Kinda Mooks
by Kaylee

When Remy returns from the Antarctic cold, Bobby is the only person who will talk to him as a regular person. The two soon develop a friendship that quickly becomes something more. Slash.
(in progress; warnings: some language, mature themes, and sexual innuendo.)

(he kinda sorta maybe loves him) - When Bobby is assigned to help Remy re-train after the man's return from Antarctica, the two men begin to develop a special kind of friendship.

(a mooky kinda pwp) - Bobby and Remy reassess their relationship amid "morning after" anxieties.

(rumpled) - by Alestar. Jubilee tells a disbelieving Paige about her encounter with Bobby and Remy in the hallway.

(kinda dented) - by Lise. Jubilee thinks that Bobby and Remy were doing more than just changing a lightbulb in the downstairs storage closet. (an answer to "Rumpled" by Alestar)

(an open kinda closet) - Bobby and Remy decide to openly announce the nature of their relationship to the rest of the team.

(a different kinda craving) - Bobby tries to cope with his shyness about being openly affectionate with Remy.

(a special kinda savoring) - Bobby decides he wants to learn how to be a better gay man.

(some kinda questions) - by Heatherly. Jubilee asks Bobby some personal questions about Remy.

(blizzards in hell) - by Heatherly. Bobby and Remy reaffirm their love and their committment to each other in the face of criticism from homophobes.

(a special kinda birthday) - by J.B. McDonald. Bobby works extra hard to put together an extra-special birthday present for Remy, all the while trying to keep his efforts a secret. Written for Kaylee's birthday.
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

(a crazy kinda way to spend the afternoon) - by Alicia McKenzie. Bobby, Remy and Cable are trapped in a Genoshan prison. Written for Kaylee's birthday.

(a fleeting kinda grace) - by Kael. Bobby and Remy decide to escape the mansion grounds for an all-too-brief getaway. Written for Kaylee's birthday. (in progress)
Chapter 1

(any kinda breath) - When Remy becomes sick and refuses to acknowledge it, he and Bobby face the greatest test to their relationship so far.
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

(a kinda quiet moment) - by Mel. Jean finds Bobby sleeping in the Mansion's Rec Room and can't help but realize just how much her friend has grown and changed since she first knew him. Takes place during "Any Kinda Breath."

(a perfect kinda world) - by Lise. During a rare break between Remy's treatments, Bobby and Remy enjoy an all-too-short quiet moment in the park. Takes place just after Chapter 2 of "Any Kinda Breath." Written as a birthday gift to Kaylee.

(remembering those who have yet to fall) - by Mel. Naomi gives Warren a lesson on the realities of the AIDS epidemic and other diseases. A Naomi/Mooksverse crossover.

(untitled mooks) - by Lise. Scott speaks to Remy about organizing his final affairs.

(a new kinda perspective) - by Lise. His sickness in remission for the time being, Remy appreciates the view from the rooftop as he's never done before.

(zuzu's petals) - by Renard. Watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' at Christmastime, Bobby wishes he could put Remy back together as easily as George Bailey fixed his daughter's flower.



Stories that take place as an unofficial sequel to Kaylee's as-yet-unfinished "Any Kinda Breath"

(kinda changing) - by Lise. This is a series that sequels "Any Kinda Breath", Kaylee's as-yet-unfinished story in which Remy LeBeau finds out her has lung cancer and Bobby, his lover, has to deal with the consequences. He may die, he may live; in one particular future, one side of the coin is found up, and a story of struggle turnd into a story of loss. And losing. And, maybe, in the end, winning again. Slash.

(the nation isn't wide enough) - by Thymes. One year after Remy's death, Bobby is reluctant to fulfill his final promise to him.

(beyond the sea, or some kinda reunion) - by Catherine Smith. Now an old man, Bobby grieves as he relives some painful moments.

(where hope is coldest) - by Cosmic. Remy's death fresh in his mind, Bobby tries to escape his pain and memories.


Check out the Mooks fan-art by Marion Ros and Glockgal! And there are more Mooky stories, fan art and more available at Kaylee's Mooks archive, Mooksville, USA.

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