"All Creatures Great and Small"
"Babes in Smallville"
"The Ballad of Trish and Henry"
"Bobby and Hank say 'Farewell, New York' and Other Things"
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"When in Rome"
"When Tomorrow Comes"
"Written from Purgatory"
"The Wyoming Pie"
"X-Men #75"
"Yummy Yellow White Surprise"
"Zero Degree Celsius"

Disclaimer: Bobby (the Narrator-of-sorts) does not belong to me. Nor do Hank and Trish (the focus of the poem). They belong to Marvel. And I didn't see the end coming until it arrived, myself. You might. Anyway, it could apply to a lot of characters, and more than a few real life situations. I hope you like it.

Oh, and the title was stolen from the country song of the same name, which was the inspiration for this piece. :) It's a nice song. I like it.

If I know you, you're looking back at her.
Fooling yourself that you can make it work,
If you give it one more try. And I do,
I know you oh so well, I've known you forev'r,
And I know that I should free you from this spell.
But if I know me, I won't say a word.
I'll listen when you talk about her and
Then I'll pretend I haven't heard, so I
Don't have to tell you how big a fool you are.
And if I know you, you wouldn't listen
You'd just shake your head, say that you know I
Don't like her, and you know I never did.
That I just don't understand how it is,
That she loves you, and you love her, so much
That you'll give that love just one more try.
And if I still know me, I'll be standing by,
Until she breaks your heart again, and then,
I'll be there for you, there to pick you up,
And put you back together one more time.
So if I know you, you're headed for a fall,
And you won't change your mind, 'cause you love her,
Even though she's only ever caused you pain...
And I should ask you, to give me a chance,
To show you just how good real love can be...
But I won't say a word ... If I know me.