"All Creatures Great and Small"
"Babes in Smallville"
"The Ballad of Trish and Henry"
"Bobby and Hank say 'Farewell, New York' and Other Things"
"Bobby and the Beast"
"Bobby's Casserole"
"Bobby vs. Pat Sajak"
"A Certain Face"
"Confounded Computer!"
"A Day at the Races"
"A Day in the Life"
"Dispensing the Shopping"
"The Early X-Men in Studio 54"
"First, Do No Harm"
"For Remembrance"
"From the Dais with the Closed Coffin"
"The Good of the Many"
"Gunslinger Dreams"
"Heard No More"
"A Homely Touch"
"I Do Not Love Thee, Mr. Twinkie"
"The Lecture"
"Longest Night"
"Love Is Just Another 4-Letter Word"
"Magic Breakfast"
"Making the Call"
"Midnight Twinkie Run"
"Miss April's Stars & Garters"
"The Morning Paper"
"Neon Hearts"
"The No Story"
"Not a Creature Was Stirring"
"The Oath"
"Personal Delivery"
"Point Blank"
"The Power-Whup Girls"
"The Price of Coffee"
"Pygmalion's Silence"
"Rumble in Kitchen Stadium"
"The Shadow Inside"
"The Shi'ar Coffee Story"
"Shoot Me"
"A Friend, Sleeping"
"A Small Addiction"
"Some Assembly Required"
"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Blue"
"Start Spreading the News"
"Such Sweet Sorrow"
"Tale of the Last Twinkie"
"Never Mess with a Furry Blue Genius"
"The TD2001"
"Tear Sheets"
"A Test of Power"
"Tripping into the Light Fantastic"
"Twenty First Century Guy"
"When in Rome"
"When Tomorrow Comes"
"Written from Purgatory"
"The Wyoming Pie"
"X-Men #75"
"Yummy Yellow White Surprise"
"Zero Degree Celsius"

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Title taken from the fundamental law of medicine: Primum, non nocere, or,

Subj: Hank, you're an idiot.
Date: 03/31/99 03:13:48 EST
From: coolguy@xaviers.edu.com (Robert Drake)
To: blueguy@xaviers.edu.com (Henry McCoy)


I _know_ you're reading your email. You _always_ read
your email. Civilisation as we know it could end, we
could all be living in the sewers, surviving on rats and
flourescent mould, and you'd still be poking around the
wreckage looking for bits of metal, to built a computer
from scratch, so that you could read your email.

So come home okay? We miss you. I miss you. I can't
believe you just took off like that. And I can't believe
some _more_ that you haven't come back yet. it's been
nearly three weeks, aren't you done yet? It's going to be
okay, okay? _I'm_ going to be okay. There's a whole lot
of okay goin' on. So stop wallowing in guilt already, and
come home.



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