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Disclaimer: Everybody featured in this lil' clip is Marvel's. I get no money for my labors. Bobby's cassarole will belong to whoever wishes to claim such a pathetic thing.
This came about from an email conversation among my RPGroup. It struck us as so hilarious, some have asked me to include a scene similar to it in my fan fiction, so I did a quick write-up, preparing it for insertion in a future chapter somewhere. But then I remembered the challenge... ::grin::
Archiving: Please ask first since this is a rough draft that's going to end up in a larger work later. That's why this isn't titled. The other stories in my Cable/Samantha series, where this story comes from, are archived at Zanne's Marvel Fan Fiction.
Hope y'all enjoy it...

Bobby's Casserole

Nathan headed into the kitchen, stepping around Hank and Bobby on his way to the coffeemaker. He glanced back over his shoulder to see the doctor gingerly prodding at a multi-colored ... something ... on a plate with a fingertip.

"This is all very interesting, Robert, but what does it do?" Hank asked.

"Do? It's not supposed to do anything," Iceman replied. "You're supposed to eat it."

Nathan poured the coffee, chuckling at Hank's expression. The blue mutant eyed the plate dubiously, then peered at Iceman. "You are joking ... right?"

Nathan somehow managed not to spray coffee on the microwave as he took a sip, seeing Bobby's expression.

"Please, tell me you're joking?" Hank asked hopefully. Bobby shook his head, indignant.

"That's my great-grandmother's recipe!" he protested. He glanced at Nathan.

"Cable, tell Hank what a moron he's being," Bobby said. "C'mon, give it a try."

Nathan blinked, and glanced at Hank, who looked at him sympathetically.

"Uhh ... Robert ... over the years I learned one very important fact of life," Nathan said, trying to keep a straight face as he looked at the plate. Did that thing just move?

"Which is?" Bobby's face lit up seeing Domino walk in, and held out the plate. "Domino, care to have a bite?"

"Never eat anything I can't readily identify," Nathan finished.

"It's a cassarole!" Bobby insisted, and the two X-Men jumped slightly as Domino pulled a gun, aiming it at him -- or rather, the plate.

"Should I put it out of its misery, Nate?" Domino asked, looking at the mound Hank was inching around on the plate with a forefinger skeptically.

"No!" Bobby protested, then yanked the plate away from Hank. "Quit that!"

Hank sniffed his fingertip, grimaced, then put his arm around Bobby's shoulders. "Why don't you do a good thing for science, dear boy? Donate this to me. I'll put it in a petri dish. Perhaps we shall discover a new life form, no?"