Think you can draw better than those Marvel folks? Going through Bobby withdrawal because we haven't been seeing near enough of him in the books? Here's your chance, then. Send in your fan art of Bobby, and if I like it, I'll post it here. Get scribbling!

The Mooks - by Marion Ros
Marion Ros' tribute to Kaylee's 'Kinda Mooks' series.
Any Kinda Breath - by Marion Ros
a scene from Kaylee's 'Any Kinda Breath', by Marion Ros.
More Mooks - by Glockgal
More Mooks -- a birthday gift to Kaylee by Glockgal
White - by Min
Bobby and Emma from Min's "White" story arc.
Bobby - by Glockgal
by Glockgal
Bobby - by Glockgal
by Glockgal
Iceman - by Glockgal
by Glockgal
'Mutant X' Ice-Man by Quincunx
Ice-Man from 'Mutant X', by Quincunx

a scene from Quincunx's "The Mandolin"

Lev, by Quincunx

Bobby and Storm, by Quincunx

by Jesse Sleik

by Jesse Sleik

by Melanie

a scene from Jesse Sleik's story "Army of the Night"

by Michelle

by Michelle Nunez

by Michelle Nunez

Bobby bored, by Jesse Sleik

Bobby and Mini-Bobby, by Jesse Sleik; from ValKerrie's "Just the Two of Us"

Opalicious, by PX; from the filk of the same name

birthday greetings from Jesse Sleik and the gang

by Will Mangin

by Michelle Nunez

by Michelle Nunez

A 'Mooks' tribute by Sandy LeBeau

More "Mooks" fan art is available at Kaylee's Mooksville, USA. For more fan art in general, check out CFAB (Comicbook Fanart Archive huBsite), run by Glockgal and Quincunx.

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