is if one day you turn around and say, Hey Warren, my feathery friend, I have decided that purple is my favourite colour and that's all I am going to wear from now on.' Even then Bobby I may forgive you, by labelling you colour-blind."

"You would?"

"I would definitely think about it."

"So let me get this straight. As long as I don't wear any colours swearing allegiance to Metal-Head I'm okay?"


Again both men fell into silence allowing the peacefulness of the area to calm them.



"Who else knows about you and Remy?"

"Hank ... and probably Jean."




"He just came back from visiting his cabin up in loony mill ... you know Canuck territory ... la la land. Oh for pete's sake Warren, British Columbia."

"So, if I hadn't shown up today ..."

"I probably wouldn't have told you."

"That sucks ... What?" Warren asked looking at Bobby's dumbfounded expression.

Bobby started to laugh. "God Warren you sound like a five year old."

"See that wasn't so hard. I'm told confession is good for the soul."

"Thanks, Warren."


Both men in silent agreement started to walk up towards the hill. The peacefulness of the bird sanctuary calming their soul and in the process repairing some of the damage done to their strained friendship. Bobby broke off a tip of a tall grass put it in his mouth and chewed on it absentmindedly; while Warren walked with his arms outstretched feeling the soft breeze.

At the top of the hill Warren turned to Bobby and asked, "How long?"


"You and Remy. How long?"

"You mean how long we've been together?"

"Yes, Bobby." Warren stated patiently.

"Um ... //cough// ... well ... //sigh// ... two days."


"Why do you think I freaked?"

"That's what you usually do," commented Warren. Bobby was about to protest but thought better of it, instead he watched his friend process what he had been told. "So this is all new for you?"

"Yeah. We kind of been working towards this ... you know ... goal and now ..."

"Now, everybody knows."

"It's just the way they found out. It was ... it was..."

"It was supposed to be a private moment between the two of you and instead everyone was there observing the action."

"I'm a freak," Bobby said quietly.

"We all are Bobby. Mind you some of us are more freakish than others." Bobby glanced up, caught his friend's grin and threw him a snowball. Warren ducked and stuck out his tongue. This action caught Bobby unaware and he started laughing.

"You're evil."

"What are friends for?" Warren looked up at the sky.

"Come on Bobby, it's getting dark we need to head back to the mansion."

"So ... you're okay with this."

"Do you love him?"


"Does he love you?"

Bobby thought for a moment. "Yeah, I think so."

"He hurts you he answers to me. Deal?" Warren stated looking seriously at Bobby and holding forward his right hand.

"Deal." Bobby replied shaking his friend's hand. He now knew everything would be alright.

"Mind you," Warren started to say as he put his arms around Bobby getting them ready for their flight back, "I still think you should go on a diet."

Remy was in Bobby's bedroom lying on top of the bed. After the scene by the pool all he could think about was going back to the room where just this morning he and Bobby had made love. When he had gotten upstairs and stood outside Bobby's bedroom, he had discovered a very flustered Jubilee, who had been hiding behind a large plant at the end of the hallway.

He hadn't spoken to her even though she told him Bobby had left. He already knew that.

God. For four months they had been slowly building up to this point. In the first month, they had been shocked into discovering their attraction. In the second month they had shifted from team mates to friends ... close friends. By the third month he had finally courted Bobby. That was the only word he could use to describe their dating. And just this month their stolen kisses and gropes in the dark had gotten to be too much, and they had finally decided to take the ultimate step in their relationship.

They had been lucky.

Rogue had gone to visit her brother Kurt for four months; Logan too had taken an extended vacation; Professor X was in England overseeing some important research; and the rest of the world had been quiet for once. No major catastrophe had taken place and overall they had experienced relative peace.

He knew he had no reason to be jealous. Bobby wouldn't ... Bobby loved him. Bobby would never have entered a relationship with him, if he wasn't sure. But Remy was worried, he was after all Bobby's first male lover and as much as he enjoyed that fact he ... Remy punched the pillow out of frustration. He didn't want to be Bobby's puppy love, he wanted to be his last love ... his only love.

Before he hadn't noticed the closeness that existed between Bobby and Warren. God, he had been so caught up with Rogue that he hadn't noticed much of anything. Hadn't really cared what occurred with his other team mates. What relationships they built. In the past it hadn't really mattered who they fell in love with. It wasn't his concern, but now he regretted not having paid that close attention to his team mates.

It would appear he had a competitor for Bobby's affection and for the first time, Remy didn't know if he could or if he should win.

Warren was a far better man, and Bobby did not deserve to be tinted by his association with this Cajun.

What was taking them so long? Images filter across his mind. Bobby. Bobby naked on the ground. He looked like a debauched angel. His pale skin highlighted even more by the green grass underneath him. Remy whimpered at the images his mind created. His beloved Bobby loved to be touched, and Remy had taken great pleasure in discovering all the hidden areas that would drive his lover mad with lust.

In his mind, he could clearly see Bobby opening his arms welcoming him, spreading his legs and begging to be fucked. Oh god, Remy screamed as he put his hand on his cock. The next image almost destroyed him. Angel wings covering up Bobby's glistening body. Warren tilting Bobby's head towards him ... their lips meeting.

Remy cried out, "Non!" Never. It will never happen. Bobby was his. No one would touch him but him. No one.

It was almost midnight by the time they made it back to the mansion. Bobby was just about to head to Remy's bedroom to see if he was awake, but he decided that maybe it be best if they talked in the morning. This way he could have enough time to prepare his apology.

He opened his bedroom door. The room was dark. God. It had been a tiring day, and he just wanted to go to sleep. He heard a click and the light almost blinded him. Remy was sitting in the love chair beside the bed.


"Remy." Bobby ran a hand through his hair. This nervous gesture seemed to awaken Remy who got up and made his way over to him. Remy gently took him in his arms and hugged him.

"Ya scared me when you wen' off like dat."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking." Bobby stopped and considered his words. "Remy I'm sorry I freaked. It's just ... what we did ... what they saw..."

"It's private."


"Nobody should of seen what we do in private, dat's just between us, neh?"

"Hey! That's what Warren said."

Remy stiffened considerably. Bobby gave him a puzzled look.

"You talked about us?"

"Among other things ... he's cool with it."

"Come on ya need t' shower."


"Later Cher. Shower first."

Remy dragged Bobby to the bathroom stripped him and put him in the shower. He then proceeded to wash Bobby. Methodically his hands touched his lover erasing the scent Remy had detected earlier --- Warren. As he washed Bobby he checked for any signs that someone may have trespassed on his property, but all he found was the hickey he had given Bobby this morning.

Once he was done he glanced up, and for the first time since they entered the shower he met Bobby's eyes. Bobby looked at him with concern his hand reached out to touch Remy's face and he mouthed the words, love you.'

At the moment Remy realized he had been a fool. Bobby loved him. Truly loved him. He could see it in the way Bobby glanced at him. How his breath quickened when ever he approached or touched him. Bobby was his because he choose to be his and if he didn't control his own fears and insecurities he would surely lose him.

Remy finished washing Bobby and he dried him off. Tonight, Remy thought, he would take Bobby to bed. He would make love to him, worship him and hope Bobby never found out how insecure he had been. Remy knew his lover would be hurt in knowing he had doubted Bobby's feelings for him and that was the last thing Remy wanted to do.

Rogue couldn't sleep. She still could not believe ... She stopped. It hurt too much to think about it. Bobby and Remy.


She threw her pillow across the room. "Why?" She cried. She gathered the covers around her, seeking comfort in the warmth. Keeping her eyes closed she imagined the blankets were actually arms holding her. Remy's arms.

In her dreams he always held her just like this ... always held her. As soon as she opened her eyes those dreams scattered. Bobby. Bobby had done this to her. He had taken the one thing she knew would always belong to her.


She got out of bed, ran to the window and flew outside.

She flew until she reached the tree beside the pool.

She had not seen Remy since this morning. After Scott had finished his, Thou shall not have sex in the hallway,' lecture. After that scene she had joined the rest of the team in the conference room as they discussed this latest development.

A part of her had wanted to tear out of the mansion, to hunt Bobby down, to destroy anything, everything but she had been on auto pilot following her team mates. She hadn't even realized Warren had left the discussion until he later came back to inform them that he and Bobby were going out on a flying tour.

Now she would have her chance to talk to Remy, convince him how wrong Bobby was for him but Hank stopped her. It had been a while since she had her medical check-up, he told her, it was long overdue. After all, he had reasoned, she had been away for the past four months.

With Jean's help he had gotten her to the medical lab, and then Jean had wanted to talk to her about Kurt and the others. By the time she had finished talking with Jean about X-Factor and her vacation from the X-men, she had felt emotionally drained.

Tomorrow she would deal with Remy. Tomorrow.

But now she found herself unable to sleep and unwilling to go to Remy's room in case Bobby opened the door.

She was just about to leave when she thought she heard voices. She flew towards the noise.

Warren and Bobby. Warren had just touched down with Bobby in Ororo's rose gardens. The two were gently talking and joking around. Bobby left and headed towards the mansion. Warren stayed behind.

"You can come out now Rogue."

"How did ya ...?"

"What do you want?"


"He's taken."

"He's mine. Bobby took him from me," Rogue angrily declared.

Warren continued glaring at her. "What are you going to do about that, Rogue?"

That stopped her. What was she going to do? She wanted to touch Bobby and take his memories away from him. She wanted to know what it was like to really be Remy's lover. No. She couldn't do that ... Could she? Something must have crossed her face because Warren stiffened up and he then said, "You hurt Bobby, Rogue and you're no longer a part of the X-men. Don't even think about touching Bobby."


"Listen to me very carefully, if I find out you even approach Bobby you will deal with me. Believe me, Rogue you don't want my memories. Bobby is off limits."

"And Remy?"

"I think you have done enough damage in that area, don't you think?" And with that Warren turned around and walked into the mansion.

continued: Through Open Doors >

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